Say Something (Ziall AU)

There's this boy at school... His name is Niall. He doesn't speak to anyone, but he follows me like a dog.

I've tried talking to him but he never responds. He either keeps the same expression or he smiles, or frowns... Or looks away from me

My teacher said he's mute but, Niall decided to be mute... I wanted to know why... So I looked deeper into this mutism mystery

My name is Zayn Malik and this is the story of how I got a mute kid to talk to me.


1. Prologue

He was following me... He always did. The blonde boy with whispy hair was following me round school.

One entire week now he's been doing this... I don't know why he's doing it but I'm about to blow my top at this boy

I stopped in my tracks, turning around and folding my arms at the new kid

"What's up with you?" I asked "why are you still following me?"

He gave me a warm smile

"Seriously man... I don't know your name"

He started to use sign language... I couldn't understand that

"Aye?" I asked

He began writing on his hand and he showed me his palm that had the name 'Niall Horan"

"Niall.." I sighed... I had to tell him he couldn't follow me "I... You can't-"

Suddenly his arms wrapped around me, his head burying into my chet. My eyes widened in shock, myself easing as I realised it was just a hug.

I put both my arms around Niall in return, finding it weird that I was hugging a stranger... But Niall was a cute stranger, there was a difference.

"I uh... You can't keep following me Niall" I mumbled

Niall snuggled further into my chest as though he were a girl. Niall slipped his arms around my waist this time, inside my jumper. His face pressed to my thin shirt and I felt a smile through the material... What was he doing?"

I loosened my grip but Niall only held on tighter, rubbing his ace against my chest.

I noticed people were starting to stare. I went red as a beet. Niall didn't seem to care though... If anything, he seemed more than happy to cuddle me.

"Mate, get off now" I tried prying him from my body

Only when the school bully, Harry, came walking my way did I get him off

"Let go!" I gently pushed Niall off me

"Aw" I heard sarcastic sympathy come from Harry's mouth "did the gay boy get rejected?"

Gay? Niall was gay?... That's why he wanted to hug me so bad! Oh shit, Harry is gunna make him cry

Niall's eyes widened in terror and I gulped knowing that if I helped out Niall, I too would be accused of homosexuality.

I have to admit it... I'm a homphobe. I feel terrified over a gay touching me. No way in hell was I going to defend him

Wait. He was mute, he couldn't say anything to make Harry angry

"Little faggot" Harry sneered "why are you put in the halls?"

Niall began backing away. He reached for me but I pulled myself away... He wasn't going to touch me twice.

"Oh I see..." Harry then smirked at me "you like the homophobe"

Niall looked at me pleadingly and I shook my head... If I wanted to be left alone then I had to stay out of Harry's business

Niall's back hit lockers and Harry came up in his face. Niall's chest rose and fell heavily, his breaths almost a heave

"Baby.. Baby" Harry tutted "you like me this close... Don't you?"

No. Fuck no. I was not going to watch Harry lead on some gay kid... That was sick!

Harry only got closer, leaning down to Niall. The moment Harry's lips touched Niall's, I scrunched my eyes shut

"Such sweet lips" Harry moaned

I bet that gay blonde was enjoying Harry's kiss. I could never bully him but I could hate him as much as I wanted.

"Zayn, you're a pussy" Harry spoke

I opened my eyes and saw Niall sitting on the floor curled with his knees to his chest. Years were flowing down his cheeks and he looked up at Harry with a heartbreaking expression

"Bye faggot" Harry sneered, walking away

Niall looked to me for help and I couldn't help but debate over wether I should help him. His bottom lip stuck out... That made my decision harder

I found the strength to walk away... Teachers rushing to Niall instead. I turned my back to the crying mute boy... Getting as far away from him as possible.

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