Say Something (Ziall AU)

There's this boy at school... His name is Niall. He doesn't speak to anyone, but he follows me like a dog.

I've tried talking to him but he never responds. He either keeps the same expression or he smiles, or frowns... Or looks away from me

My teacher said he's mute but, Niall decided to be mute... I wanted to know why... So I looked deeper into this mutism mystery

My name is Zayn Malik and this is the story of how I got a mute kid to talk to me.


6. Zaura

WARNING: there is sex in this chapter. It isn't very descriptive but if you can handle it I am also putting in an extra warning for when it begins


The next morning I went looking for Laura. She was standing with her cheer team in her uniform... She obviously had practice to some point today.

"Laura!" I called, noticing Niall walk into school

"Hey you!" She beamed, throwing her arms around me

Niall glared at Laura... Time for action

"I don't get it" I smirked "yesterday you seemed to keen on sucking my dick..."

"I uh, I'm sorry"

"Is that offer still up?" I asked "cause I'm totally interested in a blowjob"

"Now?" She asked

"Yeah baby" I laughed, kissing her hard "course"

"One second" Laura smiled

She spoke to her friends and came back to ne.

"Let's go then big boy" she purred

"You're such a sexy little thing" I growled, running my hands up her top.

I noticed several people stare as I lifted her shirt up further

"You can see these in the loo" she smirked, pulling out my hands

Okay... This wasn't a good idea. I was using the girl I liked to piss off someone I didn't like by treating her as my whore.

"Why so quiet?" Laura asked

"I'm thinking about what more I could do to you" I moaned into her ear, pushing her against some random lockers

I saw fire light in Niall's eyes... Man he was angry.

I then kissed Laura, running my hands up the back of her skirt and cupping her backside.

I found her panties and started pulling them to the side... They were lacy.

"Zayn" Laura gasped

I gave her the sexiest laugh I could, dropping her back to her feet and holding her hand

"Maybe... I could get a little more from you?"

"Maybe" she smirked, her fingers tracing a heart tattoo on my hip "it depends on your sizing"

Wow... Wasn't she just a slut?

*Cough, Cough. SEX STARTING. Cough*

I lead her to the toilets and Niall followed, standing outside the bathroom. I never got to take control... Laura had the power

In the next few seconds I was moaning and groaning, her lips popping round my crown. I'd never been given a blow-job before... But I fucking loved it.

Laura then took slid down her purple lace panties, lifting her skirt up and winking at me. I gulped... I was actually going to have sex with her

"You look scared" Laura taunted

"Me? Scared?" I scoffed "as if"

"I love it when you act all tough" Laura whispered

"Ride me" I kissed under her jaw "Ride me good"

Laura giggled, lowering herself down so that my cock went inside her.

"Fuck... Forgot the condom" I realised

"Screw the condom" Laura put her hands onto my shoulders "it's only once"

She rocked back and forth over my lap... She was loose as hell. How did I not know that she was this big of a skank? Oh that's right. She's never had a boyfriend so I just assumed she was innocent.. How wrong was I?

I moaned, pressing my thumbs into waist. She lifted off her cheer shirt, leaving her in her skirt and lacy bra that matched her removed panties.

I felt my hormones go wild at the sight of her breasts... I gulped when I saw the bra clip between the valley of her breasts but then smirked, opening my gateway to boob heaven.

Her breasts popped out and I began to flush red... Her tits were so nice. I had read somewhere chicks like it when you suck them during sex -by accident of course- so maybe I should try that?

I lowered my head, taking one of her pointed nipples into my mouth. I pursed my lips round it, sucking gently

"Ugh, Zaynie" she squealed in pleasure

"So soft" I moaned softly

I got to the point where I climaxed, having an orgasm right inside of Laura... Today was the first time I'd ever had unprotected sex. I'd only had sex once before but this was sensational

"Finger me" Laura pleaded

No fucking way. It was like every dream I'd ever had was coming true.

I lowered my finger between her legs, rotating two fingers over her clitoris

"Oh! Zayn!" She cried out "oh yes!"

She was seriously wet... It was a little disgusting to be honest.

When I finished with Laura I felt sick. She'd soaked my entire hand with her fucking vagina juices.


I left the bathroom fixing my hair and wiping all the sweat from my face. I stopped when I saw Harry standing outside the door

His eyes were black, his nostrils flared and his fists clenched. I whimpered when he held onto my shirt

"What the fuck did you do to my Niall?" He hissed


"Tell me before I rip your dick off a shove up your ass!" He screamed

"I-I" I stuttered "I-I haven't sp-spoken to h-him one-once"

Harry then dropped me onto the floor, grabbing my hair and pulling me with him as I cried out for mercy.

Harry violently pushed me into Niall the blonde boy looked up... Bloodshot eyes making contact with mine

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