Diary of a Teenage Fangirl

I, Sophia Grose, will blab on and on about my life for our entertainment. Hope you enjoy.


8. January 27th, 2014

Guys, I am so sorry I haven't been on. A lot has happened.

I had to live with my friend for a while because my step dad (who I believe to be a psychopath) got really drunk and started saying and doing scary stuff while my pregnant mom was having one of her crazy and mentally disturbing freak outs. Which my mom's freak out was slightly my fault for trying to run away cause I didn't feel safe here (and I kinda still don't, I hate it here).

But that's that.

I also may be moving in with my dad soon.

Sherlock has been awesome!

Not much else has happened. My cat is still doing well and I got new classes in school today. I also went to a school basketball game today. We won.


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