You & I (Matt Lanter AU)

A nice and a sweet girl, full of love, friendship, happiness, and promises, before everything falls apart. She was broken, but everything has changed when he came to her life. He starts to make her smile, she tells him all about her story, and he'll do anything to protect her. But what would happen if he tells her that he loves her? What would happen between them?


1. Prologue


"Stop following me!" I yelled at him.

"I won't stop following you until you tell me what's going on" He keeps following me.

"Is none your business, Matt"

"It is! You are my best friend"

"Even we're best friend, it doesn't mean that I told you everything"

He grabbed my left hand and it makes me turn around and pulling me closer to him. 

"Matt, please let go" I try to let go my hand from his grip.

"Please tell me" He begged.

"Why it is so important to you?"


"Because of what?!" I asked him.

"Because I like you"


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