Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


29. Chapter 29

Zayn's P.O.V

Me and Michael get in the car, and as soon as I start the car the radio comes on and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana comes on and Michael starts singing. He actually has a nice voice. We pull up to the school and get a lot of weird looks when both me and Michael get out of the car, and I could see how this might look wrong but the kid needs help so I don't care if my image gets messed up, cause who really cares? 
I walk to art class and Michael walks to whatever his first class is. 
Louis stops by and talks for awhile 
"How's that kid Michael?" He asks 
"He's fine. I'm glad he's there with us cause it sort of feels like we have a son. That might sound a but weird but yeah" I say to him, and he nods and says "i understand mate" and then he waves and says "well I've got to get going, see ya Zaynster!!" And walks out. About three minutes passed and my first group comes in. "Today were going to be using black coated scratchboard" and I get the metal scratch sticks and the black boards and start to hand them out "be creative....that's what this class is all about" and I pass out the last few boards. "The easy way to get the right look is to not go over a spot too many times" I say to the class as I sit down at my desk. The classroom is filled with scratch noises from everyone and I pick up my board and do a simple tree. This class leaves and the next class that comes in is Michaels class, and he looks pretty happy when I see him. Everyone takes their seats and I begin the same speech as the last class and I give a few tips and pass the black boards out. Most of the kids remember what I said about being able to have headphones in and do your project because music draws out artistic abilities, so most of the class has headphones in. 
I look at all the kids. Some biting their lips and some sticking their tongues slightly out, just something some people do when they're focused.  I think art teacher is such a cool job and I wouldn't trade it for any other job. The bell rings and the kids get up and walk out, but Michael hangs back a bit, and he shows me what he did. 
It's a leaf, but he put an Aztec pattern in the leaf. "This is why I think you're brilliant Michael. Good job" I say and then he smiles and walks out. The rest of the class leaves and I pick up Michael and we go home. Liam isn't home yet so I start dinner. I tried to make a fancy egg dish, but iTunes distracted me, so the eggs got burnt and the smoke detector went off. A fail on my end I'd say. Michael was in the living room playing on the floor with Loki, and I took a small video and sent it to Liam and then I ordered a pizza. 
I say in the living room and turned on the telly, but I hardly watched it, all there is is drama nowadays. Liam gets home shortly and comes in with a big and loud "hello everyone!!!!" And comes in the living room where us three are. He says hello to Michael and pets Loki and comes over to give me a kiss. I love my Liam. "How was work love?" He asks "it was good, I had the kids do black scratch boards" I say, not knowing if he knows what that is "oh! Those are the black almost chalk board looking things that you scratch with a metal thing right?" He asks with a excited look "haha yes Liam that's what we used today" I say back to him, and I think he's excited because a lot of the time he doesn't understand when I talk about certain types of pencils or the grades of charcoal I use, and I feel bad for him; like I'm leaving him in the dark, but when he understands he's very happy. The bell rings and the pizza is here. I get up and go to the door and Loki follows me, I pay for the pizza and I tip the guy, Loki follows me in the kitchen and I put the pizza on the counter and get plates. After the pizza is set up I walk to the living room and I see Liam and Michael wrestling. I smile to myself and I think it's so cute how Liam just gets into dad mode around kids and if love how Michael isn't afraid of strangers and he trusts me and Li. "Dinner time blokes" I say and they both get up fast and run to the kitchen, that makes me laugh, and I walk to the kitchen to eat with my three boys. Yeah, Loki gets pizza too. 

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