Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up not very well rested, thanks Liam. I laid in bed for a little just thinking, but I got up after awhile and turned my music on shuffle, I opened my closet. 

"A party....a party....a party...."

I kept saying to myself, looking for party attire. Suit and tie by Justin Timberlake came on, what timing, but there's no way I would wear that to a party. I ended up choosing a basic pair of black skinny jeans, a sleeveless blank green t-shirt, and black lace up boots.

My phone buzzed and it was from Liam....It was the address to the party tonight.

I texted back 

Can I bring a few mates? -Z x 

Yeah sure! -L xx 

Two x's ? Hmm.

So I called Louis. "Hey mate would you like to meet Liam tonight?" 

"Yeah I'd like to see who my Zayn is getting into trouble with" 

"We aren't getting into trouble. His mate is having a party tonight and he invited me" 

"Hmmm. Let me ask Harry" 

I heard him yell in the background 

"Harry would you like to go to a party and meet Zayn's boyfriend tonight?"

I blushed at him saying 'Zayn's boyfriend'. Louis was clearly having too much fun with this.

I heard Harry yell, "Yeah parties.... All for it." 

The rest of the day went fast.

I'm in the bathroom doing my hair as Louis and Harry walk in both singing something I didn't recognize cause they were singing it in a loud high pitched voice, clearly trying to be funny. They come to the bathroom and Louis gives me a once over 

"Over dressed much?"

"What I'm overdressed?!" No I wasn't overdressed surely! 

"I'm messing with you mate, you shouldn't turn white when I say that. You definitely like this guy." 

Then Harry decides to talk... "If he can do that to you I'd say this guy has you already"

"His name is Liam not "this guy" ok?"

Louis says, "defend him now why don't you" and walks away dramatically.

Ok I'm ready. I exit the bathroom grabbing my keys, wallet, phone, and my leather jacket. 
"Let's go blokes" I say 

"Oh so were blokes now huh?" Louis says, giving me this face.. (you know the one) 

They follow me out the door, ignoring my gesture toward the family picture. We all get into my car, Louis sitting in the passenger seat and Harry sitting in the back 

"How come I'm the loner?" Harry asks 

Louis leans back and kisses his forehead, "because" is all he says, but Harry is content with the answer, or the kiss.

I look at my phone and find the address Liam texted me and put that into my phone GPS and listen to Louis hum ho hey by the Lumineers. I start to think about seeing Liam shortly and I start to get the butterflies. Stop this madness! We pull up to the address and see a couple people outside, but I don't see Liam.

We head inside the house and right away I see Liam laughing at some blonde boys joke. He sees me and jumps up and starts walking toward me.

He has a red SnapBack on and a white tank too with dark jeans and nike high tops.

"Hey Zayn!" 



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