Edward Styles' Girl

Hey. Im Edward. Edward Styles to be exact. Don't know me? Well I'm not surprised. I'm the unknown one of of the Styles brothers. Anyway, Jessica is my girl. No matter how annoying he can get. She can't run away without consequences...


1. Characters!!!!!

Edward Styles: Murderer, Punk, Triplet.


William Tomlinson: Punk, Criminal, Quadruplet.


Marcel Styles: Nerd, Shy, Triplet.


Drew Tomlinson: Flower Child, Always Happy, Quadruplet.


Harry Styles: Singer, Cheeky, Triplet.


Louis Tomlinson: Singer, Funny, Quadruplet. 


Niall Horan: Singer, Sweet, Brother.


Jennifer Horan: Goth, Quiet, Stands up for herself.

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