Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


17. Chapter 17

*Louis' POV*

I put on my black tie and looked at myself in the mirror. I was looking good. I smiled at myself. This night was going to be perfect. I straitened my black blazer before stepping out of the bathroom. Harry sat on the bed wearing his black tux with a bow-tie. He smiled and stood up as I walked over to him.

"Someone is looking sexy," Harry mumbled as he wrapped his arms around my neck and slowly kissed me. "I like it," he whispered.

"We'll your sexy too," I said as I broke away and went to find my keys. "Come one we need to go pick up the love birds," I said as I picked up my keys and wallet and grabbed Harry's hand.

*One hour later*

We pulled up to the restaurant and we all got out. I handed my keys to the valet and told him not to ding it up. Harry laughed knowing I could care less if the car got a ding. A waitress showed us to our table and we sat down. I sat down next to Harry and Liam and Zayn sat next to each other. I found Harry's hand under the table and grabbed it. I looked over and smiled at him.

We ordered our food and talked a little bit then a live orchestra came out to play. People started going out the the center of the floor to slow dance and I pulled Harry up before he could protest and made him dance. I saw Liam pull Zayn to the dance floor too and they moved over to us. I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and we moved slowly to the song. At the end of the song I decided I was going to go to the bathroom. I walked in and was followed in by Zayn.

"So when are you going to ask him?" he asked as I leaned against the counter.

"Ask what?" I asked sarcastically but Zayn only shook his head. "After dinner," I said as I dug around in my pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. I opened it and let Zayn see the ring. It was a very simple ring. It was just a silver ring but it would do. Zayn smiled and patted my shoulder.

"Well good luck then," he said as he walked out. 

A few minutes later I walked out and headed to our table. Dinner was there and everyone was waiting for me to sit down. I apologized and sat down and started eating. Each bite seemed to be getting harder and harder. I was getting butterflies, I knew what was going to happen at the end of this meal. The butterflies seemed to be trying to escape but had no where to go. I finished my meal and we ordered desert. I let the others eat most of it though. After we had paid and were getting ready to go, Harry stood up. I pulled him down.

"What's wrong Lou?" he asked. I looked at Zayn who gave me a huge smile. I took a deep breath and got down on one knee.

"Harold Edward Styles, I love you with all my heart, will you do me the honor and marry me?" I asked as I pulled out the box and showed him the ring. Harry clasped his hands together and looked down at me. It seemed like forever before he nodded his head.

"Oh BooBear of coarse I'll marry you!" he said. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. "I love you Louis," he whispered as I put the ring on his finger.

"I love you too Hazza."

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