Edward Styles' Girl

Hey. Im Edward. Edward Styles to be exact. Don't know me? Well I'm not surprised. I'm the unknown one of of the Styles brothers. Anyway, Jessica is my girl. No matter how annoying he can get. She can't run away without consequences...


2. Chapter 1

**Jennifer's P.O.V**

School was about the start again! I absolutely hate it. With all the snobby plastics and the jocks, it was completely stupid. I think all the classes are pointless, but that's why I ditch. Anyway, I woke up this morning to my brother, Niall, singing. I wish I could punch his damn face in sometimes. Once I got up, I showered and changed into this:( http://www.polyvore.com/jessica_horan_chapter_movellas/set?id=110762677 ) because I could care less about what I was wearing. I walked downstairs to grab something to eat, but there was nothing so, I left for school. I hopped on the bus to realize it was full. "Fuck" I whispered under my breath. I had to take a seat next to a creepy ass lookin person. He had tattoos and piercings... A lot of them too. Maybe I could get used to him, but I don't know.


We arrived at the school and I got off the bus as quickly as I could. I walked inside to an empty school so, yay for that. I walked up to the forth floor where my locker is. I saw the creepy guy walking towards me. Or at least... I thought he was. "Why are you following me?!" I asked sternly. "My locker is numer 4064. Why did you think I was following you?! I don't even know you!" He sounded just as stern as I did. "Sorry, for not knowing," note the sarcasm. "You know, you're starting to make yourself sound like a bitch, no offense!" He was kinda rude. I know I was too though so, I can't complain. "Who are you anyway? You kinda look like a faggot. No offense," I decided to say that, well, because he does. "The name's Styles, Edward Styles." Now I kinda realized who he was. "More like James Bond!" I responded. "Whatever. Do I get to know your name?" He questioned. "You will soon enough Styles. You will soon enough..." And with that, I closed my locker and walked away, leaving him there with a confused look on his face.

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