Does He Like Me?

a love story where a girl is madly in love with her school's most popular boy. she writes him a letter but does not give her name. they start a penpal kind of friendship. will this blossom into love? or will his perfect but snobbish girlfriend ruin this?
(it is not one of those epic love stories but hey, i am just a beginner)


6. Finally I Found You

Aaron's P.O.V 

how do i find her? oh right.. i have her number...i could just run through the school contacts..okay this might take a while but it is totally worth it.. i have to find her..

-----1 hour later----

found her !! Its Kiara Nelson..oh and here's her address...

i have to rush...

Kiara's P.O.V 

where are mom and dad? .......i walk around the house..nope no one's there... what's this ..?? a note?? they found a perfect time to go out on a date..ya my parents like to renew their love every day.. something i too imagined doing with Aaron once we're married and 40 years old....but now it's just me and my broken heart...what do i do? music might help... i put my Ipod on shuffle and Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" ..seriously..?!! too depressing for me right now but she is right .. i don't want a heart when it can be broken so easily...i wish i was a was so much easier to fix skinned knees rather than my broken heart...i am already pouring my feelings out through tears..blotchy eyes...and red nose and cheeks...oh god i am a terrible mess..

----5 minutes later------

.. i hear some i hearing things?? i take out my earplugs...and listen..again!! someone's at the door...

Aaron's P.O.V 

she opens the door and i breathe a sigh of relief and mutter under my breath.."finally i found you"...


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