You & I (Matt Lanter AU)

A nice and a sweet girl, full of love, friendship, happiness, and promises, before everything falls apart. She was broken, but everything has changed when he came to her life. He starts to make her smile, she tells him all about her story, and he'll do anything to protect her. But what would happen if he tells her that he loves her? What would happen between them?


3. Chapter 2

The bell is ringing and that's mean it's lunch time. I walked out from Math class and go straight to The Cafeteria. In the middle of the way to The Cafeteria, I met Megan. Gladly, she's not with her pathetic boyfriend.

I really really don't like Zach, and I still can't believe that she is with him. Crazy huh? I know I sound like that I don't support my best friend has a boyfriend, but come on, Zach? She can find a better person than Zach. Many cool guys around this school. I just don't have an idea what she sees in him.

Megan is start walked toward me. "Hey, girl. I saw you were thinking really hard. What are you thinking?"

"You and Zach"

"Jesus, Beth! I thought we're over it!" she crossed her hands in front of her chest.

"I still don't understand why you like him. He's pathetic!"

She raised her eyebrow.

"No offense" 

"Look I like him and you even don't know anything about him, okay? End of the conversation"

"Fine! But if you get hurt, don't come to me, and say that I was right, because I already warn you" I pointing my index finger to her chest.


We both walked to The Cafeteria together. We took our lunch, and looked for a seat. The Cafeteria is packed, but we got a table that still empty. The table is silence, and we were enjoy the lunch, before I broke the silence when I saw Zach and his new friend, walked toward us.

"Your pathetic Prince Charming is coming"

She raises her eyebrow and give me 'really?' look.

"Hey, babe" Zach came and brought his food in his hands.

"Hey, baby" She kisses him and moved so Her pathetic boyfriend can sit beside her.

I looked at Matt. We both smiled at each other, and I moved so he can sit beside me.

"Thanks" he said to me and I just smiled at him without saying any word.

Suddenly, my eyes caught something that's kinda bother me.

"Beth! Bethany!" Megan waved in front of me.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Are you okay? What are you looking at?" She turned around, and she saw Steven making out with Naomi, captain of the cheerleader, and his GIRLFRIEND.

"Oh" she turned back to me. "I'm sorry"

Steven is my ex-boyfriend. We broke up 3 months ago before summer, because I saw him kissing with Naomi in The Football field after the final game, and I'm so angry at him until now, but why I always feel pain if I saw him with that bitch? Fuck!

"No, it's okay" I gave her a little smile.

"Oh god! Would you just get over it!" Zach said.

"It's none your business!" I snapped.

"I'm sorry, but who are you guys talking about?" Matt asked. Well, unfortunately he doesn't know because he's new here.

"We're talking about her ex-boyfriend, which the guy is the one that wear a green T-shirt and making out with a cheerleader" Zach said.

Matt is looking around and he found Steven. "Oh" that's all what he said.

We have a silent moment before Zach broke it.

"Matt, so are you gonna join any sport?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna join basketball"

"Cool. So we're on the same team" Zach gave him a high five.

"You like basketball?" I asked.

"Yeah. I play basketball since I was a little"

"Cool" that's all I said.

We're back to silence. My eyes is still watching at Steven and his friend, but every time he looked at me, I turn around so he won't see me staring at him. Every time he had a moment with Naomi, my heart is like falling into a pieces. I better go before I start crying.

"I better go. I have to go to The Library" I lied.

"Okay see you at biology" Megan waved me.


Matt looked at me, "bye" he smiled at me.


I brought my food and tray and threw the food into the trash, and start walked out from The Cafeteria. I went to the Janitor Closet and start crying.

How stupid I am. I'm the one who broke up with him, I'm the one who have been avoiding him, and why now I'm the one who feel the pain? He cheated on me, and I won't forgive him. He's just a stupid boy who doesn't know people's heart. He even don't care about my feeling, even I'm not with him anymore. 

I try to calm myself and took a couple toilet paper to wipe my tears. I was trying to stop crying, but the tears won't stop. I went to the toilet and washed my face. I don't want anybody to see me crying. 

After I cleaned myself, I went to the football field. It usually calms me down, but not for long. I saw Steven and his friends, also Naomi, went to the football field. He put his bag on the bench, and suddenly he looked at me. My heart was pumping so fast. I don't want him to come up here, and start talking to me, because I'm avoiding him. He keeps staring at me, and I try to look everywhere so he will stop staring at me, but he doesn't stop. What should I do? I don't have any idea how I can get out from this place without him caught me. Somebody, help me please!

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