Clandestine (Justin Bieber)

A past she never heard of.
A world she didn't thought of existing.
A guy she wouldn't imagine herself falling in love with.

When these three all fall down, how would you take it when they all revolves around you for a reason?

When this past welcomed you back into the world where the guy you gave your heart with ruled it with ruthless and merciless power was the thing you needed to run away from, will you give it all up and stay right beside him?

But what if, behind all these reasons, was all just a trick? A trick to lure in the predator's prey?

Burying something from the past is nothing you can ran away from, because, after all,no SECRETS are safe.


Clan - des - tine

- implies secrecy usually for an evil, illicit, or unauthorized purpose and often emphasizes the fear of being discovered.

He's coming for you.

He's out to get you.

He's ready.

Are you?



© 2013 (Posted in Wattpad too)


2. Things Happen

If I could list down all the reasons why Jamie and I shouldn’t box in inside a room, I could go on and on and can get an A plus score on a perfectly detailed essay. The two of us were like people living in different poles; we could never be clamped up with one another. She’s too girlish for my liking and apparently I’m too ‘weird’ for her standards. She’s loud enough to waken a whole family or even neighborhood up and I’m too much of an introvert weirdo based on her own words. She’s a female dog while I’m an ‘A class wannabe’. When we’re in a mall, she prefers shopping while I much gladly like to be found in a food stall that’s why she’s a model figure while I was the ‘piggy’ one.

Honestly, hers and her so- called- friends’ hobby of name calling me don’t really affect me that much. I don’t really care as long as I am happy and my tummy is filled, I wouldn’t give a single fudge chocolate.

But in her some cruel ways, she still manages to get under my skin just like a while ago.

It took me two hours of walking around the whole area just to find the girl’s dormitory. When someone left you all their luggage without telling you where on this ground stood the place you could find a little bit comfort to, I’d bet you would want to kill that certain person too. Also, add the fact that no one seems to see right through your ache and pain, I doubt you would still want to last here in this place for another day. Oh and let’s not forget, how much luck do I honestly have for me to lose my phone?

Seriously, was this my bad luck day?

If it does, why didn’t someone warned me?

I could’ve prepared.

I took a long deep sigh as I glanced around the room where Jamie and I would be stuck for a whole year. Truth be told, it was more than the normal (yes, I do have a different view of things) dorm room for me; the amount of space it occupied was twice the size of my room (well, my room wasn’t really that big but for me it was, I could do my creative dancing most of the times by the way), there were two huge double windows (giving us the view of one of the forestry area around) and two plush medium sized beds.

The walls were painted in a deep cream color and that there was a luxurious medium sized chandelier located at the focal point of the ceiling. A small scarlet colored couch was at the corner of the room with a small glass table on an expensive looking carpet underneath. There were also two study tables and two closet doors (thank you heaven) for our expense. Oh and we also have a bathroom. Yes, readers, you read it right. We have a bathroom but we only have one which means, I have to share it with Jamie, meaning it still sucks.

But we really can’t have it all right?  

Speaking of Jamie, she wasn’t around. Once she threw me the keys --- which landed on my face --- she laughed mockingly and yelled, “I gotta go.” So here I was, bored to death in this wide spaced room.

I have already placed my belongings on its proper areas and I was contemplating now to myself whether to look for my phone, well to be more précised, whether to look for that person or just tell Aunt Lauren I lost my phone.

I don’t really ask things to Aunt Lauren. If I could afford it I would find ways to buy it, but since that phone was a gift from her, I think it’ll break her heart if she knew I’d lost it. Also, honestly, I needed to find that phone. Jamie doesn’t call me a weirdo for nothing. I do have lots of pictures there, well, not of myself but you know the strawberry ice cream I ate the other day or the two Ben & Jerry’s I finished within minutes or the Doritos, Cheerios, burgers, fries, sundae and the pictures just go on and on and on.

Before anyone could judge, I also take pictures of books I read, oh and you know, people’s stolen moments. When I say stolen, they are the pictures people don’t actually want you to tag them on. Maybe, that’s one of the reasons why kids on my old school don’t want to be friends with me on Facebook or in real life in general. Their lost, I guess.

On the other hand though, I love Photography, no pun intended. My real collections were always placed in a Scrapbook and hidden into the eyes of the public. I’d really rather not show it. It’s something sacred…something I wasn’t ready to let anyone see it yet; but maybe, when the time is right and when I’m ready I could give the world a new sight to see.

Anyhoo, enough with the mellow things since I really need to find that Justin dude before eight o’clock; I glanced over my watch to see it was past 20 minutes of six o’clock, which means I still have less than two hours to have my phone back.  

I jumped into my feet with a determined set of mind and off I went to seek my long lost phone. I just hope that Justin dude wasn’t going to be mean and scary this time.



Looking around the establishment, it was more exquisite than I thought. Some students walk in different routes and paths as I walked on the side of the road. I could see some were surprisingly simple in clothing just like I was but there were also some that with each step they took they thought they were in this modeling ramp project or something.

I kept on glancing, watching if I could see that brown haired guy sporting the all black dress code but still I couldn’t see even his tiny shadow around. Deep down, I knew he was dangerous. I mean, with that entire chilly aura he was emitting I guess I wasn’t just judging him by his looks; the way he treated us a while ago screamed he wasn’t anywhere near kind and gentle. He was more like ‘Talk back and you’re dead’ kind of guy. Honestly, he can be intimidating when he wanted to…and also, annoying with a little mix of frustrating.

I swear, I’d just get my phone and I promise our paths will never cross again. I just want to finish this year without any problems and with flying colors. I wanted to go to my dream university and that’s my goal in life… for now. I do---


My heart almost jumped out of my chest as I heard a car honk echoed, making me drift off from my deep thoughts. I turned around --- almost having a whiplash --- and was ready to give this person the medicine he/she should have until a black Lamborghini veneno came into my view. For a moment there I was left speechless at the thriftless four wheels right in front of me. I never thought there will come a day that I’d come face to face with one of the squandering cars I’d seen on Television.


And that brought me back down to Earth once again and also, thank you for reminding me why I was at range awhile ago. There weren’t much people around but those who were on the area stopped walking and wandered their eyes into the spend thrift car. It was as if they knew who was inside and couldn’t wait to get a glimpse. Well, I would in their place. I’d like to know who the freaking freak had no hobby besides honking.

“CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THAT?!” I demanded, pointing at the car.


“URGHHH! HEYY! WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?!” I complained as I covered my ears with both of my palms.


“THAT’S IT!” I yelled, descending my way towards the driver’s place. As soon as I was about to tap the window, the car sped off like lightning bolt. My nerves tensed out of irritation. It was so unbelievable how can someone be this out of well – mannered. I was left there with eyebrows knitted together, blood boiling and was ready to burst out. I glanced at where that stupid yet somewhat nice car paced off until another car honked.

And that’s when I noticed I was on the road side. Oh right, geez, that was stupid… but that Lamborghini car should’ve beeped me with that kind of intense of agitation?!



It was almost nine o’clock in the evening and I still tested my luck. The dorm room’s curfew was at 10’oclock and I should’ve called Aunt Lauren an hour ago but hey, here I am, walking outside the school trying to find a person who seemed to be somewhat not in the area. I would go into the boy’s dorm room but I don’t know where in this ground that building was fabricated to.

My curiosity ate me up awhile ago so here I was wandering outside.

Actually, I had just gotten into a convenience store which was located not very far from the academy --- actually there were some buildings around but there were only few --- and bought bag of chips, some necessities and disinfectants since I forgot to bring along my aids with me.

It wasn’t actually scary as it sounds to walk alone in the evening. Sure, it was quite dangerous but there were streetlights lighting up the way and that there were some people wandering around. There were also the stars that spread wide across the black blanket of sky.  I mean, I always do this at home and that I have my pepper spray always intact with me. Better safe than sorry as what they say.

I was silently humming to myself until I heard footsteps running briskly from somewhere. The evening air was filled with silence so even the slightest crisp could be heard. I looked up and glanced around, trying to find where the sudden sound came from. My eyebrows met halfway as again for the thousandth times, my curiosity was yelling at me.

As I passed through an alleyway, the sound grew closer. I hid first and peeked over to my left side. I know if I was a normal person, my reflex should be running away from the scene but I guess there’s always something wrong with me.

There I saw a guy running his way to my direction. I couldn’t see his face at first since it was quite dark and that the streetlights didn’t help that much. It was until he was a few meters away that I finally found my missing person.

“Hey you!” I shouted as I stepped in front, blocking him right on the spot, which made him stop abruptly. I could tell he was extremely pissed off at the sight of me. If looks could only kill, I was long dead since the moment we had on the forest grounds.“Give me back my phone!” I demanded.

“Don’t let him get away!” An authorized tone yelled, followed by a man almost catching up running towards this way. My eyes widened as I saw the running man had a knife with him. I could hear more footsteps coming this way. What exactly was happening?

“I don’t have time for this!” Justin hissed as he passed through me, bumping my shoulder harshly. My mouth fell ajar.

“You! Are you with him?!” The man who was catching up with Justin yelled as soon as he was a few meters away from me. I felt my heart thumped nervously as his knife glistened under the starlight.

“I…I—I’m not.” I stuttered.

What did I get myself into?!

“You’re lying! You were just talking to him!” I turned around to find that Justin dude nowhere in sight. Oh great, I just put myself as a bait. This should end well. I pursed my lips as I looked over the man who had a knife only now a meter away from me as I heard more footsteps coming in closer.

“Where is he?!”

“I…I d---” I silently checked on my back pocket and as soon as I felt my pepper spray, I immediately got it out and sprayed it on his face. I, also, kneed him where it hurts.

He grunted.

As the man bent down holding his ‘area’, I caught a glimpse of his fellowmen who all sport this same skull logo coming in this way. I briskly turned around and ran away. I prayed that they have not seen my face. Everything inside me almost screamed adrenaline rush, everything was pumping out of anxiety.

I grunted out of annoyance. Give me a break, ever since I stepped foot into this place, all kinds of trouble were thrown at me.

“HE’S WITH A GIRL! THEY BOTH RAN THAT WAY!” I heard that guy who I kneed on his crotch yelled.

Great, this is just great, they thought I was his accomplice. If I’d survive this night, I swear I am not coming out again away from the school.

I was about to turn into a curb until I felt someone pulled me into a tiny spaced alleyway and blocked me to the wall, preventing me from escaping. I was almost about to scream at the top of my lungs until I heard that somewhat familiar menacing tone.

“Shut up.” I swiftly glanced up only to find those pair of cold hard – like brown orbs gazed at me. I felt myself obeyed unconsciously at the amount of clout swimming into his irises. But soon later, I shook my head a few times, taking away the spell he seemed to cast over.

“Shut up? Shut up?! Don’t tell me what to do! What’s going on?! You left me there!” I screamed whisperingly at his face. Yeah, all my nerves were all over the place. This was not good.

“Do you want to die?” He hissed as he was only a good few inches away. If only I wasn’t so nervous about the possibility of dying tonight, I would feel intimidated by him but since he was the reason why I am in this position, my anger and nerves got the best of me.

I could hear the loud footsteps echoing into the street but I hardly care.

“Well just so you know, I was almost there.” I shot back sarcastically. He doesn’t seem to appreciate my attitude for I could see he was almost close into punching me. I saw his jaw clenched and both of his hands that were trapping me on the wall were now formed into tight fists.

“Do you know who I am and what can I do?” He threatened menacingly. “If you knew better, I’d say you shut that big mouth of yours.”

“Ugh! This is your entire fault! If you just didn’t take my phone out then I’d never be here. If you just didn’t screw my cousin I wouldn’t be in this position! Period! It’s all your---“

I felt my eyes widened at what he did next. I couldn’t move, I wanted to punch him or even slap him but I felt my body went rigid. My heart fluttered rapidly. I wanted to get him away from me but one thing I learned now is that he’ll only do the opposite; he pushed his body into mine even more as his other arm wrapped securely around my waist. To make things worse, he had his eyes open, gazing directly at mine as his lips were over my lips.

“Where are they?!”

“I think they went this way! Come on!”

“The Boss will kill us!”

After a few minutes the footsteps went away.

As soon as I gained back my soul, it took every strength within me to push him away and as well as slap him. I was about to rant once again but soon cut off when I heard him grunt out of hurt. And that’s when I noticed he was bleeding.

“Oh my goodness! You’re bleeding!” I yelled as I swiftly went over to his side. “Did I hit you somewhere there? Should we go to the hospital? Was it deep? Why didn’t you tell me?!” I screamed again, freaking out.

He glared at me. “If you were keeping your mouth off shut, you would notice by then.”

I ignored his comeback and just focused on his wound. “Come on, let’s get you to the hospital.”

“No. People will ask questions.”

I studied him. “Which brings us to why are they running after you?” I demanded.

“Could you just treat my wound and shut your mouth since I saved your life? At least learn your manners to reciprocate back.”

“Excuse me? You? Saved my life? Can you please tell me how?”

“I kissed you.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Ugh!” I punched his arm which made him grunted.

“Can’t you see I’m injured?!”

“Urgh! You didn’t kiss me okay?! That was not considered as a kiss! Damn you!”

“It’s just a kiss.”

“Shut up! Let’s just cure that wound of yours!” I told him as I walked away. I heard his footsteps behind me.

“Let’s go to my car.” He stated.

I turned around to look at him.“You have a car?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Don’t ask questions. Just shut that loud mouth of yours or… you wanted me to do that for you.” I narrowed my eyes on him and squinted. I silently followed his limping body behind. Yeah, screw him. I was about to clean his wounds since I knew somewhat about curing wounds and that because I was human with a heart.  

We were walking in silence --- as he wished --- and stopped only just a few meters from where we were awhile ago in front of a Lamborghini veneno.

W-wait….what?! Lamborghini veneno?!

“You—“ I started.

“Yes. You are stupid so shut your mouth.” He stated as he went over inside the car. I exhaled deeply, trying to calm down myself. Now I don’t know who tops the most hated people list of mine. I was undecided whether to help him or not but then I’ll have my guilt within me --- which this douche doesn’t have --- so I waited until he opened the door into my side.  

Once I was in, I can’t help not to feel awe and amazed at the interior design of the car. If I was speechless at the exterior devise then now, I was left dumbfounded.

“I guess people like you don’t get to see these kinds of things often.” I glanced at him only to find his mouth formed into a mocking grin.

“Excuse me? What do you mean by people like me?”

“People like you.” He stated, as if he answered what I questioned.

I sighed mentally. “If I cure your wound, would you please give me back my phone?” I smiled sweetly at him which was too fake I might add.

“What makes you think I have your phone?” He asked. I looked at him expectantly. “Just cure my wound.” I couldn’t really wrap around the fact that someone can be this bossy.



The amazing thing was, aside from Justin can still drive besides the fact that he was injured --- which was really not that deep --- we went or more like I went back again to the convenience store to buy the necessities he needed and I got the chance to experience his Lamborghini veneno. Gosh, the perks of having the money. As soon as I was finished wrapping up his wound (I’ve gotten the chance to see a little bit of his body, yes a little bit, since apparently he knew how to cure wounds by himself, I was actually being just a nurse while he was the patient as well as the doctor) I’d seen a slight bit of an abs in there. Not that I was a perv or anything but I was just stating the obvious stats. I mean facts.

“So can you tell me why?” I asked, over the nth time about what happened.

“Just shut up.” He ordered. “I don’t want to hear anything about what happened, do you hear me? If you spread this news, I have no choice but to kill you.”

“Can’t you just say a polite ‘no’ and your sincere ‘thanks’?” I retaliated back.

“I don’t really like that attitude of yours.” He hissed.

“Fine. You’re not going to have a problem of me anymore just give me my phone.” I said, just wanting to go back to my dorm since apparently it was almost my curfew.


I glanced at him. “Or?”

“This.” He stated as I heard the car door lock.

“What are you doing?” I narrowed my eyes on him.

“I’m going to give you the real one.”

“Real one?”

He smirked and slowly leaned down on me, making me back up until I hit the door of the car. Both of his arms trapped me again.

“This…i…isn’t funny. I’m…going…to---“

He cut me off once again by colliding his lips with mine while I sat there in shock. His lips started to move but I stayed input. I don’t know what to do. But there goes that fluttering again.

He pulled away just for a little bit when he felt my body went stiff.

“Open your mouth.” He stated raspily.

“What?” I whispered as I looked into his sultry eyes.

“Kiss me back.”


He crashed his lips into mine once again as I felt his hand caressed my cheek while the other was on the side of my waist. But still, I didn’t do what he told me to until he pinched the side of my waist. Sneaky b*stard. He sneaked his tongue inside of mine and started moving against me as I, unconsciously, followed his rhythm and closed my eyes, tugging at the ends of his shirt.

Obviously I didn’t know what to do but because of his guidance and expertise, I followed his lead. He pushed his body against mine, making me squished between the car door and his body, the radiating heat overwhelmed me as I, pulled him closer. His hand on my waist stroking it so gently that sent my body tingle with excitement.

What was he doing honestly?

He kissed me abruptly as I ran my fingers through his hair; that was when I felt slightly bit different as I tasted something dissimilar. The kiss slowed down due to pressure and that because I suddenly felt sleepy, too tired and too dizzy to do anything. We both pulled away as I rested my forehead into his. I could feel his heavy breathing as well as mine.

I tried to open my eyes but I cannot manage.

“W…what d…did yo…u doo..?” I asked.

He kissed me for a few seconds before he answered. “I told you, you don’t wanna know me.” He chuckled scornfully.

“Assh*le.” I spat out before finally closing my eyes.

I cannot believe this douchebag drugged me.

I, especially, cannot believe that this guy just stole my first kiss.



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