Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


23. Chapter 23

Liam and I pulled up to the store and we both got out of the car. Liam and I held hands as we walked up to the entrance. I found a cart and started pushing it down the isles as Liam tossed things into the cart. After a little while Liam stopped the cart and jumped inside. I laughed and continued to push that cart. He smiled, his eyes crinkling on the sides, and I found myself laughing too, Liam was being adorable and I was actually having fun. We ran down the isles and laughed, but after while some cranky store worker asked us to stop, oh well. We got to the checkout and put all our food and other things on the belt and paid and left the store, today wasn't a bad day, I had fun with Liam and Loki and I wasn't actually dreading going home, especially because I wasn't going home to an empty flat. I think back to a few months ago when I was just in a dark depression and all lonely, and Liam and Loki have totally changed that. Yes, I still think about my sisters and family but I think about my new family, Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and even loki and I know that I don't have it so bad. 


Me and Liam pull up to the flat and grab all the groceries, Liam's biceps being extra noticeable because of all the bags he has on his forearm, I try not to let him catch me looking but he does 


"see something you like?" He asks with a smirk while walking up the stairs to the loft

"mmmmhmm" is all I said to him, trying to hide my blushing cheeks. 


I open pen the loft door with the keys and Loki is jumping up and down, tail wagging and him barking, Liam smiles cause he loves it when Loki does that, and I love it too.

we start unpacking things in the kitchen, and then Liam remembers the dog food "hey I'm gonna go get the big bag of dog food, be right back" he says, waving over his shoulder, and I just sit on the couch with Loki waiting for him. 


Its been like 5 minutes and he still isn't back, the car is only one minute away... I grab loki's leash and hook it on his collar and walk out the door, still gesturing the photo but in a rush, I lol up the door really quick, I can't help but be nervous but the last time someone was gone for longer then they should have been it wasn't a good end result. I rush down the stairs and get to the car and see Liam, the bag of dog food over his shoulder and he's standing there talking to an older woman. I breathe a sigh of relief, this could have ended up so many ways. I walk to the car and Liam is chatting with the lady about fixing something in her flat, what a nice boy, he's so amazing. I walk up right next to him and he smiles at me, stopping what he's saying and introducing me to the lady 


"This is my boyfriend, Zayn and our dog Loki" he says to the lady with a smile, 

"Zayn, this is Cecilia, I just met her, she lives on the second floor" 

i reach my hand out and shake hers and she smiles at me, and I am so relieved that she isn't a homophobic. I'm really sick of that drama. 

"It's lovely to meet you Zayn , and Loki" she leans down and pats Loki on the head 

"You too ma'am" I say back to her and smile 

"well isn't he just a charmer?" She says to Liam 

"why yes ma'am, that's why I love him" Liam says and smiles at me, and grabs my hand

"Ok boys I have a dinner to prepare, but I'll see you soon!" She says, and walks off 

me and Liam slowly walk up the stairs, Liam explaining to me about the work she wants done in her flat and how he is capable of all these things, I swear he is superman; or batman in that rather. I start to admit to him about me being worried why he was gone so long

"Li, being honest, I was worried when you were gone long. When I was about 14 my sister waliyha went out the back door with her bike and was gone for like twenty minutes, I got worried and ran around our neighbourhood and eventually found her with a scraped up knee and elbow and she was sitting there crying. I felt like a horrible brother and my parents were very upset at me for not going with her or checking if she was ok sooner, I know you aren't my little sister or anything but I still love you and don't like it when you're gone for a long time." 
I explain to him, kind of sounding childish

"Oh I'm sorry, I was talking to Cecilia and I just lost track of time..." And he continued "and I think that's the first thing you've ever told me about your family.... Thank you." And yeah, he's right. I should really open up more.. 

"Thank you for understanding Liam, love you" and I hug him. 

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