Alice in Wonderland-Return to Madness

We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland........but this is the darker chapter of Alice's adventures. Alice has grown up and suffered a major tragedy in her life and has been brought to an asylum. After years of criticism from her family, and constantly being told she was lying about ever falling down a rabbit hole and exploring this wonderful world of nonsense, well.. this tragedy was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back and her precious Wonderland is now shattered and full of demonic creatures. Alice must somehow fix wonderland or it and herself will be lost forever.


1. Chapter 1- Inferno

She laid there all snug in her bed and drifted off to sleep holding onto her white stuffed rabbit in the crook of her left elbow. The moon was full, and shone ever so brightly through her window onto the book she was reading which was still opened to the page she last read. On the nightstand beside her, the oil lantern was still glowing dimly with its peaceful flame dancing on the wick of which it was born. Her beloved cat, Dinah, Laid next to her head on her fluffy pillow all curled up in sleep as well. In the room next to hers, her parents slept peacefully as her mother lay wrapped in the arms of her father.

About an hour passed and out her window where the moon had once shown full and bright was now starting to disappear behind a blanket of darkness until it had vanished completely and wore its mask of black velvet. Lightning struck the earth, and with it came the crackling thunder and pouring rain. The loud crash of thunder frightened Dinah and with instinct leaped into the air without knowing what had happened or a planned place to land and he slung his body right into the oil lantern. It crashed on the hardwood floor and oil spilled everywhere and leaked underneath her bedroom door and flowed to the entrance of her parent's room. The once tiny little dancing flame had ignited the stream and caught fire. The fire grew rapidly and multiplied second by second. She awoke to the cries of her parents, "ALICE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" She ran to her bedroom door attempting to get out to help her parents, but the door knob was scalding hot and unable to grasp whilst the flames were growing along her wall towards the door. Her father yelled to her with panic in his voice, "Alice I can't see a thing, save yourself and get out of the and your mother love you with all of our hearts darling, NOW RUN!" A loud crash came from her parent's side of the door and Alice screamed out to her parents for some sign of hope, but deep down she knew they were gone. "DADDY! MUMMY! ANSWER ME!" The tears poured down her cheeks and she grabbed Dinah and her white rabbit, which was a birthday present from her parents two years ago. Alice ran over to the window and raised it up. She started to crawl out of it and got one leg out and placed her foot onto the cold wet roof. She turned her head and looked back at the door which was now fully engulfed along with over half of her room and yelled out, "I LOVE YOU BOTH WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL!" She turned back and brought her other leg out and tried to hurry towards the rain gutter so she could do her best to climb down. The rain continued to pour down and she lost her footing and slipped. She rolled down the side of the roof still clutching onto Dinah and the rabbit whilst the shingles tattered her little night gown and skin with their rough surfaces. She came to the edge, rolled off the roof and crashed onto the wet soggy grass. Alice laid on the ground half unconscious watching her life and home be swallowed up by flames. The rabbit lay close to her in a puddle of muddy water slightly torn from the roof. Dinah had run off into the darkness with fear. The rain kept pouring unforgivingly onto Alice as she slowly drifted off and shut her eyes out of exhaustion.

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