The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


114. One Last Kiss

We stand around the large, white building at uneven intervals, to make us less likely to be captured. I can clearly see both Scott and Jean from where I am positioned.
"Hey," I turn at the sound of John's voice.
"What are you doing here?" I hiss.
"Relax." He smiles, taking my hand. "I came to say good luck."
"What?" This isn't right.
"Listen. I'm sorry, for everything. I didn't want you going off and risking your life without you knowing that." He wraps his arms around my waist. I feel now compulsion to pull away.
"It's not too late, Pyro. You can still help us." I look up at him, praying he'll change his mind. "The offer still stands. Me and you, forever. You just need to help us."
"I can't." He whispers. "But I want you to know that I love you. Don't do anything crazy in there, yeah?"
"This whole thing is crazy." I smirk up at him.
"Fine, do crazy stuff, but make sure you come back to me in one piece." He tucks a lock of hair behind my eye mask.
"Thank you, Pyro." I smile. I don't know why. I mean, I should hate this guy! Every time I see him I feel something different for him. I'm all over the place. One minute I hate him, the next, I want nothing more than to be in his arms. But right now, there is the potential for me never coming back from this mission. That makes me want him by my side. Separately, we're good, but together... We're unstoppable. And seeing him this protective makes me wish he didn't have to be such an asshole.
"Stay safe." He tells me telepathically, though it's more like an order.
"You too." I wrap my arms around his neck.
"I love you." He reminds me. Technically, this could be the last time I ever see him. Do I really want to regret anything, if I die today? I lean up on my tiptoes and kiss his lips softly.
"If you die on me, I'm gunna kill you." His thoughts make me smirk against his lips.
"Shut up and kiss me, John." And he does. I try to remove all thoughts of Scott from my mind. This could be my last kiss, better make it the best it can be. I deepen the kiss. As usual when we kiss, the world falls away. I should probably be more cautious about my choice of location for public displays of affection (especially now we've just attacked a bunch of cops), but right now, I don't care. Screw being a good girl!
"Okay, that's hot!" John comments. I feel his smile against my lips.
"Hey! Stay outta my head!" I protest jokingly.
"You love having me in your head." He states confidently. He pulls me closer and kisses me more.
"Of course." I reply sarcastically.
"Don't go." He begs. I pull away, closing my eyes.
"I have to." I speak aloud. "You know that."
"No, Pyro." I protest strongly. "You started this, I have to fix it."
"I'm sorry, Ardor. Can't you just let them fix it?"
"You know that's not me, Pyro." I sigh and look at the ground.
"I know." He tips my chin up to see him and straightens my mask. "I never thought you could get hurt in all of this."
"I won't." I smile up at him. "I'm a big girl now. I can handle a simple rescue mission."
"Kiss me again?" He begs, making my smile grow.
"Is Pyro getting emotional?" I ask mockingly.
"Shut up." He smirks.
"Make me." I tease. His lips meet mine almost immediately. I move closer to him, loosing myself in our connection.
"Seriously, guys?" Jean's voice pushes into our minds. "Scott is going to murder you both if you don't stop, like, right now."
"Sorry, Jean." I blush, pulling back from John, feeling more than guilty at the mention of Scott's name. I'm such a bitch. How could I do this to him?
"Really? Still feeling guilty about goggle boy?" John asks raises his eyebrows.
"Don't call him that. And yes." I mumble.
"Why? You have me now!" He steps back and throws out his hands, as if presenting himself to me.
"Because I still love him, John." I reply telepathically.
"Whatever." John's voice is suddenly cold and harsh. What did I do? "Contact me when you're done playing super heroes."
"Pyro, wait!" I call as he walks away. He doesn't turn back. I roll my eyes. "Men."
"Ardor?" Jean is in my mind again.
"Are you ready?" I look over to her, our eyes connecting.
"Definitely." A small smile claims my lips. I'm starting to feel like an X-Man again.
"Then let's go!"

**Okay, so I totally still need feedback (even though there are only about five chapters left (D:)) so do keep the comments coming. Thank you all so much for reading!**

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