Diary of a Teenage Fangirl

I, Sophia Grose, will blab on and on about my life for our entertainment. Hope you enjoy.


9. February 20th, 2014

Hey guys.

I am so so sorry (see what I did there, whovians?) that I haven't been on. I've been soooo busy with life.

While I've been gone my dad moved with my mom, my mom's husband, and I, he left to a hospital, I'm not allowed to see or talk to him any more, my mom's husband threw a giant bitch fit and I ran away to my friend's because of it, I started science Olympiad, I got new classes, I got a mentor for high school, I missed a crap ton of school, and figured out if my mom's having a girl or a boy.

With my mom's husband's bitch fit he got really drunk (and isn't supposed to) and started talking about stealing crap and killing people. I felt unsafe here so I packed my bags and made a plan to leave really early in the morning so I'd just go to school and leave to my friend's place after. But now my mom says I'm in denial and now acts like none of this ever happened.

So the whole story with my dad was his ex kicked him out of her house cause he's a total drunk and he had no where to go so we took him in. This plan had only lasted about one night before I had my friend pick me up cause I was so sick of him already. My dad kept me up all night the night he was here and screwed up my sleeping schedule so I couldn't sleep for a while, leading me to miss a lot of school. So he was forced to leave by my mom and he went to a hospital, then back to his ex's, another hospital, and I think he's on the streets again.

I missed school for about a week and I hated making up all the stupid work.

Science Olympiad is cool. My topic things are crime busters, heredity, solar systems, and anatomy. I like crime busters the best cause I feel like Sherlock when I finger print and look in the microscope and I feel like Dexter when I do the blood spatter stuff (which I'm really good at).

But my mentor is really cool. Her name's Robyn and she watches all the good shows (doctor who, Sherlock, psych, etc...). She's really nice and funny to. And I don't have a mentor cause I'm stupid, it's just them telling me what it's like in high school and prepping me and stuff. Plus I skip my PE class every other Thursday cause of it.

Only two of my classes changed.

My mom's having a girl and her name will be Autumn Rene. Gunna be a big sister in June or July.

Single Pringle on valentines day. (Forever alone w/ cats) (lots of cats).

Still no QOTD.


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