Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


25. Chapter 25

"We need to talk" Luke says, outside if my door. 

"No I need to talk to the police, cause Luke, you need to stop. Please. Accept the fact that I've moved on, I have someone important in my life, and I will never be with you again" 
I said, trying to be calm but this is really getting uncomfortable 

"Zayn you know you still love me and I still love you, can we please go back to the way it was before and be together again, forget this guy and be with me, someone who really loves you" 
He says, and points into our apartment when he says "forget this guy" and that makes me mad. 

"This guy is my boyfriend okay, and after what you did to me I will never be with you again. Can't you see that Liam actually loves me? He treats me right and isn't into me for my looks or the fact that I'm good at painting, and he doesn't date me cause he wants to have sex with me and nothing else. Unlike you. He likes me for who I am in a whole. Please leave now, I'm done with you." 

"Zayn you aren't done with me!" He shouts "you still love me and I still love you and you know we can make this work!!!" He keeps on shouting and I'm afraid someone will come out and see us fighting 

"Please leave now Luke, or I'm going to call the cops, and please stop calling me" 
I ask him and go to close the door

"Congratulations Zayn, you've royally screwed your life up" 
He says as he walks away and that is the same exact thing he said when he left me last time 

* flashback* 

"Luke I want this to work but you're hurting me and I can't live like this!" I shout, with tears down my face. He's hurting me so much and I do love him, or I think I do, but he can't do this to me. 

"Shut up you child, you're so emotional. Stop crying, you're a man you should act like one. And you're not leaving me, you need me, if you want to be out on the streets, be my guest, but you need me so you better shut up before I throw you out" he says shouting, and throwing things around the room at me

"Well then I'm leaving." I say, stuttering from the tears rolling down my face

"You are nothing without me and you're a total screw up, your parents don't love you, your sisters don't love you, your family as a whole doesn't love you, I'm all you've got, and you're leaving? Have a good time trying to survive. 
Congratulations Zayn, you've royally screwed your life up" Luke says, and goes out the front door, slamming it hard. 

I run upstairs and into my room and grab my bag and pack it very fast, throwing my most important things into it and then I grab my art supplies on my desk and the last few things I have and I run out the back door, never looking back. I didn't screw up my life, he did.

*end of flashback*

I don't know wether I should tell Liam or not. I don't want him to get upset that I didn't call him as soon as Luke got here but I also don't want to keep things from him. I'll tell him tonight when he gets home. 

"Hey loves I'm home!!" Liam shouts to me and Loki, and I'm in the living room, my stomach upset cause I'm nervous to tell him about what happened earlier. He comes in the living room and sits next to me and kisses me on the lips. He is so reassuring. He looks at me for a long second and then says "what's wrong love?" With a wrinkled brow. "We need to talk. I know I haven't been forward about my past and I haven't opened up but something happened today and you need to know about it just cause I wanna be honest with you" I say, exhaling, I am so nervous. 
"What happened?!?" He asked 
"Today after you left I walked with Loki a little bit and I guess Luke saw me because he called me and he was watching me because just as I was about to hang up he told me not to hang up, and so I ran back here and locked the door and I didn't think he was gonna follow me here but he knocked on the door so I opened it and He was standing there. I.." And then I started crying. I hurts to talk about stuff in the past but this was only two hours ago I don't know why this is so hard. "I told him he had to leave and he kept saying that you didn't love me and that he loved me and I need him and he wouldn't leave. I told him I would call the cops and then he got loud and just as I was closing the door he walked away but I heard him say "congratulations Zayn, you've royally screwed your life up." And that gave me a flashback of when we were dating and we were living together and he used to abuse me and I was younger so I never defended myself. But just before he left me he said the same thing and then after he was gone I sat here on the couch and all the horrible memories of my past came and I couldn't stop crying. I'm so happy with you Liam and it's the happiest I've been my entire life" I finish, breathing fast but it feels so good to have that off my chest. "Oh love, I'm so sorry." He says and hugs me "I'll make sure Luke doesn't come around here anymore ok?" He says looking at me with those big brown eyes. "Thank you Liam. I love you" I say to him, and hug him again. We just lay like that for awhile, and even though I can protect myself I feel so protected with Liam here. Despite Luke's visit today, my life has been great since Liam got here and I hope that never changes. 

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