The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


111. Cut-The-Red-Wire Cliche

"A bomb?" I hiss, trying to avoid being heard by the nearby crowds.
"I thought that's why you were here?" Jean looks puzzled.
"No, I'm here with..." I stop. "Never mind. How do you know?"
"Like I said, we got a tip off this morning." Her voice is low and secretive.
"From who?" This is weird. There's another mutant here?
"I'll show you." She whispers, raising her hands either side of my face.

"Jean!" Warren calls from the entrance hall of the institute. Jean comes into the room quickly. "There's someone at the door asking for you."
"Thanks, Warren." She gives him a sweet smile and he blushes slightly. It's unbelievably cute. Jean walks over to the doorway and a confused expression claims her face when she sees a dark hooded figure stood outside in the early morning sunrise.
"Do you want me to stick around?" Warren asks protectively.
"No, I'll be fine... Thank you." Jean's confusion shows through in her voice.
"Okay, just shout if you need anything." Warren eyes the figure suspiciously, obviously wary of leaving Jean alone here, before he leaves the room.
"Can I help you?" Jean asks politely.
"You're the only one I could trust." The mysterious female voice states. I recognize it, but I cannot place it. I notice Jean lean around slightly to try to see the face below the hood, but it's no good.
"Trust? With what?"
"I didn't think the boys would take it seriously," How does she know so much about the X-Men? "But you, you have your telepathy, you can tell if I'm lying!"
"How do you know that? Who are you?" I sense Jean's slight panic. Someone knows she's a mutant.
"A friend." Is the simple reply.
"Well, in that case, I won't need to use telepathy to know if you're lying to me." Jean appears confident, but I can sense her fear.
"Today," The figure starts. "The state leaders."
"Yes?" Jean pushes.
"They're in danger."
"Of what?" I can tell that Jean is hooked on the conversation now.
"Us. We've done something."
"What have you done? Who are you?" Jean steps out of the mansion closing the door behind her.
"We're mutants." The figure replies bluntly.
"There's a small team of us, like your X-Men."
"There's another team?" Jean's full focus is on the figure now.
"Yes, there are many teams, Jean, you just need to know where to look. But we have different intentions to you."
"What kind of intentions?" Jean is obviously desperate to find out more.
"You don't need to know that." The figure replies curtly.
"Then who's in this team? Do I know them?"
"You don't need to know that either." The female voice repeats.
"Then, what-"
"You need to help them. I thought I could go through with it, I thought they deserved to die. But I can't do it." The light catches the figure's face, but her identity still remains elusive.
"Why did you come here? Can't you just pull out?"
"It's gone too far." The reply is simple. "Only the X-Men can stop it."
"Okay, okay." I can see Jean trying to order her thoughts. "Tell me what's going to happen."
"There's a bomb."
"A bomb?!" Jean exclaims.
"Yes." I can hear in the voice of the figure that she is pushing herself to confess her crimes.
"A small box, under the table in the main conference room." The figure explains.
"How did you even get in there? Isn't that one of the most heavily guarded rooms in the city?"
"CCTV and alarms are nothing compared to the right mutation." She states, as if she was insulted by Jean's question.
"Okay, so tell me more about the bomb."
"It's pretty powerful. There is no chance the building will be anything more than rubble after the explosion." She explains.
"Please tell me there's a simple way to stop it."
"There is." Comes the quiet reply.
"Thank Go-"
"Getting to it, however... Not so simple." I can hear the temporary satisfaction in the mysterious girls voice. "The bomb itself is a typical cut-the-red-wire cliché. But the building is tough anyway. Today will be more heavily guarded than ever."
"How do we get in?" Jean demands.
"I don't know, but you have a guy with goddamn wings!"
"But you got in! How?" Jean begins to get noticeably irate.
"That's because of my mutation." The figure turns to walk away. "Good luck, Jean."
"Wait!" Jean takes hold of her arm. "Thank you."
The hood lifts slightly to reveal proud, perfect smile.
"Tell me your name?" Jean pushes.
"If I don't, you'll search my mind for it, won't you?"
"Probably." Jean shrugs.
"Fine." The smile beneath the hood grows.
"So, you are..." Jean prompts.
"Dee." The hood falls down revealing a familiar face. "Jasmine Dee."


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