Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


16. Chapter 16

Zayn walked out of my room after we were done talking. 

I can't believe we just kissed. 
I can't believe he likes me.
I can't believe I told him that I like him.

This is all so unreal!!!

I fell back on my bed and I just laid there in amazement and awe. Did all that really just happen? 

I really really like him. 

Zayns P.O.V.

I walk out of Liam's room when we are done talking and I just walk to my room and close the door and lean up agains it and slide down till my back is agains the door and I'm sitting on the floor 

I just sit in pure awe for awhile. 
I like Liam. Liam likes me. 
What's gonna happen now? 
Will we date? 

I'll call louis.

"Hey Lou. Big stuff I gotta talk to you about, do you have time?"

"Always for you mate" he said and I could tell he was smiling. 

"So I walked past Liam's room as I was coming home and he asked me to come in, and he apologised about kissing me and I told him I didn't mind, and he said he liked it and i kissed him again, and now I'm in my room practically having an anxiety attack. He.likes.me. No one I've ever liked has liked me back. Well I mean maybe Luke but. "

"Mate that's great. I'm so happy for you. We should have a double date!!! Me you him and Harry!! And please don't bring up that bitch Luke." 

Luke was my ex. He completely broke my heart, not that it wasn't already broken but anyways getting off that subject,

"Yeah mate that sounds good, ill ask Liam if he'd like that. What time and where?"


I blushed at him saying "boyfriend" I have to ask him tonight if we are actually like "boyfriends." 

I heard Harry yell back "hey yeah so they're dating now? Cool. Yeah um.. Maybe like seven tonight? Like at the um.... How about the uh... Maggianos? That Italian restaurant you know down town that is sort of fancy?" 

Harry and his rambling. 


Louis and his nicknames. 

"I heard all that Lou" 

"Oh good cause I don't remember a thing of what he said" 

"Oh and Zayn, Do you think it's a good time to ask Harry to marry me, like tonight?" 

I was shocked. Like we all knew this was coming I mean they are perfect for each other but it's just surprising... 

So I said
"Mate, the boy loves you to death, he would do anything for you, he's so committed to you, so yeah i say he's worth it. I like him too so yeah he's good. Go for it man" 

"Ok thanks zayn. Love you" 
He said

"I know Lou. I love you too."


I hung up the phone and got up, should I see what I'm gonna wear or should I tell Liam? 

I decided to tell Liam first. So I walked down the hall and walked to Liam's room and the door was slightly open and he was sitting there listening to mercy by Kanye west and petting Loki, I knocked on the door and he said

"come in" 

So I went in and I said 

"Good song"

He smiled and said "yeah I like Kanye" 

"Me too" 

"Cool" and he smiled, still petting Loki 

Oh yeah gotta ask him about dinner...
"So Louis and Harry invited us to dinner, tonight at six, so do you wanna go?" 

"Yeah I don't have anything going on tonight.. I will be working tomorrow so we aren't doing anything where I'll get a massive hangover will we?" And he points to his head 

"No just like a date mate haha." Did I just tell him it was a date. Shit I wasn't suppose to say that.

"Oh ok so if it's a date does that...you know?"

"Only if you want it to" 
Well, he got that question out of the way.

"Yeah, I think i'd like that" 
He finished 

"I think so too" I smiled and say down on his bed and kissed him again. This time a little but slower.

It still felt weird cause I'm not used to this but I loved it. Those stupid little butterflies that you get when you see the person you like, or you kiss someone, that's what was happening inside of me. I wonder if Liam had the same feeling. 

I broke this kiss and I got up and let him know about our double date tonight, what time it was and where it was, and then I walked out back to my room to get ready


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