You & I (Matt Lanter AU)

A nice and a sweet girl, full of love, friendship, happiness, and promises, before everything falls apart. She was broken, but everything has changed when he came to her life. He starts to make her smile, she tells him all about her story, and he'll do anything to protect her. But what would happen if he tells her that he loves her? What would happen between them?


2. Chapter 1

Summer is over and I'm stuck in this fucking school with a bunch of freshman. I looked around and I saw a lot of lost freshman that's looking for their classes, and it reminds me when I was a freshman. Hahaha what a good time. 

"Bethany!" Megan shocked me.

"What the fuck! Why you did that?" I raises my voice.

"Well, I saw you were smiling and I think you were day dreaming to, so I want you to wake up and see the reality"

"I wasn't day dreaming, I was looking at the freshman, and it kind of reminding me when I were a freshman. That's why I'm smiling" I put my book inside my back and closed the locker.

"Beth, that was 3 years ago, now we're senior, baby" she bumped her waist to my waist.

"Hahaha, I know. 1 year left, and bye bye school" we both laughed.

"So how's your summer" she asked me.

"AMAZING! I went beach almost everyday, surfing..."

"Boys" she cuts me.


We both laughed. Megan is my best friend since we were 10. She moved here when she was 10 and her house across mine. That's how we both are best friend.

"Your prince is coming" I bumped my elbow to her elbow.

"Zacky!" She screamed.

"Hey!" He lifted her and start kissing"

I waited for them to finish, but I think they won't stop, so I have to cut them. I clear my throat, but they aren't stop.

"Guys!" I called them, and gladly they stop.

"What?" Megan asked.

"Can you stop kissing? We're gonna be late for class"

He put her down, "C'mon Beth, why you can't let us to be happy?"

"Hmm... I want my best friend to be happy, but I think this is not a right time" I cross my hand, "And I still cannot believe that my best friend is dating you"

"Girlfriend" he said.

"What ever"

"Hey, you should be happy that we're together" he puts his hands on my shoulder.

"Ewww" I put his hands down.

I don't like Zack since the first place, and I still cannot believe that they're together. Zack is a playboy, and I'm scared if he hurt her. I hope not, if he brakes her heart, I kicked his face until collapsed. That's right, I am a black belt of taekwondo. 

"Oh ya, I have a friend. He's a new student here, and I think you both will like him"

"Bite me" I rolled my eyes

"Yay, can we see him now?" She asked.

"There he is" He waved at a young boy with brown hair that goes up. 

He's wearing a plain white t-shirt and the outer is blue, and a jeans. 

"What's up, M!" Zack gave him a high five and a hugged him manly. 

"Whad up, Z"

"Is nice to see you here, and you dressed pretty well" Zack teased him.

"I want to look nice on my first day of new school" He smiled

He looked at me and Megan, "So what do we have here? Is this 2 lovely ladies are your girlfriend?"

"Eww, no" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes" Megan said.

"Oh, Matt this is Megan Brooke, my girlfriend" He pointed his finger to Megan, and they both shook their hand.

"And this is Bethany Moore, Megan's best friend, which pretty much hate me" Matt and I shook hand too.

"I'm Matt, Matt Lanter"

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