Does He Like Me?

a love story where a girl is madly in love with her school's most popular boy. she writes him a letter but does not give her name. they start a penpal kind of friendship. will this blossom into love? or will his perfect but snobbish girlfriend ruin this?
(it is not one of those epic love stories but hey, i am just a beginner)


2. Letters

Kiara's P.O.V

ok so finally i did it. I sent him a letter. Just i kind of forgot to write my name.. okay fine i purposely did not write it. But anyways its not like my letter was too beautiful and he fell in love with my letter and now he'll be in love with me. it probably doesn't effect him in any way.

Aaron P.O.V

another bunch of letters. *sighhh* more? seriously ?! okay fine i know i am single but i'd like to have my space. I already have a cramp in my hands writing "thank you's" and "sorry's". 

-------1 hour later-------

finally !!! the last one...

dear Aaron , 

i am sorry for troubling you at this time when i am pretty sure you need some time. at least some realizes what i feel.... don't worry it's not a confession. i just thought you might need someone right now whom you could talk to without feeling shy. don't worry i wouldn't spill your secrets because honestly i don't think i'd like my identity to be out. this is certainly a first.... i think i just might befriend this gal.... i'd love to be your anonymous friend. think about it. if you don't reply i'll take that as a no. if you do feel like it you can write and leave a letter at the bench near our field. oh and please don't stay behind to see me. --- K

i am definitely up for it....and i too prefer keeping her identity anonymous..

------the next day-----

i did what she told me to. i kept it there and hopefully it reached her. it's surprising how i did not feel like seeing her. 

Kiara's P.O.V

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he actually left me a letter ?!!!! i am literally on cloud nine. NOTHING could bring me down. I most definitely had a goofy smile plastered to my face the whole day. i rush home after school and up to my bedroom. i happily open up the letter :

Dear K, 

i'd like to be your friend since i guess you pretty much understand me more than other girls. so friends ? leave your letter at my locker :) i'll be awaiting your reply. i think this could be the start of a very special friendship ;)----A

and my answer obvious yesssssss !!!!!!!!

so i have to write a letter (to Aaron) , do my English essay , maths problems 6-9 , french chapter revision (kill me!!!) and make science notes... but letter first :)))))))))

-----next day-----

okay so i did as he said. i am waiting for his reply which obviously he'll give me tomorrow. i wrote my chatroom id too. i hope we'll be able to chat. so i open my chat room window and a message from lucifer001 pops up:

hey k.. its me Aaron :) so i guess we're friends now.

ME: most definitely.

HIM: cool :) (what's up with him and smilies?)

ME: so i guess no more letter messaging???

HIM: probably but you know how fun it is *sarcastic remark*

ME: ya... so what do we talk about?

HIM: hey it wasn't me who wrote you a letter asking to be friends.. how am i supposed to know what to say? you're supposed to be comforting me... (he's got a point)

ME: ermmm...

HIM: chill.. i am just kidding.. we could talk about the depression and the tough phase of life we're going through (which would of course be too "depressing") so i guess we could start with our likes and dislikes...

ME: way better idea than what i thought....

HIM: and what was that???

ME: ummmm.... it was..........

HIM: was???

ME: arguing on who's hotter 5sos or 1D? (now that oughta make him laugh...ok i am not the most funniest person on the surface of the earth but hey, no one's perfect) (A/N-- totally no offence to 5sos and 1D)

Aaron's P.O.V

HER: arguing on who's hotter 5sos or 1D ?

Her attempts at making me laugh are definitely cute :) Let's make her happy.

ME: Hilarious :)))

HER: gee, thanks !!

ME: no problem :)

Kiara's P.O.V

see ?? he DOES find it funny... which proves that i am obviously funny...


 and so they continued chatting late into the night... as they did everyday.. they were each other's escape from reality... they'd be a friend.. a mother..a father.. a brother..a sister..a lover whenever the other one needed one. it was indeed a very special friendship...and as in any other love story they soon found themselves falling hard for each other.... they knew everything about each other.. strengths...weaknesses..likes..dislikes everything....


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