Say Something (Ziall AU)

There's this boy at school... His name is Niall. He doesn't speak to anyone, but he follows me like a dog.

I've tried talking to him but he never responds. He either keeps the same expression or he smiles, or frowns... Or looks away from me

My teacher said he's mute but, Niall decided to be mute... I wanted to know why... So I looked deeper into this mutism mystery

My name is Zayn Malik and this is the story of how I got a mute kid to talk to me.


8. Testing


Niall opened the door and his happiness turned into something so much sadder... So much hurt, and pain... So much worry.

"Help me" I pleaded


Niall walked closer to me, crouching down in front of me with a now unreadable expression... He'd just pulled a poker face on me.

I whimpered, flinching as he touched my arm. Niall frowned but then I did something not even I thought I'd ever do... I hugged Niall for comfort

His arms wrapped tightly around me as I cried loudly, full on sobbing into his small body.

Niall lay my head against his chest, rubbing my back to sooth me as I continued to cry over the painting... Over the nasty images that had played in my head during class... Everyone seeing my homo painting... Everybody laughing... People questionin my sexuality... Me questioning my own sexuality.

I had to know, was I gay? It seemed impossible but after this period I can't deny that in a way, I liked the way my mind twisted my memories into something that didn't happen.

I snivelled, looking up into Niall's ice blue eyes... They were so beautiful.

Niall gulped, making my heart thrum in my chest.

"Niall... I need to know" I whispered "d-do you like me?"

Niall nodded, his icy eyes still looking curiously as well as worriedly at me

"More than a friend?"

He nodded again... This gave me confidence

"I... Come here" I put both my hands on his face

Niall frowned when I held his cheeks... I offered him a scared smile

"Just don't- don't move" I mumbled moving my face toward his

Niall's eyes widened as I got closer and I began to purse my lips, waiting for them to touch Niall's.

When they did my senses just went haywire. My sense of smell was overwhelmed by pine... Niall smelt like pine? That was weird.

What I was tasting though... Fuck that was good. It was almost like strawberry and it made my hormones go bezerk.

I kissed Niall harder, opening my mouth before closing it again over one of Niall's lips. Niall put his hands in my hair, kissing me back as I deepened the kiss... I liked this, I definitely liked kissing Niall.

I licked across Niall's bottom lip, begging him for an entrance. His lips parted and I took a huge breath, pushing my tongue into his mouth.. Holy shit, the inside of his mouth tasted even better

I moaned a second time, my tongue tangling with his... I didn't have this under control, my head was messing with me and so were my hormones.

I loved Luara... I knew that I did, at least I think I know that I do...

But I also loved Niall's taste, his smell... His soft lips and his tiny mouth. His tiny mouth just put horrid images back into my head.

Niall made the next move, kneeling instead of sitting and then standing, pressing me to the bathroom wall.

I put my hands in Niall blonde hair, pulling him closer to me. Niall never slowed the kiss. If anything, he was turning up the heat.

He kissed me harder and faster... Making me want him more. Now I was overwhelmed by my own lust, pushing Niall's hips to mine.

I began rushing my fingers to my jeans, trembling as I pulled down my fly zipper.

Niall pulled my hands away, undoing my jeans button and starting to pull down my jeans.

"Touch me" I begged "Niall... I need you to feel me... I need to feel you"

Of course Niall didn't give me any form of confirmation but he did as I asked, kneading and my dick through my boxers

"Harder" I gasped "harder please"

Niall's hand was between my legs, cupping me entirely as he kept on kneading me with his palm back and forth.

His hands... They were so much bigger than I though they were. They made me feel so good, so loved... So... So gay.

I finally came back to earth, squealing as I flinched out of the intimate moment. Niall looked at me confused and my head started to hurt

"Oh god... I'm so sorry" I covered my bruised lips "I am so sorry Niall... I didn't- I wasn't supposed to kiss you like that"

Niall smiled brightly, his cheeks turning pinker than usual.

"I... I shouldn't have lead you on like that" I began to go a deep red as it crawled up my neck and to my face "or let you do any of that... I have to go"

Niall grabbed me and kissed me a second time... This time I didn't even flinch, I wasn't worried either... I couldn't be gay.

I know I kissed Niall to test my sexuality but now I'm choosing to believe I'm not gay, no matter how much I want Niall.

I pulled Niall to my body, my tongue tying with his a second time. I didn't let Niall touch me... I touched myself instead

Niall swallowed every one of the moans that fell from my lips and soon I was unable to touch myself without a huge pleasurable sensation hit my crotch.

"Baby..." I heaved, pushing Niall against the wall

I grabbed my entire dick, putting my hands down my boxers instead. I grabbed myself pushing my hand back and forth, up and down as I kissed Niall more and more.

I squeaked in pleasure, my eyes clenching as Niall tugged hair at the back of my head.

I took my hands out my pants, leaving my jeans unzipped and down a little. My pubic hair sat just over the waistband of my boxers... I didn't care.

My hands went up Niall's shirt, my fingers brushing his nipples.

They hardened under my touch and he wriggled. I pinched one between two of my fingers, making a small sound of pleasured pain come from his mouth.

I wanted him to say my name more than anything in the world... I wanted him to moan for me... To scream for me to fuck him... So I could fuck him senseless

I definitely felt something for Niall... Something I feared three days ago.

"I want you so bad" I groaned

Niall pulled back from the kiss, looking confused as ever

"Let me fuck you... Please" I begged, kissing him harder again

Niall shook his head, his hands doing something weird... I had to learn sign language, so bad it wasn't even funny.

The bathroom door began to open and I dragged myself from Niall, frantically zipping up my pants and staring intently at Niall... Did he want me as much as I wanted him?

Did he feel nearly as much lust as me? Were his hormones going insane too?

Niall smiled, I smiled back

"That was... Wow" I let out a soft breath "I-I don't know what to say"

Niall kissed my cheek, walking out of the bathroom. I walked out a little after him and the last thing I expected to hear and see was the laughter of the school students.

My phone buzzed, a video popping up of Niall and I in a lip lock

It's out, everyone had already seen...

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