Does He Like Me?

a love story where a girl is madly in love with her school's most popular boy. she writes him a letter but does not give her name. they start a penpal kind of friendship. will this blossom into love? or will his perfect but snobbish girlfriend ruin this?
(it is not one of those epic love stories but hey, i am just a beginner)


4. The Confession

Kiara's P.O.V 

so i have decided that i will confess today.. i log in and surprise surprise he is online too !!!

HIM: hey ... 'sup??

Me: nothing .. wht about you???

Him: nothing gr8 either...

Me: oh..

Him: so we know everything about each other except who we like...

Me :(now's the time..... tell him) ya we haven't ....

Him: so me or you ? who's up first??

Me: i think it'd be better if we talk you know..(i think i'd like to hear his voice .. maybe that'd give me enough courage to confess)

Him: cool .. give me your cell number...

Me: ya its... ********** 

Him: k cool... i am calling you .. log off..

ME: okay bye...

Him:  bye...

Aaron's P.O.V

it's a good thing she asked to talk on phone. I'd like to hear her voice before getting rejected...

so it was **********------ ring-----ring----

Her: hello?  (beautiful voice :))

Me: hey's me Aaron...

Her: oh hey...

Me: so .. well you have a nice voice...

Her: so do you 

Me: okay well who tells first???

Her: you??

Me: you..

Her: same time maybe?

Me: deal :)

Her and Me: (at the same time) I love you <3

Me and Her: you love me ?!!

and we start laughing (again together)

Me: you really love me?

Her: i think i just said that.. but you liking me is definitely too unbelievable..

Me: why?? you're way better than other girls...

Her: you too are one in a billion ...that was cheesy no?

Me: it was so gouda (good) [gouda is a kind of cheese]

Her: (chuckles)...

Me: i was cheesier... wait... is that even a word???

Her: dunno but it was gouda tooo :))

Me: (chuckling)*thinking to myself- i really love you.. your voice.. your laugh...the way you make me laugh and smile.. and also make me the happiest man on earth*

Her: i love you too

Me: i said that out loud??

Her: (giggling) you kind of did..

Kiara's P.O.V

i must be dreaming .. if so I never want to wake up.. please god don't wake me up...

i can't believe it.. he likes me too..

i am probably as red as a tomato...i never thought this would happen...

Him: so meet you tomorrow??

Me: will you like me when you see me?

Him: sure as hell i will.. my feelings for you will never change...besides with such a pretty voice i'm sure you're the human version of aphrodite.. <3

Me: okay i will meet you by the bench.. 7:45 am ... red tee and blue jeans...

Him: gotcha... :) can't wait..

Me: me neither...

Him: goodnight sunshine... <3

Me: goodnight ar-bear :)

HIM: ar-bear..??

Me: what else do i call you?

Him: okay that's our secret now.. <3 bye

Me: bye...

i am officially the luckiest girl on earth...he loves me too..but what  if this is some joke?? it couldn't be .. he wouldn't do that ...right??

Aaron's P.O.V. 

she likes me too.. i mean who would've thought right? ...i am meeting her tomorrow... i am super happy...

Melissa's P.O.V

(who had called Aaron and accidentally heard the whole conversation)

so this b***h thinks she can take Aaron away that easy...

let's see...

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