Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


27. Chapter 27

"Where do you wanna go?" I asked Louis 
"Starbucks is good" he says, pulling out his phone and scrolling through something 
"Okay let me get some shoes and a jacket" I said to him and began to grab my jacket, shoes, my keys and then we walked out of my room and I said bye to Loki and did my gesture to the family picture and we walked cause Starbucks wasn't too far.

 We got some food and drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere of the shoppe. I kept thinking about Luke's visit, and it was making me depressed, but I can't go back to that, I couldn't do that to Liam. 
Me and Louis talked and he joked and sassed, the usual Louis everyone loves. He tried to cheer me up by bringing up memories from when we were younger and it actually made me feel a bit better. I asked him how his class was going and we talked a little about that. Time flew by and Liam was getting off work soon so I told Louis we should be getting back. 

"Thanks for all this mate" I said to him as we walked out of Starbucks
"Any time man, you know that" he said to me as we started walking.
I see a kid with bright purple and blue hair walking down the street, and he has a bunch of bags around him and hanging off his shoulders, and as we get closer i see that it's Michael. The brilliant kid from my art class. I walk up to him and say 
"Hey mate what's going on?" I ask, and he says back "I came out to my parents as bisexual and the result was me having to leave. So I'm walking... To a friends house" he says, staring at his feet. Louis just cringes and pats him on the back. but he looks really sad. I feel so bad for the kid, and I know exactly how he feels. My parents did the same thing. "I know how you feel, my parents did the same thing... Where did you say you were going to stay?" I ask him "at my friends house." He says and starts walking again "hey mate. This might be kind of weird, but, I have an art room and an extra cot, I don't know if it would be weird to move in with your art teacher, but we have a lot of things in common and I think you might like it at my flat.." I offer him. He looks at me, looking up for the first time, "really?" He asks "yeah mate I think you're a really great kid and don't deserve to be put out" I say back "okay. Thanks. And no, I don't think it's weird. I have always liked you as a teacher." He smiles at me. "Okay let's go. I have to introduce you to someone when we get home" I say to him. He nods and we walk back to my flat. Louis gets in his car and leaves but me and Michael walk upstairs to the flat. I open the lock with my key and immediately Loki comes and meets Michael. "Michael this is Loki, and he's friendly so don't be afraid ok?"  I tel him "okay. I like his name, did you pick it?" He asks "no, but you'll meet who did later." I say to him. "Okay i'll show you your room." I say to him, and lead him to the art room. "It's got a few things if you'd ever like to mess around and be creative, I think you're brilliant so I don't think you'll have an issue with that, you can put your stuff on this desk and I'll go get the cot for you." I say to him, and I push a few things off the desk for him, and he nods and I walk to get the cot. I carry it back to his room and he settles down with all his things just in time for Liam to get home. I call Michael out to the living room as Liam walks in the door "Liam this is Michael, the brilliant kid I was telling you about that is in my art class, his parents kicked him out because he is bisexual and I offered him the art room and the cot so he'll be staying here for as long as he needs if that's okay with you" I say to Liam. He nods and says "it's nice to meet you Michael, I'm Liam" and shakes Michael's hand. "Michael, this is my boyfriend" I say to him, and his eyes get wide but he smiles, and understands what I said before about knowing what it feels like to be kicked out, and us having a lot of things in common. "He's the one that named Loki" and I point to the dog. Liam starts and says "well then should I get dinner going?" He points to the kitchen "I are with Lou half hour ago, sorry, but Michael would you like anything?" I ask him "yeah that sounds good, I'll eat whatever I'm not too picky" he adds on, and I offer to help Liam with dinner and Michael takes a seat in the dining room and just watches is cook. I turn on my phone and put the music on shuffle and me and Liam dance around the kitchen and make dinner, and Michael just watches us, smiling. As soon as we sit down for dinner Michael compliments us with "you guys get on so well together, you're totally perfect for each other." 

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