Tatooed Heart

Moving from Holmes Chapel to London was a pretty big change but I was excited. Me and my older brother Harry were both super excited to meet new friends. We were going to miss our old friends though. Oh and my name is Maisie Jordyn Styles. I look pretty much like Harry brown curly hair but with blue eyes. We were very alike. Both cheeky and confident and we were both obsessed with football. Well I guess that is all you need to know for now. Oh and that I have an over protective brother.


12. Explosive Disorders

"Hey Eleanor!" I yell as I see her on her way late to class as always. She stopped abruptly and turned around with her hands crossed over his chest and leaning into one leg. A sly smirk was plastered over her smug little face as she started to strut over to me.

"You really thought you could embarrass me by making me think you were with Harry, your brother?" She asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Well at least now he thinks you're nuts." I smirked as I shot back at her and her face fell into a stone cold look.

"Listen here, just because you made the cheerleading team on the first day you got here and you think you have all the boys wrapped around your finger means absolutely shit." She spat as she walked closer to me with a threatening look on her face. The halls were empty as everyone was in clas.

"For your information I hate cheerleading and would much rather have a girls sicker team than your prissy little squad that prances around thinking they own the place. Secondly, Liam is my boyfriend now and I'm as happy as could be if you could have kept you weren't such a loud mouth I would have told Harry and it would have been fine." I snarl with my fists clenched and my jaw locked.

"Well you're pretty much a boy with those A cups of yours, and no boy at this school really likes you. Just think about it the only reason Liam ever showed an interest in you was because Harry asked him too. And the only reason Louis wanted you was because I asked him to keep you away from Harry. Tsk Tsk Maise thought you were smarter than that." She laughed evily and I couldn't take her any more she was infuriating me.

"Go fuck yourself Eleanor. You're just upset because will never have a guy as great as my brother, and you're jealous because Louis has wanted me since he first laid eyes on me but you? No you had to work for it didn't you? He wouldn't even look at your sorry ass unless you flaunted it directly in his face." I said as I shoved her against the lockers making her squeal. I couldn't control my anger and I knew I was going to explode if she didn't stop.

"Oh please you're brother was all over me on Saturday whilst you were out on a date with you're precious little Liam. Your daddy got real angry when he caught you with Louis what's gonna happen when he finds out you screwed your brothers history buddy?" She laughed and I grabbed her by the throat hoisting her up on the lockers as she gasped for air. She was not going to bring my father into this, no fucking way. She scratched my arm and there were three clear marks with tiny amounts of blood oosing from them. I dropped her as my arm burned and she fell to the floor scrambling for air. "You're fucking crazy!" She yelled which would have probably alerted teachers but my mind was fuzzy and I was blind with rage.

I pinned her to the ground straddling her body to keep her down I had one hand around her neck and I took the other to punch her right in the eye. She screamed as loud as she could but I took no notice of the ringing in my ears and focused on the pain I saw in her eyes. I went to hit her again but she moved my hand hitting the concrete next to her. There was blood dripping from my hand but I barely took a second look as it dropped onto my tracksuit pants missing my white shirt by a sliver. I dug my nails into her cheek turning her head and I leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Never fuck with my family." I warned her but I was pulled off of her getting my arms pinned behind my back. I squealed for a moment trying to let go but I gave up when I noticed whoever holding me was too strong. When I looked around students were everywhere in the corridor with shocked expressions on their faces and teachers were yelling at them to get back to class whilst one rushed towards Eleanor.

"Oh no." I whispered to myself realising what I had done.

"Maisie it's going to be okay." I heard the boy holding me say and I recognised the voice as Harry's. I watched as the students got ushered back into class and the principal looked incredibly disappointed as he walked towards the chaos.

"Take her to the nurse," He instructed to the teacher who was helping Eleanor. "As for you two please follow me." He demanded as he walked towards his office and me and Harry followed as my head hung in shame. He kept his grip on my arm making sure I didn't run off or cause any other commotion on the way to the office. "Sit."

"Look sir I can explain," Harry started as he took a seat next to me.

"No need Mr.Styles. We have your folder Ms.Styles," He stated making me hang my head in my hands knowing exactly what was in my file. "This is your fourth high school in the space of less than 3 years. I was worried about you but I received excellent feedback from your teachers and no incidents in two whole weeks. Why is it that today we have such an unfortunate event happen?"

I just shook my head not knowing what to say and frankly being too ashamed. "Sir please give her a chance it's the first time in months she's acted out!" Harry pleaded and I could hear the strain in his voice.

"I'm afraid I cannot let this slip Mr.Styles, you're sister left significant injuries on Eleanor and it will lead to suspension, for now. Until I hear back from the nurse she could face expulsion." He scolded and I heard Harry sigh. "Take your sister to the nurse to get her hand bandaged up, I must make a few calls to your parents." He instructed and Harry pulled me out of the office carefully not to injure my arm.


The nurse had wrapped my hand up and cleaned my wounds which stung but at least it was cleaned. Both Harry and I were picked up by our mother about half an hour after the accident. I was scolded for not taking my medicine since we'd moved or wearing my dog tags which was not supposed to leave my neck incase things like this happened. My mother had to leave work early to come retrieve us from school and I had just been scolded for over half an hour. I sat in my room not talking to anyone and not eating for the rest of my day.

My father came home and I knew I would face his rage soon enough. Surprisingly he came into my room quietly carrying a tray of pancakes and a glass of water. As he set it down in front of me I noticed the little white pill that I dreaded since we left Holmes chapel. "Eat. You haven't eaten for hours." My dad pleaded as he rested his hand on my shoulder. I reach out and grab my knife and fork in response. I cut of s piece of pancake and bans and shove it in my mouth. I sigh as I taste the sweet syrup in my mouth, I hadn't had pancakes in a while and they were my absolute favourite.

"I'm sorry." I manage to whisper as I had a few bites of the pancakes. I took the glass of milk in my hand taking a large gulp to help the pancakes go down. I could only see that I had dissapointed him, that's all I ever did. I was a dissapointment.

"You were doing so well," He sighed heavily. "This was the first time we've had to move because of my job and not because of your actions. If you get expelled the only option left would be to send you to boarding school."

"I'll go and talk to the principle tomorrow, I'll makes things right I promise." I insisted as I fiddled shamefully with my dog tags that had allergy and my disorder printed on them. Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Blood Type - O negative. Penicillin allergy.

"Fine, don't cause any more trouble please." He begged making me feel worse than I already did. I hated the way I was but I couldn't help it, I'd been struggling with anger issues since I was young. Id tried so hard to stay out of trouble. Our whole family was messed up but I was just amplified more than they were.

Harry was bipolar.

Father suffered anger management issues.

Mother had stress problems.

We all had our faults but mine was bigger than any other. It kept me up at night wondering weather or not I really belonged here most of the time. My father had left me alone to eat and an hour later Harry joined me in my room. "Eleanor deserved it you know." He laughed as he sat on my bed. " She has a quite a horrid personality, I can tell you that much."

"As much as she deserved it the claw marks in her cheeks could get me sent to boarding school." I sighed and his face completely fell. We were extremely close as siblings and we had never lived apart.

"They can't do that." Harry demanded as he scooted closer to me placing his arms around me. "You're my little sister and I'm not going to let anyone take you away from me."

"Thank you Harry." I mumbled with my eyes shut as I cuddled into him. We both sat up as rocks were being thrown at my window. Louis.

"Talk to him. You haven't talked to anyone all day. I wouldn't normally encourage this but you need a friend that's not me." Harry insisted as he started to exit the room.

"Harry?" He immediately stopped and looked at me.

"Your the best brother I could ever ask for." I smiled softly at him and he simply grinned as he walked out of my room. I waddled over to the window opening the curtains and the widow letting my legs dangle out as I sat in the edge. Louis did the same as he saw me. "Hey." I smiled at him but he clearly noticed that I was still upset. I hugged my sweater tighter into my body as I felt a cold wind outside. The sky was dark and the stars were shunning clearly in the sky making me feel some what at ease.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" He asked not implying the situation but clearly getting the point across to me.

"I don't necessarily want to but I cannot leave it to go without an explanation." I started and he simply nodded waiting for me to continue. "I've never really told anyone outside of my family this you know ..."

"You don't have to tell you know that right?" He questioned stopping me from continuing my story. "Somethings are personal and they are better kept hidden if you don't feel you want them out there, but I won't judge you nor will I tell anyone else, promise." It was the first time he had showed genuine respect and he wasn't being inappropriate. He knew where the line was and I'm thankful he stood far away from it.

"I want to tell someone, I need to tell someone." I admitted letting out a breath and playing with my dog tags. "I'm supposed to wear these every day, as well as take my medication twice a day. They have my name, my blood type, my allergy and my disorder printed onto them. This school is my fourth high school in three years due to my episodes. It's gotten a lot worse since I was older and it's something I'm extremely ashamed of. Principle Carter is threatening to have me expelled based on Eleanor's injuries. I was nine years old when I was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder and it's been haunting me my entire life."

He seemed almost sad as he sat listening to my sob story which I never really spoke about. I watched as he sat there in thought not really knowing how to respond which was clear through his facial features knitting together as if he was trying to figure me out. "You shouldn't be expelled. I mean look at your hands she's not the only one that walked away from injuries!"

I laughed as he tried to cheer me up and I looked down at my hands that were bruised and cut and one was wrapped tightly with a bandage. "Most of the scratches she gave me when my hands were around her neck. But the bandages were from me punching her." I chuckled dryly knowing it was no joking matter but Louis always tried his best to lighten the mood.

"I think the whole school is going to thank you for beating the shit out of her."

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