You & I (Matt Lanter AU)

A nice and a sweet girl, full of love, friendship, happiness, and promises, before everything falls apart. She was broken, but everything has changed when he came to her life. He starts to make her smile, she tells him all about her story, and he'll do anything to protect her. But what would happen if he tells her that he loves her? What would happen between them?


4. Chapter 3

I looked away, but he still keep staring at me. Finally, his friend called him, and he turned around and went to the team. I was relieved and this is the best time to walk out of here. I walked down the stairs and went out without him noticing me. Megan saw me walk out of the football field, and she called me.

"Bethany Moore" she called me.

If she called my full name, Fuck! she must be furious with me.

"Where have you been? I thought you were in Library like you said!" She crossed her arm on her chest.

"I-I" I can't even talk,my eyes started crying.

"Are you okay?"

"No" I went to her and she hugged me. I buried my face in her shoulder, and she patted my back.

"Shhh... It's gonna be fine" she keeps tapping my back.

I really need a hug that time, and I really don't care if people's watching me. All I care is a hug from my best friend.

Megan brought me to the toilet, and help me wash my face. 

"Beth, you dumped him, but actually he cheated on you, but you broke up with him, because he cheated on..."

"Okay, I get it!" 


"It's just... I don't know" I looked down.

"Is it possible that you're still into him?"

"I don't know. I'm still angry, but I'm hurt if he's with that girl" I cover my face with my hands.

"Look, he's an asshole, okay? And she is just a bitch that just stole your ex-boyfriend. Just think that way. It might help"

"Thanks" I hugged her again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

End of the school, I waited Jackson, my older brother to pick me up. Megan went home already with her "boyfriend". While I wait for my brother, I plug my earphone and listened to a music and played temple run on my iPhone. 

"Beth" suddenly I heard somebody called my name.

I unplugged my earphone and turned around. I was really shocked when I saw who called me.

"Steven" I shocked.

"Umm... Hi" 

"What are you doing here" I snapped

"We just finished the practice" he pointed to his back, showing his team just went out from the school building.


This was awkward, because I've been avoiding him all summer.

"Look about what happen..."

I cut him before he can finish his word, "Can we not talk about it" I walked away from him.

"But we need to talk about it" he stopped me.

"Well, I don't! You cheated on me and you hurt me"

"I'm sorry"

"Yeah, that is the same word that you said when you left me alone at night out of nowhere"

"Everytime people make a mistake, they always say sorry"

"But you said it many times, and you promised you won't hurt or leave me ever again. But guess what?! you broke that promise!"

"I won't do it again, I pro..."

"Stop! You won't say that word again ever!" I walked away again.

"Beth, I'm serious now. I'm serious about us" I stopped

"You always said you promise, but you always broke it, and there's nothing between us again" I walked away again. 

"I just realised that I only need you, not Naomi. She is a slut and she just wants to swallow me. That's all that she ever does. She is not like you, you're more fun and we can talk. You're not trying to kiss me every time you met me. I like you, I always do, not Naomi" I stopped walk when he said that

I turned around "So you just using her to make me jealous?" I crossed my arm on my chest.

"I'm not using her as well. I thought she was for me, but she's not. Do you believe me?"

"How I can believe you after all things that you had done to me, and my heart."

"Okay what should I do now to take you back to me? Tell me what can I do"

I shook my head, "I'm sorry, There's nothing can fix us."

"Just give another chance, I promise I will change and I'm sorry about the past"

"Well sorry, 'Sorry' can't fix anything between us" I walked away from him again, but he grip my hand tightly. "Let go!"

"No, you have to listen to me and give me another chance, Beth!" He tights his grip.

"Let her go!" Matt yelled and pulled my hand from Steven's grip.

"Who the hell is this? Your life saver?" Steven asked.

"Just leave her alone" Matt grabbed my hand and bring me away from Steven.

I think we were pretty far from Steven.

"Thanks" I said.

"No problem. He doesn't deserve you, and all that he can do is hurting you"

I didn't say anything. I'm still pissed with Steven, and I'm really glad that Matt came to save me. I saw my brother car came towards us.

"I should go, my brother is here"

"Umm... Okay"

My brother's car stops in front us. I opened the door, but I stopped before I went inside.

"Thanks again, I couldn't have done it if you weren't there" I gave him a little smile, then I went inside my brother's car and leave Matt alone.

"Who was that?" Jackson asked.

"That is my new friend, Matt. He just came to school today"

He nodded.

Well I think Jack and I is officially a friend, I guess. Because if he wasn't there, I can't get away from Steven the asshole. That's right, I just gave him a nickname, which probably match with him. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We both arrived at house around 6. I went in, and I saw my parents talking in the kitchen. 

"Hey, honey" My mom saw me coming.

"Hi, sweetheart" My dad went towards me and hugged me.


"So, how your first day of school?" My dad asked.

"It's good" I lied.

My parents didn't know anything about Steven, because I didn't tell them. They don't allow me to have a boyfriend until college. Maybe because I was their 'girl' they don't want to lose me too fast.

"That's good" My mom smiled at me.

"I better go to my room"

"Okay, dinner at 7" my dad said.


I went up to my room. I dropped my bag on the floor and jumped to my bed. I still can't stop thinking about what happen at school. I just couldn't believe that I still have feeling for him, even though he hurt me. I just couldn't let this happen. I shouldn't love him anymore. He just an asshole who doesn't know what love is. All he can do is to hurt every girl's heart. Damn it you Steven! I wish I was never met him and falling for him. If I had one wish, I'd never met him at all. 

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