You & I (Matt Lanter AU)

A nice and a sweet girl, full of love, friendship, happiness, and promises, before everything falls apart. She was broken, but everything has changed when he came to her life. He starts to make her smile, she tells him all about her story, and he'll do anything to protect her. But what would happen if he tells her that he loves her? What would happen between them?


7. Chapter 6

I closed my locker and put my bag on my left shoulder. I walked down the hall, went straight ahead to the cafeteria. I walked inside the cafeteria and I saw Megan on the table and Matt on the other table. I decided to sit with Matt because I felt I want to be with him, and I also didn't want to have any argument with Megan. She glanced at me, confuse, but I declined her movement. I sat down slowly, Matt stopped eating his lunch and looked at me.

"Don't stop eating" I let out a small laugh.

"Well, I won't, but your decision to sit here rather sit with your best friend make me little confuse"

"I'm not in the mood for arguing with her right now" he nodded and he ate his lunch again. "And I want to say thank you" he lift his head with spaghetti sauce all over his mouth. I laughed really hard, I could feel my stomach wants to burst out because of those laughs. I took a napkin and wiped the sauce from his face. Suddenly my eyes moved to his eyes, he stared my eyes with his deep ocean blue eyes, but he decided to break stare and cleared his throat. I let go my hand from his mouth and also cleared my throat.

"Hmm... What did you say?" he asked, like he forgot all the words that I said.

"I said thank you"

"You already said it twice"

"I know, but I think 'thank you' is not good enough to pay you back after what you did to me last night"

"It was nothing" I gave him a weird look, "Seriously it was nothing. I did what I have to do, and I saw you were being harassed by those assholes, so I do what I have to do..."

"Save me?" I cut him.

"Exactly" he winked.

"Hahaha, you do what you have to do, Lanter" I rolled my eyes. "But still I have to pay you back"

"Okay, if you insist. Hmm... Maybe you could buy me an apple juice"

"Seriously? Apple juice?"

"I'm thirsty and I forgot to buy a drink"

"Matt" I hit his arm.

"Ouch!" he screamed. "What was that for?"

"For not being serious"

"I'm serious, Beth. I'm thirsty" he fought back.

I groaned, I stood up and walked to buy an apple juice for him. I thought he wanted something back, but he wanted an apple juice? I had to think about something that make him agreed with me. I reached him with his apple juice.

"Here, your apple juice. Happy?" I little bit annoyed with him.

"Finally, I'm thirsty" he took the apple juice and drank it.

"I was thinking, how about a movie?" I asked. He suddenly choked while he was drinking, he coughed until his eyes were red. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah yeah, I was choking" he said between his cough. He drank the apple juice slowly and let out a big sigh.

"What was that all about?"

"I choked because you said about a movie. Are you asking me out?" He raised his eyebrow.

"No, I'm not. I was thinking I could take you to a movie for paying you back"

"But you did" he pointed out the apple juice.

"I'm not going to pay you back with a drink. I heard there's Captain America in the theatre, maybe I could buy you the ticket and the food"

"What's wrong with a drink?" He still brought out about the drink.

"It's cheap, and what you did last night was not as cheap as the drink. So would you just say yes to a movie, Lanter?" I pushed him to agree with me.

"Fine, Margaret Moore" he smirked.

"Great. Saturday night, meet me at 7"

"Okay, whatever you say" he continued to eat his lunch.


School is over. I walked out of the school by myself. The wind blew my hair from my face and it gave the cold to my face. The weather became colder than before because of the wind blew out from the south.

"Bethany" I heard somebody called from the back of my head. I turned around and saw Megan walked towards me. "Why you didn't sit with me at lunch? You totally saw me staring at you"

"Megan, I don't want to argue with you right now okay" I walked, but she reached me again.

"I'm not done talking to you" she reached my hand and made me turn around, facing her.

"Megan, can you please understand? Everything is not just about you, okay? Some people also have a big problem, so stop being a kid and grow up!" I yelled at her. I know it was rude but sometimes I have to push it, if not she wouldn't understand. She stayed quiet and looked disappointed. "I have to go" I said softly before I left her. I felt I want to blame myself for yelling at Megan, my best friend, but I can't because I know I have to do it.


After a couple days after I had a fight with Megan, today it's Saturday. The day for me to pay back Matt after what he had done for me. It wasn't a date, it was only a pay him back. I snooze my alarm beside my bed and opened my eyes. I could feel the sun sneaked out from the curtain, brighten my face. I went to the bathroom, washed my oily face, and brushed my teeth. I took a shower for a couple minutes then I chose an outfit for me to wear on a day. I chose to wear coca cola tank, high waisted short, and white converse. After I finished dressing up, I went downstairs to find my mom.

"Mom" I shouted, but the house is silent. "Mom" I shouted again, then I heard a banging door from upstairs, hoping it was mom but it's not.

"Mom is going to the women's club today at Mrs. Harris' house, now can you stop shouting? I'm trying to sleep" Jackson yelled from upstairs, he looked half awake because he still rubbed his eyes.

"It's 11am. You should be up by now. What time did you go home from Michael's house?"

"It's none of your business what time did I went home last night. Now you shut up and make your own breakfast" he said rudely before he went back to his room and banged the door.

I was stood there, shocked and I can't say any words. He was being mean and rude to me and he never did that before. I barely see him, he always went to his friend's house and went back really late. I I think he was still angry with me after I yelled at him. He even copied my line "it's none of our business". He must be really angry and furious at me. I took a big sighed and walked to the kitchen. I decided to have a cereal for today. After the conversation, I didn't have any spirit to cook that morning.

After I finished eating my cereal, I went out of the house and just walked around the neighborhood. The sun brightens the street around my neighborhood. I saw Mr and Mrs. Gumler sat outside their house to relax. Then I saw a teenage girl jogged with her dog. Everybody around my neighborhood looked really happy, except me. When I came back to my house, I sat on the stairs outside my house. I think I was having a daydream until someone woke me up.

"Bethany" I heard a guy called me, I only can see his leg. I lift my head and I saw a blue ocean eyes poured into my eyes.

"Matt" I stood up immediately. "What are you doing here?" I fixed my hair because I felt my hair was messy.

He took his earphone out of his ears and smiled sweetly at me, "I saw you were daydreaming on the stairs, so I woke you up because you looked like an idiot" he let out a small laugh.

"Hahaha" I managed only say that. "So what are you doing in my neighborhood?"

"I was just jogging. I usually jog around my block but today I decided to run around your neighborhood too. Do you usually do this every day?"

"Do what?"

"Daydreaming on the stairs in front of your own house. If you do this every day, I bet someone thought you an idiot" he laughed.

I hit his arm really hard until he let out a small scream, indicate that it was hurt, "No, i don't do this every day" I crossed my arm over my chest, indicate I was upset with his comment.

"I was just kidding, If you're upset with me now, you will have those wrinkles on your face and I don't want my movie night will be with a crank old lady" he still teased me.

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes.

"I guess I'll see you tonight" he took a step back before he continued jog again.

I stared at him weirdly but also let out a laugh. I can't believe he was looking forward to this pay him back movie thing, because a couple days ago he wanted me to buy a drink for pay him back. What a weird guy.

"So you have a date huh?" Someone said behind me. I turned around and I saw Megan with her hand crossed over her chest. "So you prefer to hang out with him than with me?"

"Megan, I can explain"

"Don't! All this time we had a big fight, because you prefer to hang out with Matt all the time. So what? Is he your new best friend? Or your new boyfriend?"

"Meg, it's not like what you think..." I tried to explain.

"Just enjoy with your new best friend or boyfriend" she looked disappointed and then she left me alone in front of my house, shocked. I can't believe our friendship was over.

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