Tatooed Heart

Moving from Holmes Chapel to London was a pretty big change but I was excited. Me and my older brother Harry were both super excited to meet new friends. We were going to miss our old friends though. Oh and my name is Maisie Jordyn Styles. I look pretty much like Harry brown curly hair but with blue eyes. We were very alike. Both cheeky and confident and we were both obsessed with football. Well I guess that is all you need to know for now. Oh and that I have an over protective brother.


6. The Captain

Harry's POV

"What?" I asked clearly confused as to what my sister was on about.

"You getting in with Eleanor." She spat looking quite pissed. Ok. Now I'm really confused. Why is she so pissed at me?

"She just invited me to hang out with her this weekend that's all." I told her honestly. I must admit Eleanor was one fine girl. When she suggested we hang out I couldn't say no.

"Well she's a total bitch." Maisie stated crossing her arms. "And worst of all she thinks I'm trying to get in with you." I just laughed out loud at that. Me and my sister. Never.

"Well obviously she misinterpreted a lot about us." I chuckled.

"Just get to know her first okay." My sister warned me. I just rolled my eyes and nodded.

"Anyway you should be sitting with us not the cheerleaders." Liam pulled her hand and she sat next to him.

"You guys are way more fun." She admitted.

"You bet we are." Liam smiled at her. She smiled back lightly and they began to talk. Thank god it was working.

"C'mon let's go play some football it beats sitting here and doing nothing." Niall suggested and all the guys got up. "C'mon your playing on my team." He smirked pulling Maisie up from her seat and she just rolled her eyes at him.

"Fine." She smiled and walked with us to go play.

After we played for about ten minutes is was time to go and Maisie had the football. "C'mon we need to go to class." I told her.

"No I wanna keep playing." she pouted. Ugh. Sisters.

"Fine quick one on one." Louis chuckled sneaking the ball away from her feet. Really? Why can't he just try and not make her like him?

"Hey!" She laughed chasing after him. Louis kept tricking her with the ball and she was getting annoyed. I just smiled at the pair of them. To be honest they would make a cute couple but he was such a douche when it came to girls. Louis laughed as she couldn't get the ball but then she said something to him I couldn't quite make out. He stopped and tripped over the ball. She smiled and quickly took the ball. He ran after her and grabbed her waist and she just giggled. I just left them to be. They would get to class on their own. I don't mind them hanging out but if Louis so much as touches her in a romantic way I will break his neck.

Louis' POV

I set her down once I had seen Harry had left to go to class. My hands were still on her waist and her back was against my chest. "Am I ever going to be more than just a friend to you?" I asked her and she didn't reply. She stayed silent. Her body walked out of my arms and she grabbed her bag.

"No Louis. Your not." She told me and walked off. I stared at her and watched as the school emptied into the classrooms. I had Physics on but I don't feel like going so I might as well practice my football tricks. I kicked the ball to myself and did numerous tricks with it.

"Hey Tommo." I heard a girly voice greet. I flicked my head to the side and saw Eleanor. Oh god. "So what's with you and the new girl?" She wondered tapping her chin with her finger.

"Nothing. Like I told you this morning she's off limits." I told her. She stepped closer to me running her fingers along my shoulder.

"Well did you know that little slut is trying to get in with Harry?" She asked me.

"Well act-" I stopped myself from telling the truth and I decided to have a bit of fun with this. "Yes I did."

"Well see Harry's on my list of to do things so I need you to keep the little brat hooked around your finger." She told me evilly. "In return I'm sure we can work something out." Her smirk never left her face. Well I see how she will embarrass herself in front of the Harry. Seeing she hasn't been here long so not a lot of people know they are related. But this situation is actually quite funny if you know that they are siblings.

"Thanks but no thanks. I have my eye on a girl so you can just go ahead and do whatever you want with Harry." I told her as I started spinning my football in my hand.

"The Louis Tomlinson saying no to sex." She laughed clearly surprised. "That's a first." I rolled my eyes at her and just did random little tricks with the ball. Me and El have always been on and off but to be honest her jealousy was something I really didn't need in my life.

"Well I guess you just don't do it for me anymore." I smirked as he jaw dropped. I smiled as I walked and decided to wait till my next class starts before I go to class.


"Liam!" Maisie yelled as Liam grabbed her and flung her around his shoulder. I just chuckled at her. It was finally the end of the day and we could go home but we had practise first so we were making our way to the oval.

"What?" Liam asked like nothing was happening.

"Put me down!" She demanded holding onto the back off his shirt as he effortlessly walked with her hanging on him. I could imagine me doing that but Harry wouldn't approve if that. "Niall can you help me?" She asked as Niall was next to Liam.

"No it looks like your enjoying yourself there love." Niall winked at her. She just stayed on his shoulder until we got to the oval.

"Liam put her down we need her." Dani laughed with her hands on her hips.

"Thank you!" She yelled hoping he would put her down.

"Ugh fine." He agreed sadly. He leaned forward and she fell into his arms and her legs were wrapped around his waist. She blushed and unwrapped them landing softly on the ground. Liam winked at her and went to get changed. I felt the anger boil inside of me. Liam seriously needs to watch himself.

I got changed into my football stuff and jogged to the rest of the boys. "Ok lads start with laps!" The coach yelled and I immediately started to run around the track. I was I front of everyone because a) I was the fastest on the team and b) I was pissed. When I'm pissed I try and exercise as much as I can just to blow off steam. I kept running my pace getting faster by the second. Soon I was sprinting. "Tomlinson!" The coach yelled and I jogged over to him completely out of breath since I had already done two laps.

"What?" I asked breathing quickly trying to catch my breath.

"What ever is on your mind get it off you are going to kill yourself if you run like that for the whole hour." He advised putting one hand on my back hitting my back softly. I nodded and took a swig from my water bottle.

We were up to practicing goals and Liam was the goal keeper. I just sighed and tried to concentrate. I looked at Liam and at the ball and back up at Liam. I ran up and kicked the ball. Liam quickly crossed his arms I front of his face. "Fuck Tommo concentrate!" Liam yelled frowning. He kicked the ball back to me so I could have another shot. I breathed deeply and tried to focus. I had a good aim and always hit my target. But if I'm not concentrating my target isn't what it's supposed to be. I swung my leg and I kicked the ball. It went straight to where I was aiming and Liam was on the ground holding in between his legs.

"Shit." I mumbled to myself. Why did I just do that? I mean it's not like I'm in love with Maisie I just think she's hot. And Liam was just mucking around with her. I need to get my shit together

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