Alice in Wonderland-Return to Madness

We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland........but this is the darker chapter of Alice's adventures. Alice has grown up and suffered a major tragedy in her life and has been brought to an asylum. After years of criticism from her family, and constantly being told she was lying about ever falling down a rabbit hole and exploring this wonderful world of nonsense, well.. this tragedy was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back and her precious Wonderland is now shattered and full of demonic creatures. Alice must somehow fix wonderland or it and herself will be lost forever.


4. Chapter 4- The Corridor

"Oooph!" Alice said while rubbing her backside,"well that wasn't much of a graceful landing was it rabbit?" "Not hardly," he said while swatting at the leaves that were falling back down in his face, "I'm just glad to be done free always seems to make me queezy." Alice was quiet for a moment and was plucking a few leaves from her hair. "Now would be a good time as any if you could elaborate on everything that's happened." The rabbit sat there shivering with ears flopped down to the sides of his face. "Well for starters, you remember your friends the Card Guards?" He said sarcastically,"well, they're monstrous looking now! Their faces are nothing but skulls, and instead of using spears they now carry battle axes. The Tweedles have also become grotesque, and on top of that they're cannibals! The Hatter and March Hare are running around madder than ever, and I believe they've even been torturing some of the last few good creatures left and trying to turn them to the dark side like all the others. The Red Queen is still the most rotten of them all. She always has been cruel as you know, but now instead of just simply shouting out her normal 'off with his or her head' she now will make her prisoners wish for a simple beheading." Alice looked horrified as she soaked in every word the rabbit said and shouted,"Oh gosh! What about the Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Duchess, flowers..." "Alice stop!" the rabbit quickly interrupted, "all the friends you once knew have turned. The few I mentioned that are still good are just a few other creatures you never met." She said in a puzzled tone,"Well how did you not turn into something absolutely horrible if the majority did?" "Because I live in the real world with you, and only the days when you're out of the house I'd go to visit Wonderland and come back before you returned to your room. Luckily I was in your world when the fire started and you were traumatized." "Oh my dear dear rabbit this is terrible! How in the world am I suppose to fix all this? I don't even know what I'm suppose to do or where to start." "It's only been rumored, but I've heard that when your incident happened you must have been thinking about Wonderland at some point during all of that, and the happenings of that night and Wonderland clashed resulting in one messed up place." "Well rabbit, I guess we had better get a move on and figure out how to fix things before it gets worse."

Alice and the rabbit started walking down the long checker-floored hallway towards the door at the very end which seemed to keep getting farther and farther away with each step they took. "Do you hear that?" said the rabbit with a trembling voice. "I hear it, but I also see it....the checkered tiles are shaking!" Alice and the rabbit started running towards the door as fast as they could. Each of the tiles they had just ran across were shaking loose and falling out from beneath them. Both of them kept looking over their shoulder to see how close the falling tiles were getting. Alice looked back in front of her and also noticed the tiles five feet in front of the door ahead were also breaking loose and falling down into the black nowhere, which now made a huge gap between them and the door. "Oh my gosh Alice what are we suppose to do now?!" Without time to speak, Alice grabbed her friend's hand tightly and with all her might, she pushed off the last tile and jumped across the huge gap. She barely made it and fell short, but grabbed onto the ledge of the tiles on the other side and hung like an ornament on a christmas tree while still holding onto the rabbit with her other hand. "I don't know how much longer I can hold on!" she said with eyes squeezed tight and sweat pouring down her face from the mixture of fear and all the running they just did. He climbed up Alice's body and was able to get onto the platform she was still hanging from while trying to tug on her to help her up. "I can't pull you up!" he said frantically. "I'll toss you up the satchel and we'll take a chance in eating something. If you choose right and I shrink, then you'll be able to pull me up, but if I grow bigger....let's just hope there's a landing somewhere down there close." Alice said sarcastically. She threw up the satchel to her friend and he started searching through it. "I found a jar of jelly beans! But I'm not sure which to give you...there's red and yellow ones." "Just pick one and we'll deal with whatever happens, just hurry!" Alice said frantically as her hand started slipping. Rabbit picked a red one and tossed it into her mouth. She started feeling all funny, and before she knew it she started shrinking! He reached down and picked his little friend up and hugged her tight. "For once I can hold you now. I'm so happy you're safe."

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