Say Something (Ziall AU)

There's this boy at school... His name is Niall. He doesn't speak to anyone, but he follows me like a dog.

I've tried talking to him but he never responds. He either keeps the same expression or he smiles, or frowns... Or looks away from me

My teacher said he's mute but, Niall decided to be mute... I wanted to know why... So I looked deeper into this mutism mystery

My name is Zayn Malik and this is the story of how I got a mute kid to talk to me.


3. Trials

"You're okay now?" I asked, rubbing Niall's back

Niall nodded, offering me a small smile

"Come here" I said quietly, pulling him close to my body.

I didn't want Niall hugging me but I'd upset him... I could let him hug me for a little bit. I mean, he liked it.

Niall cuddled against me, holding my shirt tight and resting his head against me.

"You're fine now..." I mumbled, hesitating to touch his hair

When I finally touched it after a lot of flinching, I was surprised to find it soft and silky.

Niall's eyes shut lightly, a quiet and heavy breath coming from his parted lips... Was that supposed to be a moan?

"You like Harry too" I muttered, taking away my hand just incase that was a moan

Niall shook his head, lying back down on my shoulder.

"You comfy?"

Niall shook his head again, a small smile reaching his lips

"You can just get comfy" I struggled to say "just do whatever"

Niall smiled properly this time, moving his head to my lap and lying down on the carpet. He lay flat, looking up at me with vibrant eyes.


He nodded, yawning and shutting his eyes. Niall rolled toward me, curling his legs in. I felt heat on my lap... Shit.

I felt blood travel to my dick... Oh no.

I wriggled but Niall kept resting in my lap, his breath fanning me.

"Oh god..." I moaned softly as his lips touched my hard on

Niall scrunched up his face and I gulped... Please stop moving.

I covered myself with my hands the moment I heard girls voices... The cheerleaders.

They came into the gym, staring at me who had Niall in my lap

"What are you guys doing?"

"He's sleeping" I answered "he got upset so..."

"Okay well he has to trial now" Kelsey said "unless... You want to go first?"

I nodded, waking Niall up. He seemed tired but the moment a few girls cooed he smiled big, obviously appreciating the affection

"Be careful girls" Kelsey laughed

Laura was even cooing over Niall... He was adorable, I could never deny that. No matter how scared of homosexuals I was.

"Okay so just show me a handstand, a few flips and whatever else you can do.

I nodded... I couldn't do much.

I went to the mats again and started with a cartwheel, then two flips, and then finished with a handstand, tightening my butt like Niall had so that it was perfect

"Okay so show me a T"

I put my arms out on either side of my body, getting a nod of approval

"Toe touch" she said


"Jump and touch your toes"

"Uh... Okay"

"Legs split in the air"

"Maybe I should just finish" I said sheepishly "because I know for a fact I'm not capable of that"

"Alright" Kelsey sighed "Niall you're up"

Laura pressed her lips to Niall's cheek, making him wriggle away. Good, at least he knew not to bother pissing me off

Niall got up, beaming and hugging me before running to the mat

"Hi" I say beside Laura

"Hi Zayn" Laura smiled "you know you're good for a boy... Better than most boys actually"

"Thanks but I'm not that great"

"Yes you are"

"Niall's better" I smiled at her "trust me"

Laura looked at Niall and she reached for my hand, winding her fingers with mine. I felt my heart beat became louder, my cheeks turned rosy and I began to get nervous... She was holding my hand!

I was getting too excited about this... She was not holding my hand.

"Let's see it" Kelsey said in a bored tone... I'd obviously lowered her expectations

Then Niall started the peformance, amazing everyone in the gym... Including Kelsey and myself. Want to know what Niall finished with? A triple front flip!

"Oh my god" Kelsey's whisper echoed

Niall began blushing like mad, making the girls coo again

"Isn't he adorable?" Laura whispered

"He is" I agreed

"I'm so happy for you two"


"Niall" she said "he's your boyfriend right?"

"No" I said, cringing a little

"But I though he-"

"I'm not gay" I smiled "I'm straight"

"I'm so sorry!" She said quickly, taking her hand from mine

Aw... I lost her hand

"It's fine" I lied "I only met Niall this morning... Officially"

"So Niall isn't gay?"

I looked at Niall... Was it my place to say that he was homo?

"I don't actually know" I lied

"He seems a little like it" Laura whispered

A little? More like a lot

"I don't mind either way" I lied again "and it wouldn't bother me-"

"That's not what Harry says" Laura frowned "he says you're a homophobe"

"I am but... Niall's different" I frowned "somehow... He just is"


"But I swear to god I like girls" I smiled, making the move to take her hand back "and there's one in particular... That I like an awful lot"

Laura blushed, making my confidence boost... You go Malik! Show her who's the man!

"Who's the girl?" Laura asked quietly

"Well... She's in the same area as me" I smiled "she's bloody pretty"

"Not Kelsey then"

"Not Kelsey" I repeated myself

"Please be me" I thought I heard her say

"As a matter of a fact Laura... I'm holding that girl's hand right now" I held up our hands

"Y-you like... Me?" She asked looking so surprised


"Wow... I" she struggled to speak "people don't usually like me"

"I don't see why" I answered "if you ask me your the prettiest girl I've ever seen"

"Aw, Zayn!"

I paled when I realised what I'd just said... Crap. Wasn't supposed to tell her that so soon

"Sorry I uhm..." then I started to go red

"Here's a little secret" Laura smiled


"I like you too"


"Cool" I nodded

"I feel like I need to compliment you back" Laura mumbled

"Nah you don't-"

"I always had a little thing for your stubble" she twirled a small lock of her mousy brown hair "it's sexy"

I bit my lip, looking down at my feet

"Really?" I asked


Only when I noticed a pair of green puma high tops did I look up and find Niall... Not looking too happy

"Niall" I smiled

"That was so good!" Laura exclaimed, standing up to hug Niall

Niall glared at her, pushing her away. Laura looked at me and I just shrugged

I decided it was best not to make Niall cry again so I just left with him... Having to completely ignore the girl of my dreams that thought my stubble was sexy.

"Come on Nialler" I said, pulling him away from Laura "let's go to the courts"

Niall seemed pleased with the nickname because he smiled. He tried to hold my hand but I put both my hands in y pockets to avoid that... I knew it had hurt Niall's feelings

I hated that every time I hurt Niall's feeling I knew he'd go running to Harry. I don't even think Harry cares... Harry probably wants to use Niall because he can't speak.

I sighed after a few minutes of Niall pouting and put an arm around him

"Come here" I smiled, putting my arm round his shoulders

Niall seemed thrilled... Like he always did when I acted comfortable around him.

Niall tried putting an arm around my waist but I did not want that to happen... Ever

"No man" I gave his arm back "what you see is what you get"

Niall looked down embarrassed... His blush was sorta cute too.

"Maybe next time" I offered "but not now, you know what I am"

Niall then gave me my arm back and made a metre gap between us

"Hey... What's wrong?" I asked

Niall only moved back another meter

"Ni, I don't care if I'm touching you" I tried "I'm not scared of you... I don't hate you"

"Bitch" Niall lipped, a blood curdling look in his eyes

"Niall just listen!" I pushed him against the lockers

Niall narrowed his eyes at me... Was he bi-polar now too?

"Having my arm round you honestly doesn't bother me" I lied

Niall folded his arms... Maybe he knew I was lying?

"I just... You touching me is different" I sighed "because I don't have control of where your hands go and I can't just let you grab hold of me whenever you want-"

Out of nowhere, Niall pulled me down, crushing my lips onto his. I pulled back in a second, disgusted by the kiss

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I shouted "you can't just kiss me!"

Niall began to go a deep red, tears falling from his eyes as he blushed

"What the hell goes through your head?!" I shouted at him

Niall looked up at me with a hurt expression. I shuddered and began to freak out

"I have to disinfect my mouth" I gagged

I covered my mouth, feeling a burn in my throat.

"Oh god" I lurched forward

I grabbed hold of Niall's wrist and dragged him to the toilets with me.. I was not done shouting at him.

When I got to the toilets I ran to the first one I could find. I held the edges and threw up into the bowl.

I knew Niall would either be incredibly offended or heart broken. I also knew both of them would get him to take a runner to Harry... Because Harry treated him better, but Harry had to be joking.

I threw up again and I was then pushed. The last glimpse I ha of Niall was him leaving the bathroom... Fantastic.

In two lessons and recess I've upset Niall at least four times and twice he's gone to Harry.

I waited till I'd stopped vomiting before I went to find Niall again... Why did I keep trying to find him?

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