Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


22. Chapter 22

Zayn's P.O.V. 

I woke up to Liam, you know being Liam all cute like he always is, the same kissing he knows I love.

"Hey Li Li" 

"Hey zaynie, I have to go to work" 

Damn it I was enjoying his sleepy voice 
"Awh but babe five more minutes?" 

"My five minutes was twenty minutes ago" he says with a wrinkled brow 

"Oh ok then let's get you going love" I say as I start to get up 

"Bing" "bing" 
Mine and Liam's phone bing for a text message at the same time, so Liam checks his first 


"It's from Harry" he says as he checks his phone 

"Oh my god Louis is going to die" 
He says as he shows me the picture Harry sent, it's Harry with a black turtle neck pulled up to his mouth and black skinny jeans and a huge katana sword in his hands forming a strange pose only Harry would do 

"Yeah he'll decapitate lou within a week" 

Liam laughs at my comment and texts Harry what I said 

Liam walks out of the room and into his room to change for work.
I turn on out of my league by fitz and the tantrums and I begin to get ready for my non-exciting day 

He comes back about fifteen minutes later and says 

"Ok I'm off to work, love you" 
And he kisses me. I swear he has the softest lips and most gentle kiss I have ever felt. 

"I love you too Liam" 

And he hugs me, but we stand there for a moment and I swear we are the cutest couple alive 

"Hey when you get back we need to go grocery shopping" 

"Yeah no food" is all he said and walked out of my room and out the front door 

It's not like I have anything better to do so "Hey Loki should we go on a walk today?" I said out loud and he heard me cause he came running in at full speed sliding on the wood floors 

"Haha ok buddy I can see you're excited" 

So I got up, got a sleeveless hoodie on and my running shoes and grabbed loki's leash, and as I passed the counter I grabbed the  banana, but it was almost all black so I just threw it in the trash, we definitely need to go shopping today. Niall has kept us from doing this for like a week cause of his 'friendship adventure' thing 

I made the gesture to the family picture and Me and Loki walked out, I locked the door and we took off

"Loki would you like to go to the park?" I asked Loki, even though I know he won't respond 

So we walked to the park and I found a nearby bench and we sat down. I pulled my phone out and I took a few pictures of me and Loki sitting on the bench and sent them to Liam and then I called Louis 

"Hey Lou" 

"Hey Zayn what's up?" 

"Umh you are aware your fiancée has a katana that could possibly tear you to shreds? That boy isn't careful Louis Who is the last person in the world to trust with a katana?!? That would be Harry... The bloke would probably act like he's a fruit ninja." 

"Hahaha Zayn! There's no need to worry Harry is fine with that thing!!!" He said in an unsteady voice, and I already knew 

"You took it away didn't you?" 

"Yeahhh... "

"Good now I can sleep tonight"

"Hey that's not fair!!!" I heard Harry yell in the background 

"Actually Harry it's very fair, you could have killed me." 

"Just cause you're olderrrrr doesn't mean that youuu can take things from meee" 
Harry says in the background, dragging out a lot of his words as usual 

"Yes Harry.. it does" Louis says, with his sass coming out 

"Ok you guys have fun resolving this sword problem, but lou it best be not giving it back to him. Oh and by the way Harry how did you take that picture of yourself?"

"It's an app called timer cam"

I actually laugh at that 
"Hahaha oh god Harry you're our special little hipster"

"Oh shut up"
He says, in an annoyed tone 

"Okay bye guys love you" 

"Yeah you too zaynster" Louis says 

I hang up the phone and check my texts 

*Li Li* 

"Awh zayn you guys are so cute" 
The message says 

I just smile, Liam is literally the cutest ever. 

I walk back to the house with Loki and unlock the door and unhook him and he runs off to Liam's room

I go to my room real quick and change into black skinny jeans, my favourite black boots and my batman shirt and I go back out to the living room 

I sit down on the couch and turn the telly on for a little bit, Loki comes up shortly after and lays next to me and we fall asleep. 

I hear a faint noise of a camera shutter and I realise Liam is photographing me and Loki sleeping on the couch. 
So I decide to mess with Liam 

I count in my head 
I jump up off the couch and I scream so loud and Liam looks terrified. I laugh at him for a little bit but then I go and hug him 

"That's the worst I've ever been scared" he says with a petrified face 

"Ohh Liam haha you know I love you I'm sorry" 

No it's totally ok, that means I get to give you payback" he says smirking 

"Should I be afraid of a boy with puppy eyes threatening revenge on me?"


"Okay" I say, hoping he knows I'm not afraid of him at all. 

"You know you scared Loki?"

"Speaking of which where did he run off to?" 

"Under my bed is where he usually hides when he's afraid.." Liam says

So we both get up on a hunt for Loki

"Loooookiiiiii wherrrre aaaareeee youuuuu???" Liam says dragging out all the letters 

We both look under Liam's bed and he's not there so I head to my room as Liam goes to the kitchen 

I find him in my room under my bed and I get on my knees and reach under the bed and pull him out 

"There you are Loki, your father was worried about you" I say to the dog, he's still terrified 

"I'm sorry I scared you, I was just trying to be funny" 
wow now I'm talking to a dog, what has Liam done to me... 

"I think he said 'I forgive you' hah" 
Liam says, leaning agains the doorframe of my room 

"Oh good thanks" I say, looking at the dog

Then Liam says
"Should we get onto shopping then mate?" 

"Oh yeah of course" 

"Ok bye Loki see you when we get back.. With foooooood!!!" 

"Are you Niall or something... Cause you are starting to sound a lot like Niall with this 'fooooooood' thing" I ask him, cause it really does sound like Niall 

"Nope not I'm not Niall.... Yet..."

"No don't change Into Niall, I like my Liam just the way he is" 

"Ok then" Liam says and smiles

"Wanna take my car?" I ask

"Yeah sure"

So we both head out the door and I do the gesture and he finally asks "why do you do that every time we go?" 

"Ah mate I was afraid you'd never ask. Well they are my family, they are my past. I don't talk much about them but if you'd ever like to know about them let me know cause I trust you love and I'm starting to think I can open up to you" 

"Ok thanks, I know that's hard for you and so it means a lot to me" I nod my head. 

I lock the door and walk down the steps, my black boots making a loud noise each time I hit a step

I grab Liam's hand and he smiles and we walk to my car


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