Tatooed Heart

Moving from Holmes Chapel to London was a pretty big change but I was excited. Me and my older brother Harry were both super excited to meet new friends. We were going to miss our old friends though. Oh and my name is Maisie Jordyn Styles. I look pretty much like Harry brown curly hair but with blue eyes. We were very alike. Both cheeky and confident and we were both obsessed with football. Well I guess that is all you need to know for now. Oh and that I have an over protective brother.


7. At Dinner

Maisie's POV 

I was in my room deciding what to wear since Louis' family was coming over, my mum told me and Harry after we got back from practice. I rummaged through my cupboard for about half an hour until I could find the perfect outfit which was a white crop top that was covered in lace paired with high wasted dark jeans. I quickly did my make up and just brushed my hair so that you could still see my natural curls. I loved my curls because it was what made me and Harry look similar out was the exact same shade and we both had curls. Our eye colour was different though. He had bright emerald eyes and I had greeny-blue ones.

I trotted down stairs to see that The Tomlinson's had just arrived. "Hello." I smiled greeting the parents. I gave daisy and Phoebes both cuddles and I hugged Lottie and fizzy. Last to come in was Louis so I fiddled with my fingers as I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do.

"Just give me a hug." Louis whispered in my ear not breaking his smile. I wrapped my arms around his neck whilst his arms carefully snuck around my waist. He was so much taller than me so I had to stand on my tippy toes to give him a proper hug. His body was warm but it didn't stay there for long and we pulled out of the hug. My body was left colder than what it was and I wanted to hug him again. He kept his left hand on my waist though as he greeted Harry and my parents.

"Well dinner won't be ready for a little while so you kids can go hang out for a bit." My mum told us and we all nodded and Harry led us all outside. Once I stepped outside Louis removed his hand but I pretended like it didn't bother me because it shouldn't.

"What's with you and Louis?" Lottie asked in whisper.

"What do you mean?" I asked her as if I knew nothing.

"Oh c'mon your so into each other it's obvious! Just the way he had his hand on your waist that entire time." She smirked at me but I just dismissed her comment and shook my head at her.

"C'mon Lottie Maise!" Harry waved us over to where him and Louis were in the corner of the yard. We skipped over leaving the younger ones to play amongst them selves.

"Truth or Dare?" Harry smirked looking at me. Of course they would choose this game out of all the games in the world.

"Dare." I replied confidently sitting on the grass with Harry and Louis. I just hoped it wouldn't be a stupid dare I liked it when the dare was actually challenging.

"I dare you to call Liam and ask him on a date." He smiled cheekily.

"I don't even have his number." I laughed blushing lightly.

"Well I do so call him." He smirked throwing his phone at me. I rolled my eyes and copied Liam's number into my phone. I pressed call and put the phone to me ear.

*ring ring*

L- Hello?

M- hey Liam it's Maisie.

L - oh hey Maisie how are you?

M - I'm good I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me on the weekend you know maybe you could show me around?

L - sounds great id love to!

M - so then it's a date?

L - sure is love

M - great talk to you tomorrow yeah?

L - definitely

M - bye bye

L - cya

After that I hang up the phone and shoved it in my pocket.

"There done." I smiled and Harry just smirked. "Ok truth or dare Louis."

"Truth." He replied looking a bit bored or annoyed. I just ignored it and went on giving him a truth.

"If you could do anything right now now what would you do?" I asked him not knowing what else to ask.

"FReally? You really wanna know?" He asked raising his eyebrows smirking a little.


"Right now. If I could do anything I wanted, I would have some seriously wild sex with Elea-" he started but surprising Lottie cut him off.

"Louis. You don't even like her." She rolled her eyes at him. Eleanor. He was talking about Eleanor.

"Yeah I know but she's great in bed." He shrugged smugly and Harry looked like he was about to murder him.

"Moving on." I stated quite clearly.

"Ok. Harry truth or dare?"

"Dare." He cocked his eyebrows at Louis and he just smirked.

"Ok well then Styles I dare you to let me kiss your sister." He smirked. Oh god. This was going to be one interesting night. Harry sat for a second and thought.

Then he simply replied with,"Fine." I was kind of surprised that Harry would actually let him. Louis' eyes widened a bit but then he smiled at me. I rolled my eyes as he scooted over next to me. He looked at me and took my chin in his hand he leant in to kiss me but he abruptly stopped right before our lips touched. I could feel his hot breath on my lips and I closed the gap and kissed him. As quickly as I planted my lips on his I took them off. I couldn't get attached to Louis. He wasn't the right one for me and I knew it. Plus Liam and I are kinda getting closer now so I think I have a real shot at a relationship. I mean sure I've been in relationships before but not good ones.

Louis just blushed a little and Harry continued the game of truth or dare. We ended up playing for a while but me and Louis kept quiet since that awkward little kiss. Soon it was time for dinner sand we went inside and sat around the table.

"So how's cheerleading going Maisie? Louis told me you joined the team." Lottie started making conversation as we began to ate.

"Good I guess I'm still kind of getting the hang of it but yeah." I told her shoving food into my mouth.

"Well I can you that Louis certainly thinks your going good." She raised her eyebrows at me laughing lightly. I glanced over at Louis who was sitting right next to me talking to Harry. He was extremely good looking. I mean his lips looked so soft and his hair fell perfectly on top of his head and his eyes were ju-

"Stop staring it's rude." Louis whispered into my ear and I was cut off from my thoughts as he was smirking. I just blushed and returned to talking to Lottie. Throughout dinner we kept stealing glances from one another though no one else saw us.

"Maisie could show Louis where it is?" My mum asked as I was completely zoned out.

"Uhh-what?" I asked very embarrassed.

"The bathroom." He repeated himself smirking.

"Oh-um yeah sure." I smiled politely and got up. "The one down stairs us broken so you need to go upstairs." He just smiled as I led him up stairs. "Here." I told him pushing the door open. He smiled and walked towards me. Instead of going into the bathroom he stood in front of me. I avoided his gaze until her put his hand on my chin.

"If Liam doesn't treat you right just remember that I will." He whispered and placed a kiss on my cheek before going into the bathroom. Did? Did that just happen? I just walked back down stairs gob smacked because of what he said. I sat down and just are my dinner like nothing happened.

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