Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


20. Chapter 20

Liam's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing 
I looked at the screen to see who was calling me

I picked up and said 
"Hey mate what's up" 

"Nothing's up Liam and that's the point" 
Oh gosh not this again 

"Niall are you about to suggest that we do something illegal or get a tattoo again" 

"No no no Liam I was drunk that time, but I was just gonna say there has been no excitement in our friendship lately so why don't you, me, Zayn, Louis, and Harry go and like paint ball or something?" 

"I'll have to ask Zayn and he can ask Harry and Louis" 

"Actually you only have to ask Zayn cause Harry and Louis already agreed on tonight" 

"Oh boy."

"Niall is that ALL that were doing?"

"Yes oh my gosh Liam so are you coming or not?" 

"I'll go ask Zayn."

So I got up and walked into Zayn's room, Loki followed me and Zayn was sleeping on his back with a blanket up to his neck so I climbed up on his bed and I got on him and I put the phone down on the pillow next to him and I kissed his face about seven times and he finally woke up

"This is nice"
Is all he said 

"Yes it is"
 I agreed

"I can hear you guys, will you please just ask Zayn and let me get off the phone Liam?" 

Me and Zayn both laughed 
"Ok so Harry Louis and Niall want to go paint balling tonight and they invited us, apparently Niall thinks there is no adventure in our friendship at the moment so this is his big idea"

"Paint balling... Yeah I'm up for that." 

"AlrightawesomeI'mgoingbye" Niall said quickly and hung up the phone 

Me and Zayn both laughed and then he said 

"So can we pretend I am still sleeping?" And he pulled the covers up to his neck and closed his eyes and he got in the same exact position that he was in when I came in 

"Yes we can" I said and I started kissing him all over his face and he was trying so hard not to smile and act like he was asleep but he couldn't and he just started laughing 

"Li you're so cute" 

"You are too Zayn" 

"Love you"

"Love you more"

"Oh please yes it is, Zayn I love you more then I love Loki. Sorry love" and he looks down to Loki, but Loki doesn't know what he is saying so he just stays laying down on the floor

"Wow I'm only loved more then a dog, I can feel it" Zayn said in a sarcastic tone 

"See Zayn that's the thing is 'a dog' is all I have left. No mum, no dad, no sisters, nothing except Loki, so for me to love you more then the only thing I have is big" 

"I get it Liam. But I do love you so much."

"I know"

Zayn's P.O.V. 

Liam laid there on his side and I laid on mine and it was quiet for awhile but then he made me flip to my other side and he came up close behind me and his chin was in the crook of my neck and he laid there just holding me and it felt so good, I felt good for once. Nothing I ever felt with Luke. 

I guess we fell asleep cause when I woke up Liam was doing the 'kisses all over the face repeatedly' thing, being the cute Liam he was

"Good morning Zayn, well, afternoon. We should be getting up soon because the boys would like to see us tonight"

"But I love this so much and I don't want to get upppp" I dragged out the p, you know, for effect

"I love it too Zayn but we need to go, we can do it again when we get back if you'd like?" 

"Yep that would be nice.. Ok ok I'll get up" so I got up and pulled open my closet. 

"Hey Liam... what does one wear to paint ball?" I asked 

"Uh.. Mainly dark clothing I suppose, cause you are trying to hide or blend in, I don't see that as much of a problem for you"

"Yeah yeah I like dark clothes" I said back to him, and got out a simple pair of black jeans, a black v-neck and black hoodie that I used to use for painting clothes, so they had minor stains from gouache paint and some watercolours and a few acrylic stains. 

He walked into my room and gave me a once over and walked closer to me and said "yeah you're definitely going to win" 

"How bout we team up?" I asked him. 

"But is that like ok with the other guys?" He asked 

"Who says they have to know?" I asked him, with a devilish look on my face

"Ok" is all he said and he walked back to his room

So I went back to getting ready, I got a black beanie out and my pair of old high top nike's that I used to use when I skateboarded, they had a lot of holes and tears so I didn't care if they got paint on them. 

Liam came back to my room and said "it seems like I don't have a black jacket, could I borrow one from you?" He asked me

"Yep I have just the thing"
I went to my closet, I knew exactly what I was looking for 

"Thissss" I said as I pulled out what I was looking for; a black hoodie similar to mine, the only difference is that I painted a huge skeleton on the back

"Wow Zayn did you, did you paint that?" Liam asked, stuttering a bit

"Yeah I did. I did it in high school and I wore it all the time, I don't care for it that much so you can get paint on it I don't care, but it's a little small on my so it'll fit you good."

"I can't take this Zayn, it's a piece of your art! When you are finally discovered and you become the new Picasso someone will buy this hoodie for a ton of money I can't just use it like it's some old thing!!"
He said, quite exaggerated

"Hey, you can wear it, plus if you are worried about it getting paint on it that just means I get to protect you more" I said to him, smiling

"Ok" and he grabs the jacket from me and puts it on fast 

"Haha Liam you're very cute" I said to him 

" I learned it from the expert" he says, pointing to me 


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