Does He Like Me?

a love story where a girl is madly in love with her school's most popular boy. she writes him a letter but does not give her name. they start a penpal kind of friendship. will this blossom into love? or will his perfect but snobbish girlfriend ruin this?
(it is not one of those epic love stories but hey, i am just a beginner)


5. The Confusion


so Melissa reached school before both of them and wearing a red tee and blue jeans, sat on the bench...

Aaron's P.O.V.

oh! she's already here.. i walk up to her and before i see her face and before she knows what's happening i crush my lips onto hers...

Kiara's P.O.V.

oh shit ! i'm late... i get ready and rush to the school.. and i am horrified at the sight... Aaron is kissing it was a lie.. all of it.. i should've known..this was too good to be true...without making any noise and without them noticing me...i ran off... probably leaving behind a trail of salty tears...

Aaron's P.O.V 

i pull sparks...i thought i loved her.. then i look at her.. of course i don't love this girl.. after all it's Melissa...who apparently is smirking probably proud of herself..

Me: what the hell are you doing here?

Her: i guess i achieved my goal.. your mystery girl just ran off...

she is just so bitchy i had to slap her... and i stormed off totally disgusted...

now K had seen this kiss and she probably thinks i played her....i have to find her and fast..

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