Butterflies: The Good Kind

Ziam fanfic

Zayn is the talented artist with a past he doesn't like to share. He doens't like to let people get close to him until he meets Liam. Liam is the kind hearted fireman, who might just change Zayn's life forever.


14. Chapter 14

Class was filled today, we got a few exchange students from the United States and Australia. One called Michael from Aussie said he liked my accent, and I liked his too so I exchanged the comment. 

I began class with talking about different types of pastels and techniques that you can use to make the pastels turn out differently.

"With oil pastels you can make the colour lighter if you scratch the first layer of oil off, and you can use the oil to blend two colours together" I told the class, I kept my eye on Michael cause he seemed very smart. 

The school had given me an art grant so I used it on the best supplies, and today we would be using the oil pastels and charcoal. 

Today I wanted the class to do something meaningful, so I told them simple instructions 

"Class, I've provided you with oil pastels and charcoal and today so I want you to draw the first thing that comes to your mind. I know that music helps draw out my artistic abilities in a sense so if you have headphones you are allowed to listen to music" 

Then Michael asked "Mr. Malik, what sort of music do you listen to to draw out your inner artist?" 

Hmm. "That's a very interesting question Michael. I listen to alternative music like 'the script', 'of monsters and men', 'Bastille'  or 'Florence  and the machine', stuff with uncommon instruments and escalating lyrics" 

"Oh cool. I like all those but I never thought of listening to them while I was doing art. Thanks. " 

So everyone grabbed headphones and got the oil pastels out. I turned on dirty paws by of monsters and men and the first thing that came to mind was Liam. I won't draw Liam so the next thing that came to mind was Loki. I grabbed a pencil and began to draw the outline lightly. My art playlist went through a few times and I kept drawing Loki. 

I started to give the photo colour with the medium grade black charcoal and using a cotton swab to blend the black with Loki's stomach and face so it looked more natural. I used the brown pastel on his eyes and the dark green for his collar. I gave the photo a shadow and I finished it by signing it at the bottom. In the photo he sat with his head tilted and a curious look on his face.
 I guess I had good timing cause the bell rang just as I was done. 

Everyone got up out of class and I waved bye to Michael and he smiled and walked away with his headphones still in. I was curious of what he drew but I didn't get to see it. 

I grabbed all my stuff including the picture of Loki and I walked to Louis class.

As I walked in he was grabbing all his stuff and he looked up and saw me 

He joined me at the door and walked down the hall with me towards the parking lot 

"Hey mate, how was class?"
He asked me 

"It was good. I got a few new exchange students, one very interesting one named Michael." 
I answered him

"Haha my class was a bit interesting too. I caught two girls passing notes in class and I read them out loud and you wouldn't guess what it was about." 
He said, sort of blushing 

"Some boy?" 
I asked, that was the typical not exchange 

"It was about me. They said i was the hottest teacher in the school" 

"Hahaha oh my gosh mate that's hilarious!" I said, cause that was pretty funny, Niall and Harry would get a kick out of that. 

"Well I straightened it up real quick"

"How so?" I asked 

"Well" he puffed up his chest and stuck his shoulders out and said in a deep voice 

"I'm flattered miss grace and miss Sara that you think I am attractive but simply, I am currently in a relationship with a boy that happens to be the most attractive thing that can walk and you're much too young, that would be pedophilia"  

"the girls blushed like crazy mate you should have seen it" 

"Yeah that would have been awesome" I said 

As we got to our cars I gave him a hug and said
 "see you later lou" 
And he responded 
"yeah bye zaynster" 

And we both got in our cars and drove out in separate directions 

I drove to the local department store and got a frame for the picture of Loki, I'll hang it up by Liam's room. 

I got home and took the keys out of my car and walked up to my apartment and got my keys out, I opened the door and stood there for a minute to see if I could hear anyone, maybe Liam was still sleeping.

 So I put my stuff down and walked past Liam's door and saw him sitting on the bed and just as I passed the door he said 

"hey Zayn" 


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