Alice in Wonderland-Return to Madness

We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland........but this is the darker chapter of Alice's adventures. Alice has grown up and suffered a major tragedy in her life and has been brought to an asylum. After years of criticism from her family, and constantly being told she was lying about ever falling down a rabbit hole and exploring this wonderful world of nonsense, well.. this tragedy was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back and her precious Wonderland is now shattered and full of demonic creatures. Alice must somehow fix wonderland or it and herself will be lost forever.


3. Chapter 3- The Rabbit Hole

She closed her eyes, which only seemed like a moment or two when she heard a “psssst” sound behind a few shrubs. She opened her eyes and noticed her beloved rabbit was no longer by her side. Forgetting about the noise she franticly started looking around for it thinking one of those crazy patients took it. Then she heard it again, “Pssssst!” She looked and saw a glimpse of white behind the shrub. “Oh no, this can’t be happening again!” She thought to herself worriedly as she made her way over to the shrubs. There was a small hole like clearing which she figured that is where the person or creature must be hiding. On her hands and knees she started crawling into the shrubs when she felt something or someone shove her from behind. Alice was startled and let out a shriek as she found herself falling down a long black hole……again. “Oh no, this can’t be happening! I can’t go back to that place in my condition!” “Why do you think I shoved you in dearie? You would never have gone in if you had a choice to, knowing that your mind is broken.” She looked around and saw her beloved white rabbit falling right next to her. “Yes, I am the one who pushed you. Wonderland is in terrible danger! It’s full of monstrosities you couldn’t imagine, only things you would see in your nightmares! Alice your mind is the thing that did this, you need to fix your mind and help save Wonderland!” “But rabbit I am in NO condition to fight off evil demonic creatures or whatever it is you are describing to me! I am still trying to figure out how I’m going to escape from that dreadful nut barn.” “Well it’s too late now anyways, you are down here in your very own world and to get out of your nightmare you must fix it." "Oh rabbit I'm in such a mess, if it's not one thing is another." Alice said as she started to cry. "Don't cry, I shall be with you and we'll fix this craziness together." Said the rabbit while giving her a smile and a reassuring squeeze of the paw.

They continued to fall and fall while trying their best to dodge things and keep from getting hit. "Alice, we really should keep our eyes open for things that might be useful to us later." "You're absolutely right, that's a wonderful idea!" As they continued to fall, she spotted a satchel getting ready to pass right beside her. "Got it! Now rabbit, let's fill this satchel up. I'll watch the left side and you watch he right." It was as if Alice and the rabbit were at a grocery store plucking items off the shelf. They grabbed odds and ends,gadgets and gizmos and even some yummy looking cakes as well as other items to eat and drink. Finally they came to the end of their free fall and crashed into a pile of leaves.

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