Clandestine (Justin Bieber)

A past she never heard of.
A world she didn't thought of existing.
A guy she wouldn't imagine herself falling in love with.

When these three all fall down, how would you take it when they all revolves around you for a reason?

When this past welcomed you back into the world where the guy you gave your heart with ruled it with ruthless and merciless power was the thing you needed to run away from, will you give it all up and stay right beside him?

But what if, behind all these reasons, was all just a trick? A trick to lure in the predator's prey?

Burying something from the past is nothing you can ran away from, because, after all,no SECRETS are safe.


Clan - des - tine

- implies secrecy usually for an evil, illicit, or unauthorized purpose and often emphasizes the fear of being discovered.

He's coming for you.

He's out to get you.

He's ready.

Are you?



© 2013 (Posted in Wattpad too)


1. Welcome Party


Living in this monochromatic world for seventeen years was uneventful for me, well as far as I could remember. There was nothing interesting that occurred through the rest of my life except when I was five years old and I even hardly recall that tragic accident. Aunt Lauren, my mother's younger and only sister and also, the only family I've got told me that when I was little, on our --- mine and my parents --- way to one of their escapades, our car collided with a huge truck and that my mom died protecting me from the impact. I tried to commemorate but still, even just one memory, my mind doesn't seemed to recollect anything from where I was five years old and below. When I reached my teen years, I burried every questions I had in mind and lived at what the present brought me. So here I am, the ordinary and awkward Natasha Leigh Reagan, headed on my way towards my new school, which is a boarding one I might add . And oh right, I forgot I'm also with my favorite cousin in the world, Jamie Marie Adamson. Please see through my sarcasm.

 Ever since I met Jamie when we were both eight years old, she did nothing but to make snide remarks about everything that I've done --- good or bad. Aunt Lauren and her husband splitted up when Jamie was only three as far as what my aunt told me and that because of some adult reasons that I never dared to ask more. It was mind boggling that I only met Jamie when I was eight but, well I only met my Aunt when I was five. I have lot of unanswered questions that sometimes kept me awake at night though I never had the courage to ask and also, I didn't want to complicate things so I just brushed it all off.

 Jamie's dad a.k.a Aunt Lauren's ex – husband --- whom I'd never met and knew--- got remarried and already had his own siblings which due to this fact, made Jamie's jealousy appeared than it already was. She was a selfish barbie, really. I knew she just wanted some attention but seriously, from what I'd seen she got enough attention that could last for a lifetime. She was the most popular girl, the head cheerleader, prom queen even though we were just in our Junior Year. Not only that, Aunt Lauren and her husband gave everything that she wanted; cars, clothes, money even their own personal time. She's probably one of the luckiest people on earth yet she can't even see it.

 During summer, she decided to do some rebellious things --- smoking, drinking and even drugs! Aunt Lauren was pretty heartbroken over the last few months. They tried to do counseling but she was pretty hard – headed. But as soon as few weeks passed by, I just continually watched her, studying her motives and then I had this crazy conclusion that she wasn't rebelling. Anymore. Sure at first she was, but when I saw her looking over her phone, getting all depressed because, 'He isn't calling.' I knew what was up. I tried, really, really, really, tried even though it was against my will to talk to her but as usual, she would just brush me off.

 Then one normal day, approximately two weeks away from our Senior year, she decided she'd go back to normal but in return she wanted to change schools. I was extremely at bliss hearing that from her (she changing school). I thought I was going to be free from seeing her all throughout the year but that actually didn't worked out now, did it?

 Aunt Lauren asked me a favor --- not that I didn't have any choices, but I owe her my whole life --- that if I could just watched over Jamie, just taking precautions to see if she was actually saying the truth about the whole ordeal. So here I am, sitting in the car, watching outside the tinted window, headed off to Castellan Academy --- one of the elite boarding schools located at the farthest part of Canada. As far as what I heard, it was an outstanding institution, with students who excels in academics, arts and sports. Almost all of its students were set to step foot in an Ivy League and that’s the most amazing thing about it right now. I also heard that most students came from filthy rich families all around the world --- not that we’re one, I don’t even know how we managed but Jamie’s dad made it all happened --- and that, there were something peculiar about some of the students there. I don't know what kind though, so I just have to see it in person. After all, it was only a few minutes away from now.

 “Alright. So both of you girls know the rules, right?” Aunt Lauren's soft voice stated as her green saccharine irises glanced over to me and then at Jamie.

I nodded, “Call time is 8 o'clock.” I recited at the reminder my Aunt told us to ever since we talked about going to this side of the world. She notified us to call every eight in the evening to let her know we are safe and out of harm’s reach.


 “Yes. Yes mom. I knew that already. I heard it for countless times.” Jamie's blonde soft curls bounced as she unplugged her earphones out and faced her mom. Typical rich spoiled brat act. “Gosh! I'm listening to some music so please?” She continued as she put her earphones back again. I never wanted, in my life, to push some girl from a car but she was pushing my buttons. I gazed towards my aunt and saw her giving me a tight smile. I returned a soft one in return.

 She watched the road ahead once again as she continued her silent driving. I glared at my cousin from her rearview mirror since she was sitting on the shotgun seat while I was at the backseat. She flicked me off which I thought was real mature. Yeah, she's really this some kind of an insolent female dog I wanna kill.

 After that sweet exchange we had, no one dared to break the stillness inside the car until a huge bar of metal steel gate greeted us. I never even noticed that we’re already here.

 “Wow.” I felt my own eyes widened in awe as I gazed over the simultaneously sumptous wheels that went in and out of the place. Never in my imagination, did I thought that some school existed like this. I can see now why this school was out of the ordinary. Everything screamed filthy rich. I didn't know how my aunt or her husband really pulled some strings but this is just extremely mind blowing. We weren't that rich. Or that I just didn’t know any of Aunt’s ex husband’s details, including what his job was.

The wide array of old oak trees welcomed us as we passed through them; the huge sign of Castellan Academy was carved elegantly through a marble rock a few meters away from the main building of the school which appeared to be like in the Victorian era. The place was beautiful, even enchanting.  But it was just too beautiful perhaps.

I felt my heart wagged out of sudden; paranoia was creeping inside me. I turned around from my seat, to see we were yards away from the main gate. I was never a claustrophobic person but right at this moment, I could perceive the sensation coming in. The car skidded to a stop. I saw Jamie was about to hop right outside of the car, pure agitated but Aunt Lauren’s fast reflexes clicked the lock button. I mentally laughed at Jamie’s frustrated but somewhat, still pretty face.

“Mom!” Jamie whined.

“I know you’re so disconcerted to go to this school but Jamie Marie Adamson, I’m your mother and I wanted you to say goodbye at least.” Jamie huffed in sigh of defeat and looked at the road ahead. I pursed my lips. “I, also, know that I promised, that I wouldn’t accompany you to your dorm rooms because, I quote, “It would be embarrassing and is going to be the death,” of you Jamie ---“

Jamie cut her off, “Did you just honestly said, ‘and I quote’ mom?” She looked at the woman who looked almost exactly like her but just more sophisticated and wore less make up on, incredulously.

“What’s the problem with that, young lady? And I thought we talked about you toning down the attitude?”

“Sorry.” Jamie apologized and as matter of fact, even just a little, I could tell the sincerity in it even though, it looked like she didn’t care. I can tell that Aunt Lauren also heard of it because she glanced at her daughter with warm and mother – like eyes under her long eyelashes. She clicked the unlock button and sighed.

“I’ll miss you both.” She said at Jamie and then turned around to face me. “It’s not going to be the same anymore around the house.”

I gave her a genuine smile. “I’ll miss you too Auntie.”

“Ugh.” I heard Jamie groaned out of disorientation. She kissed her mother briskly before going out and slammed the car door.

“Told you Aunt Lauren, she’s going to miss you too. It’s just hard for her to say.” I stated that made both of us laughed in return.

“Look out for her, for me, Nash.” Aunt Lauren pleaded, the sound of motherly love emitted from her lips. It was one of these moments that I wanted to have a mom. The feeling of someone looking out for me, worrying, even though they knew I could take care of myself but still, it would’ve been just nice to feel the caress of a woman that took the liberty to bear me.

Shaking the feeling off, I forced a smile. “I will.”

“Take care Nash.”She smiled as she gave me a light kiss on the cheek. “No boys, okay?”

I chuckled. “Is it for me or for Jamie?”


“Yeah, it’s for Jamie.” I said as I shook my head, laughing quietly at the statement. I mean, yeah at my age, I should probably be excited about seeing boys or whatnot, there were some who tried, but I don’t know, I just didn’t like them…that much.

“Hey!” Someone spanked the car window, making both me and Aunt Lauren gasp in surprise. “Are you just going to sit in there for a long time?! Because I sure wanted if you change your mind and get out of my sight already!” Jamie’s voice rang, it was a little bit muffled but I still understand what she was saying.

I squinted my eyes on her. I turned around to see Aunt Lauren’s pleading orbs, I sighed in defeat. “Don’t worry Aunt Lauren. I’ll keep in mind that she’s still your daughter and that I love you.”

“Thank you Nash.”

“No problem.” I stated. “Bye Auntie.”

“Bye Sweetie.”

I got out of the car and closed the door gently, seeing mine and Jamie’s luggage piled up on the side. I rose my eyebrow, questioning. I could see the crowd of people filling up the place --- all held that intimidating posture.

“Oh don’t worry.” Jamie’s high pitched voice chimed, she usually does it when she wanted me annoyed. “It’s a win – win situation. You put our luggage in our room while I’ll get our key and meet you there.”

My eyes widened in disbelief as I looked over towards our things --- mostly hers --- and then back at those mocking gaze. “Are you f*cking kidding me?!” I couldn’t help but to curse out loud, but before I could strangle her right on the spot I heard Aunt Lauren’s voice echoed, bidding goodbye and the car ignition drifting away. I swiftly turned around to see the car headed off to the main gate. I felt running away towards it.

“I’ll see you when I’ll see you.” Jamie stated which made me glanced at her, only to find out she was already walking away, her stilettos clicking.

“H…he…wa…wait.” I tried to follow her but then I turned around as I couldn’t leave our things in the open. I knew those kids around here wouldn’t even dare to rob us --- I mean, all these cars were bought to represent something, right? But I was just afraid they’d though that it was a piece of junks and would’ve just thrown it away. I groaned out of annoyance as I walked over towards our belongings in a sullen manner.

My right shoulder held three bags of Jamie’s things, which I could say weigh heavy tons, while the other one held only two. Each of my hand grasped the metal handle of our luggage as their tires rolled on the ground. I puffed a sigh every now and then, adjusting bags here and there, enduring the pain and cramps over my shoulders once, twice, thrice while I earned heavy and judging looks from people I came across with.

Don’t I really look that I was having a hard time? Geez! What’s wrong with this school? I thought everyone would’ve known how to help someone in need? They’re good at everything, so what the hell happened to their good manners and right conduct? Don’t they teach it here? I thought rich people have those lessons even in their home?

Once I felt that both of my arms were about to fell off, I paused around an array of old oak trees and dumped everything on the ground. There weren’t much people around this area, some were just passing through. It was as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere other than here. It was a little bit forestry around here but I hardly care though, because I really need the shelter I can get right this instant. Because during my journey here, I forgot I didn’t actually knew where in this ground stood the girls’ dormitory.

I really can’t wait to shove all of these bags into Jamie’s face. I swear, I really swear.

With a sigh, I plopped down on the ground --- not caring about the dirt --- and stretched my body till I could feel them. I closed my eyes in content. Well, until I heard moans of pleasure coming from somewhere. It’s not something new to me though, because from where I used to go to school to, I could seen it live sometimes, especially in the hallway. So I still shut my eyelids, trying to usher the noise away and that because I was really tired to get up.

“F…faster...ugh…y…you’re…so…good.” The girl cried in her sweetest desire. I didn’t hear any replies, just the girl’s whimper in utter delight getting louder than before. I know the right choice was that I should’ve stood up and walked away but that’s just not what I wanted to do right now.

“Uhh…excuse me.” I started, still had my eyes in complete darkness. I think they didn’t hear me so I repeated what I had said again. “Can you tone it down?” I continued.

“F*ck.” Someone’s raspy voice cursed, the guy’s tone was still lingering with erotic desire. It came out in a whisper but due to the lack of sound, everything was almost crystal clear. I could hear the girl’s protest but I tried to tune them out. Soon, it was back to complete serenity.

“Thank you.” I even replied with gratitude.

“What the f*ck you think are you doing?” Someone shadowed over me, her pitch voice resounded. Huh. So that’s why the girl’s voice was familiar. She was here.

I’ll take the key my ass!

“I could ask the same thing towards you.” I spat as I opened my eyes and swiftly stood up from the ground, dusking away the dirt. “Aunt Lauren completely told us that there are no boys allowed! I think you should reciprocate back to the deal since they let you go to school in here!”

“I’m not doing anything!” She denied which made me rolled my eyes. “And you should be thanking me for even coming here!”

“No thank you! Students here equaled to your attitude which I freaking cannot stand with! And what? I just got here for like a few minutes ago!” I shouted. “If I could go back right now, away from this hellhole I would! And what? You’d think I’d believe you were just humping a tree?!”

“UGH! I hate you!” She screamed.

“Don’t worry cause the feelings are mutual! And who are you humping there?!” I gestured towards the trees.

“It’s none of your business, okay?! Ugh. You just ruined everything!”

“What? Because you didn’t reach your limit?” I replied, sarcastically. She shot me the most evil glare she could manage before walking away from me.

“Don’t walk away from me Jamie! Get your bags up here! I’ll call your mom!” I yelled.

“Don’t you dare.” She hissed as she faced me. I shot her a look as I got my phone out and dialed Aunt Lauren’s number.

“Nash?” Aunt Lauren’s soft tone rang, I could hear the car sound, meaning she was still on the road.

“Jamie is hum…” One second I had a hold of my phone, then the next thing I knew, it was gone. I glanced up to see a guy sporting an all black dress code --- from his shirt to his pants until his shoes --- his brown hair spiked up, showcasing his, fine okay I’ll admit, his almost unflawed face, his bare arms covered in different tattoos. The moment I saw him, there was a stir feeling suddenly filled inside me that I didn’t know whether it was a good thing or not.

When I met his chocolate brown eyes, it was the opposite taste that I saw swimming in his dark pools. I felt fear and submission overpowered me as I almost cowered away from his heavy and arctic gaze. It was as if I was seeing a black hole up close, you couldn’t see nothing but just darkness in there. I gulped as his jaw was tightly clenched. I thought for a second there he was about to beat the shit out of me.

“J…Justin!” Jamie called from behind, her voice alarmed. But this ‘Justin’ guy didn’t seem to listen or heard the distress in her voice as he grasp my wrist forcefully, pulling me closer towards him. I’ve never felt so afraid in my entire life as he stare down at me with eyes that held such venom. I wanted to get away from him as possible.

“W..What…are…you doing?” I thanked God as I at least managed to send out a straight (although I was stuttering) sentence.

Girls like you should be taught a lesson.” He spat, his grip tightened.

“Justin…please.” I heard Jamie pleaded again but he seemed to not be listening. I gritted my teeth as I could feel the pain digging into my skin.

“Let go of me.” I demanded, trying to get away from his vice like grip.

“Did you just talked back at me?!” He almost growled that I felt the need to cower away.

“Justin…baby…please…” Jamie beseeched as she tried to touch this asshole’s arm, pulling him away, but the moment she tried, Justin briskly let go off me and pushed Jamie off the ground. My eyes widened in disbelief as she let out a whimper at the impact.

“Don’t call me baby.” There was menace in his tone that I almost wanted to flinch but I held my ground.

“HEY!” I yelled as I, out of anger, pushed both my hands into his hard chest. “DUDE WHAT’S F*CKING WRONG WITH YOU!? SHE’S A GIRL!”

He let out a mock of laughter that sent horrible chills down my spine, holding both my wrists now, preventing me from pushing him off though he barely even moved. “And I hardly care because…?”

I glared at him. I don’t freaking care if he was dangerous or lethal but seeing women, girls treated like this… I couldn’t bear to see it. “So you’re just like those guys who after given the pleasure, you just throw girls like toys.”

His eyes, even possible, darkened. He smirked menacingly. “Oh they throw themselves at me willingly sweetheart.” With that said, he collided my body with his, the impact was overwhelming that I could feel his hard chest. His body radiated such warmth that for one second there, I felt the desire I’d never felt before. I saw lust swirling into the depths of his eyes and that woke me up, thank God, from the spell. I tried to get away from his grip before this ended in a disaster.

“Let.Me.Go.” I said each word with such venom.

“Justin! Please!” Jamie’s voice rang once again. Geez, was this guy her boyfriend? This is such a douchebag!

I kept on getting away from his grasp but due to mine and Jamie’s demands, he had done the opposite. He only pulled me closer to him; his hand snaked tightly on my waist that my heart swelled into different emotions at once. I felt the desire burnt as our bodies smashed together, his skin smoldering mine.

For Pete’s sake, this guy is a stranger! A bastard one that is!

“You know what I do after they throw themselves at me?”He asked with poison, his face an inch away from mine. I could feel his heavy breathing. I restrained myself to not even glimpse at his puckered lips. “I throw them back…” He paused as his eyes roamed around my face, down at my lips. “…back to the place where they belong.” As that stated, he let loose of his grip and towed me to the ground. I groaned at the impact. “On the dirt, because that’s what they are. But it’s actually not that easy to get rid off of them because they just keep on coming back.” He turned his hateful orbs into Jamie, who was sitting on the ground with tears rushing through her cheeks. “They want me so much, they change schools.”

I felt myself gasp in surprised as I glanced over towards Jamie and put everything in pieces. So this was the guy?! F*ck! It’s not even worth it!

“WHO DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE?!” I screamed at him.

He smiled with that of a Cheshire cat. “You don’t even wanna know sweetheart.” With that said, he gave us a once over, content on how pitiful our situation is right now, before stalking off away.

“Asshole.” I muttered, wanting to just punch someone as of this moment. To release all the resentment and anger away but even then, I know, I would never hate someone as much as that bastard. I was caught off guard when Jamie’s voice echoed thoroughly. I turned towards her.

“Come on. Let’s—“ She cut me off as she slapped my helping hand away, stood on her ground and dashed away but not before she shouted her anger out.


Really?! I still got the hate after all what happened?! I sighed in disbelief as I muttered some few incoherent words, pacing back and forth, until my line of sight crossed at our still belongings laying into the ground and that, when I remembered I didn’t have my phone with me.


If possible I blurted out a few more incoherent words with that Justin guy’s name in it.


A.N. I also posted this on my Wattpad account :3

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