Tatooed Heart

Moving from Holmes Chapel to London was a pretty big change but I was excited. Me and my older brother Harry were both super excited to meet new friends. We were going to miss our old friends though. Oh and my name is Maisie Jordyn Styles. I look pretty much like Harry brown curly hair but with blue eyes. We were very alike. Both cheeky and confident and we were both obsessed with football. Well I guess that is all you need to know for now. Oh and that I have an over protective brother.


5. Talk Of The School

"Dad?!" I asked shocked. When I looked up my dad was standing there looking angry as hell. Crap. I jumped off Louis and we both stood there awkwardly.

"Listen here boy! My daughter has never been a whore and never will be! If you want to kiss my daughter or even come near her her then I want it to be because you like her not because you want to have fun! You got that?" My dad yelled in Louis' face.

"Yes sir." Louis nodded trying to sound confident but you could see he was scarred as hell.

"Until then I do not want you anywhere bear my daughter!" My dad warned him as he stepped closer to Louis. "Or near my son for that matter."

"Dad you ca-" I started to at but he cut me off.

"And you young lady are grounded for a week!" My dad yelled grabbing my wrist and dragging me back into our house. Once he slammed the door closed he let go. "Now go to your room."

I stomped up stairs and I sat on my bed. After a few minutes there was a tap on my window. Again another tap. It was probably Louis throwing rocks at my window. I turned off my light and went to bed. I should have never trusted anything Louis said. I was stupid to think for a second that I could get away with whatever we were going to do.


"C'mon we are gonna be late Maise!" Harry yelled from down stairs. I slipped my favorite grey jacket over my purple singlet and I ran down the stairs.

"Coming." I told him as I swiftly grabbed my bag and jogged towards the front door. "Bye mum." I yelled before closing the front door. Me and Harry both got into his car and did our seat belts up. He reversed out of the drive way and started the drive towards school.

"So dad told me that I wasn't allowed to hang out with Louis anymore." Harry said in awkward and mad tone. I just looked out the window not saying anything. "Why is that?" He asked in annoyance. "Is it because you decided to be a little slut and get in with him?!" His voice was loud and filled with anger.

"Just shut up!" I yelled back at him.

"Why? Why the fuck should I listen to you when you are the one who tried to fuck one of my friends!" Harry yelled as he focused on the road with a tight grip on the stearing. His knuckles were turning white from the way he clung on the wheel.

"Fuck you! I just ........ Louis drives me insane." I told Harry truthfully. I mean Louis is most likely the hottest guy I have ever met but he is also by far the most cocky person I've ever met.

"Well just don't do it again." Harry warned looking at me before turning his gaze back to the road.

"Haz I'm sorry ok?" I sighed looking at him. I felt pretty bad with Louis being like his new best friend and all.

"Whatever Maise." He mumbled and the school was in sight. He parked the car and he rushed out of the car. He was so mad at me. I got out of the car and I started walking towards the quad. I saw Harry walk up to his group and Louis wasn't there. Weird. I walked inside and I went to my locker. Surprisingly Louis was leaning against it talking to someone. I just marched over to my locker and looked at Louis.

"Talk to you later yeah?" Louis said to his friend and he walked off. As soon as he looked at me a smirk was plastered on his face.

"Can I get to my locker please?" I asked in the nicest way possible. He just crossed his arms and didn't move.

"Your just gonna pretend that last night didn't happen huh?" He chuckled and took a small step towards me.

"No I'm just trying to make sure it doesn't happen again." I told him not moving.

"So you didn't like it?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows together and stepping closer. "You don't want me touch you again?" I saw the game that he was playing and I was not falling for it. I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms over my chest.

"I just want to get to my locker." I stated looking up at him. He didn't move and he just looked at me with those pretty blue eyes of his. We stood there for about a minute just staring into each other's eyes. It was like I was in a trance I couldn't move.

"Hey Louis." A voice squeaked coming towards us. I looked at the girl and I noticed she was on the cheerleading team. I don't know her name though but it seemed like she was the captain.

"Hey Eleanor." Louis greeted her with a small smirk. Great. One of Louis' fuck buddies.

"Your Maisie right?" She asked thinking a little. I just nodded.

"And your captain of the cheerleading team right?" I questioned just to clarify my previous thoughts.

"Yeah I am." She smiled. She looked so happy all the time. She literally the brunette version of Barbie. "Anyway little birdy told me you two have been fooling around." She looked some what annoyed but interested none the less. I just looked at Louis and I had no idea what to say.

"She's off limits." Louis told her rolling his eyes slightly.

"Oh." She furrowed her eyebrows as if she was kind of disappointed. "Well I will talk to you later I have to go do something!" She squeaked and ran off. Well that was weird?

"Is she always like that?" I asked in a bit of a hushed tone.

"Sadly yes. She also is the reason I no longer have girlfriends."he told me with a sigh. There was awkward silence for a bit so I decided to speak up.

"So about what happened yesterday......." I trailed off a bit and he just looked at me. "It can't happen again. Like you said I'm off limits, friends are as close as we are ever gonna get."

Harry's POV

"Well I'm gonna go find Louis I need to talk to him." I told the lads and I got up and went inside the school building. I walked down the corridor and I couldn't see him so I turned down to the next one and I saw him standing with his back to me. I walked closer and noticed that my sister was standing in front of him. I quickly hid around the corner just watching them. Louis is never going to fucking give up is he? I just walked off to class that I had up first. I had chemistry but I really didn't feel like going. I marched in and took a seat next to Niall.

"What's wrong lad? Looks like someone just drove over your cat or something." Niall laughed. I just sighed and fiddled with my fingers.

"It's just Louis and his shit." I told him. God we sound like fucking girls.

"Ohhhh..... Still trying to get with your sister aye?" He asked squinting a bit. I nodded and he had an understanding look on his face. "Well if you want him to back off get her to like a guy honestly he won't work that hard just to get a girl."

"That's sounds like a good idea but I can't just make my sister like someone." I thought about it for a while then I came up with the perfect plan. "Or maybe I can."

Maisie's POV

"Hey Maise!" One of the girls from the cheer squad called out. Summer I think it was.

"Hey!" I replied with a smile.

"Come sit with me and Dani we will introduce you to the rest of the girls!" She beamed brightly dragging me over to her group. There were a few other girls and they were all pretty skinny. I'm not sure how I fitted in here but apparently I did.

"Hey Maise! So we heard something is going on between you and our boy Lou over there!" She giggled looking over at my brothers group.

"Oh Louis? No! We are just friends I promise you!" I laughed at the idea of us as a couple, kissing, holding hands and cuddling.

"You do know you don't have to hide anything from us." Another girl said sincerely.

"Yeah Georgia is right!" Summer agreed.

"I'm promise you if anything happens you will be the first to know." I chuckled at the group of bubbly girls. They were actually quite nice to me considering everything.

"We better." Dani spoke sassily causing everyone to laugh. Everyone was quite happy until Eleanor walked over.

"Hey guys!" She greeted as she sat down. "Sorry I'm late I was just taking care of some business."

"You mean chatting up that new guy Harry?" Summer laughed. Eleanor just rolled her eyes and whipped out her phone.

"Harry? Your into Harry?" I asked wide eyed.

"Yeah he's cute." She told me looking at me as if I was crazy. I just kept stating at her. "Don't tell me your trying to hook up with him too?"

"Sorry I have to go." I told them as I grabbed my bag and walked over to Harry and his friends. They all looked at me and I stood right behind Harry. He soon got the drift someone was behind him so he looked up at me. "What the fuck are you thinking?"

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