Diary of a Teenage Fangirl

I, Sophia Grose, will blab on and on about my life for our entertainment. Hope you enjoy.


7. January 21st, 2014

Hello guys! Sorry I haven't been on. I've had a lot to do with being at my dads and stuff. But I watched all three episodes of Sherlock series three and it's great. The second episode of that season is my favorite of all of them now. Hope you guys enjoy/enjoyed that. I also got a kitten. He's a tabby mix and is a month or so old. I named him Misha William Grose (yes, I give my animals middle and last names).

My classes have been boring and I was really thankful for that three day weekend. I'm also really happy I get new classes on Friday.

No QOTD. Please ask! Again, for advice, any thing about me, ect.


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