Tatooed Heart

Moving from Holmes Chapel to London was a pretty big change but I was excited. Me and my older brother Harry were both super excited to meet new friends. We were going to miss our old friends though. Oh and my name is Maisie Jordyn Styles. I look pretty much like Harry brown curly hair but with blue eyes. We were very alike. Both cheeky and confident and we were both obsessed with football. Well I guess that is all you need to know for now. Oh and that I have an over protective brother.


2. The Tomlinson's

Louis' POV

"I'll walk them home with you if you want. I mean me and Harry have to go anyway." She smiled standing up.

"Sure." I smiled back.

"Hey Haz you coming?" She asked as she yelled to Harry. He said goodbye to the rest of the lads and walked towards us.

"We going home?" He asked Maisie. She gave him a nod and held onto one of Daisy's hands and one of Phoebe's hands. They looked quite cute with their flowers in their hair. We started walking out of the park and towards my street.

"Hey we live in this street." Harry pointed out as we walked.

"Really? What number?" I asked.

"Ummm .........Maisie?" He asked and I just chuckled.

"I don't know either." She told me with a laugh. I didn't expect them to know their house number as they only just moved here. I saw my house up ahead as we walked down the street.

"This is my house." I told them once we neared my house.

"Really?" Harry asked looking surprised.

"Yeah why is that so surprising?" I asked frowning and chuckling at the same time.

"Because that's our house." Maisie pointed to the house next to mine. They are my neighbors? Score! I have a hot neighbor. Not Harry I was talking about Maisie.

"Yay! Maisie is our neighbor!" Daisy yelled. I laughed and picked her up. She was laughing as I picked her up. I smiled at my little sister.

"Yes Maisie and Harry are our new neighbors." I explained with a smile. "Well you guys should come over for dinner tonight." I suggested as we stopped in front of my house.

"Nah we wouldn't want to be a bother." Harry said shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Well mum will invite you anyway it's tradition so either way...." I chuckled and put Daisy down.

"Yeah and you can meet Lottie and fizzy!" Phoebe squealed.

"You have four sisters?" Maisie asked with a surprised look written on her face. I nodded shoving my hands on my pockets.

"Well half sisters anyway." I explained looking at both my sisters and then meeting her gaze.

"Well one is enough for me." Harry laughed ruffling his sisters hair.

"See you guys tonight then?" I wondered and they both nodded. I flashed them a toothy grin and walked back into my house with my two little sisters.

"Good you guys are home." My mum said with a smile. "I invited the neighbors to dinner tonight and they have two teenagers!" She explained excitedly.

"Yeah we know!" Daisy smiled happily.

"We met Maisie and Harry at the Park." Phoebe added. I think they like Maisie a lot.

"Oh well then go clean up your rooms and have a shower and get dressed into something nice." My mum ordered. We always had to be dressed nicely if there were people coming over or if we were going out.

Maisie's POV

I had lunch after we came home and found out we were invited to dinner with the neighbors. I explained to mum how we met them and that we had already been invited. Mum told us to go have showers and get ready.

I went into my room with a towel wrapped around my body. My curtains were finally up and they were a dark purple color. I walked into my walk in robe and I pulled out red plaid leggings with a fitted black boob tube. After I put them on I looked in the mirror. It looked nice so I decided to start my hair. I got my black brush and ran it through my hair. It was really quiet so I put my phone on the docking station and I shuffled my songs. I hummed to the beat of Justin Bieber 'All That Matters'. I went to my window and I noticed one of the neighbors rooms were right across from mine. It wasn't a very big gap between the houses so I could see into their room. It looked like a sort of messy room. I kept looking until a figure popped out. It was Louis and he was shirtless. Oh god. He could have seen me change! He could have seen me in my underwear! What do I do? I mean I want to stare but what if he catches me. I saw him starting to turn around and I just spun on my heel so I was facing away from the window. I waited about a minute of brushing my hair I slowly turned around and to my luck he was looking at me but now with a shirt on. We both stared awkwardly at each other. He pulled out a notebook and a black marker. He held up what he had written.

'Did you see me get changed?'

I pulled out a piece of paper and quickly scribbled 'You had pants on :/' on it. I held it up to the window so he could read it. He looked at it then he quickly looked away. He started waving his arms about. I just tilted my head to the side and cocked one eyebrow. I saw a younger girl stand next to him and she looked to my window. She started laughing and Louis pushed her out of his room. He came back and opened his window. I opened mine so I could hear whatever he was going to say. I placed my ass on my violet colored window as I did so.

"Maybe writing messages isn't such a good idea." He chuckled shaking his head.

"No shit Sherlock." I laughed crossing my legs.

"Aye no need to be bitch just because your jealous of my abs." He laughed pulling his shirt up with one hand.

"Oh so he's a flirt and he's cocky. Great." I said sarcastically giving him a dull look.

"Only because you want me." He smirked with a wink. My jaw dropped slightly at his remark.

"You know I think I like you a lot better when the window is closed." I stated closing my window. I got up and pulled on my black vans and I hopped down the stairs. This house was so different from our old one. Our old house had carpeted stairs but this one has wooden stairs. The old one had smaller windows that were rectangular not square.

"C'mon Harry! Maisie! It's time to go over to the Tomlinson's house." Our dad's voice boomed through the house. I walked towards the front door and both my parents were waiting for us.

"Couldn't you wear a dress?" My mum asked with her hands on her hips as she raised her eyebrows in annoyance.

"Nah I'm too cool for dresses mum." I laughed knowing it would annoy her. She just shook her head at me as Harry came to join us. He wore a black t-shirt with a red flannel over the top with the sleeves rolled up. It was accompanied with black skinny jeans.

"Let's go." My dad stated opening the door. We all walked over to their house. It took us like ten seconds and we were at their front door. My mother lifted her hand and knocked on the door. A women opened the door.

"Hello guys come in!" She greeted us with a large kind smile. We all smiled back and greeted her politely. She led us to the dining room and her family was scattered around the table but there was someone missing. Louis wasn't there. We all sat down and there was a spare seat next to me. Maybe he wasn't going to come to dinner.

"Sorry I took so long I had to go to the toilet." Louis smiled walked in. Oh great. He took a seat next to me since that was the only seat left.

"Well let's eat!" Louis dad grinned as he looked at all the food stacked on the table. Everyone started piling food on their plates. I placed mash potato, gravy, flat bread and some chicken on my plate.

"Don't eat too much I don't want you to ruin that gorgeous body of yours." Louis purred into my ear. His hot breath landed on my neck and sent shivers down my spine.

"Fuck you." I whispered back taking a bite of my food as I did so. Louis chuckled and started eating his food as well.

"So Harry, Maisie your mum tells me you guys like football." Louis mum stated as everyone started to eat.

"Yeah we have been playing since we were little." I explained with a smile.

"Louis loves football too he spends like 90% of his time playing football." One of the girls laughed. "By the way I'm Lottie and that's Fizzy." She's smiled.

"Well it's nice to meet you guys." Harry flashed his signature smile at the younger girls.

"Do you guys play football?" I questioned the girls.

"No not really." Fizzy answered shrugging.

"You are like one of the only girls I know that is actually into football." Louis pointed out half laughing.

"Well lots of girls played football back in Holmes Chapel." I shot back taking another bite of my food.

"Well welcome to London." He lightly smirked as he said that. Well London kind of sucks so far.


"Why don't you kids go hang out whilst we clean up." Mark (Louis' dad) suggested as everyone finished the chocolate cake that was served for dessert.

"Sure." Louis nodded and pushed himself out of his chair. "Shall we go play football in my backyard?" He suggested raising his eyebrows at me and Harry for an answer. Me and my brother both nodded and headed outside with Louis' football.

"Our parents seem to get along aye." Louis pointed out kicking the ball in Harry's direction.

"Yeah." Harry agreed kicking the ball up and kicking it to me. I kicked it to Louis and it almost hit him in the face. Which is what I was aiming for. He just chuckled as he retrieved the ball and kicked it again. We spent a while just kicking the ball between our selves whilst we talked about different topics like school and video games.

"I'm just going to go take a piss." Harry laughed kicking the ball. He ran inside and I snapped my head in Louis direction.

"What tricks can you do with a football?" Louis asked spinning the football on his middle finger.

"Chuck it." I ordered and he threw it in my direction. I kicked it with my foot and up to my knee. From my knee I went up to my head and back down on the other side.

"I got a better one." He smirked holding both of his hands out. I raise one eyebrow and I threw it back to him. He threw it up and started bouncing it on his head.

"What's so great about that?" I asked leaning my weight on one leg.

"Wait for it." His smirk widened and he started thrusting his hips forward. Oh god. He looked so hot doing it but he was so cocky.

"Stop." I laughed pressing my hand on hi chest so he would go off balance. It didn't work as I had planned though. He grasped both of my hands with and he pulled me close to whilst he was still hip thrusting. "Louis what the hell are you doing?" I asked trying not to laugh as he spun me around not letting go of my hands. I stepped forward but his figure was solid and strong so I fell back into him. He laughed as he dropped the ball. I tried to get my hands loose and I pulled the in front of my body. His hands kept a tight grip as I tried to escape. I ran forwards and in the process kicked Louis in between his legs.

"Crap." He groaned holding his hands in front of his crotch. He dropped to his knees and collapsed onto the ground.

"Shit! Sorry! I'm so so so so so so sorry!" I half squealed as I looked at him not knowing what to do. He just groaned lowly and I bent down to try and help him.

"It's all good." He tried to talk normally but he still sounded like he was in pain. Think. Think. How to get rid of pain? Distraction. I need to distract him.

"Think of ........... Boobs!" I said a bit confused. Well that didn't come out like I wanted it to.

"What?" He asked looking just as confused as I was. "Why do you want me to think of boobs?" He asked half chuckling as he held onto his crotch.

"I'm trying to distract you so it won't hurt as much." I said sheepishly whilst sitting on my bum. He just threw his head back in laughter and he earned a punch on the shoulder from me. He just smirked a little as he looked at me. His eyes scanned my face, after a while his gaze dropped down a little. Wow. Real wow. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him.

"Hey you said I should think about boobs!" He defended throwing his hands up in surrender.

"Not mine asshole!" I stated rolling my eyes at him in annoyance. Guys can be such jerks sometimes.

"Maisie we're leaving!" I heard a low husky voice yell. It was Harry. I got up and gave Louis a hand to help him up. It didn't do much since he is heavier and stronger than me so he just pulled me into his body.

"Ummm I guess I'll cya around." I said awkwardly and walking back a few steps. He just gave me a nod and I ran back into the house.

"Thank you for dinner." I told Louis' parents as I walked out of the house with my family. My mum and dad seemed to get on really well with Louis'. Well at least they made friends.

"Night guys." I smiled giving my mum and dad a hug.

"Night honey." My mum smiled. I marched upstairs with Harry as he was going to his room as well.

"Night Maise." Harry mumbled.

"Night Haz." I mumbled back stepping into my room. I peeled off my clothes so I was left in my bra and undies I pulled on a large guy shirt and a short pair of pj boxers. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and I wiped off most of my make up. I had a strange feeling that someone was watching me. Crap. The window.

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