Diary of a Teenage Fangirl

I, Sophia Grose, will blab on and on about my life for our entertainment. Hope you enjoy.


4. January 14th, 2014

In my dream Castiel (supernatural; angel of The Lord) was there and I was flying the TARDIS (doctor who) with Dexter (obvious) I guess. I don't know. I only remember that but.

Not much exciting in school except 2nd and 7th period. In 2nd period we continue to roller skate and we playing tag on them. And I just so happened to be in my Dean Winchester cosplay so Ms. Green and I named each one of my falls after one of Dean's deaths. I had bad tacos, shot by robbers, and hellhounds.

In 7th we playing teamwork games, goofed around, and got out early.

Today I also started a Sherlock fan fiction along with the other superwholock one im writing.



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