Say Something (Ziall AU)

There's this boy at school... His name is Niall. He doesn't speak to anyone, but he follows me like a dog.

I've tried talking to him but he never responds. He either keeps the same expression or he smiles, or frowns... Or looks away from me

My teacher said he's mute but, Niall decided to be mute... I wanted to know why... So I looked deeper into this mutism mystery

My name is Zayn Malik and this is the story of how I got a mute kid to talk to me.


2. Gym

I got to gym class late... Really, really late.

I'd been terrorised by Harry over being scared of gays... How fair was that? I stay out of it so I don't get picked on and then I'm picked on anyway.

I changed into Raiders rugby shorts and a dark grey shirt. I then grabbed my bag and headed into the gym.

"Zayn there you are!" The teacher exclaimed

"What are we doing miss?" I asked

"Gymnastics and dance"

"Oh... Okay" I said a little disappointed

"I'm glad your here" she smiled "because we're doing this in partners"

Niall. He was the only person without a partner... Harry had told everyone he was homo.

"You want me to pair..." I gulped "w-with Niall?"

"Yes" she nodded "Niall sweetie come over here!"

So he wasn't deaf...

"Hun, this is Zayn" she gestured to me "he'll be your dance and gymnastics partner"

"I uh... We've met" I mumbled

"Oh I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed "did something happen between you both?"

"No miss I just... Never mind" I sighed

"Alright well Niall is mute" she explained, running her hand through Niall's blonde hair

Niall's eyes were like blue glitter... He seemed so, happy.

"Okay" I nodded

The teacher walked away and I offered Niall a wave. He just wrapped his arms around me again, this time there was no smile

I flinched, forcing a smile when the teacher looked over at Niall and I.

I pulled him off me "let's start with dancing" I said harshly

Niall tagged along. I expected this to be basic salsa but when I was given a Spanish dance teacher I knew I was screwed.

Niall and I had to hold hands... This was awful. I hated dancing and I hated boys who liked boys... What a coincidence...

Niall stumbled a lot and when he stepped on his own foot I couldn't help but laugh at the small mistake

Niall beamed at me when I laughed a second time over him tripping over himself again and I hated that I found this gay kids clumsiness funny.

"Here... I'll show you" I smiled lightly, explaining to him the footwork "one, two, three, four..."

Niall copied my actions, watching my feet carefully and imitating my feet movements.

In five minutes he'd aced it and we were walking on step two... Chest to chest.

I gave in and dropped Niall's grip, moving to gymnastics. Niall followed after me, looked a little upset I'd left over chest to chest dancing with him

"Well little dude" I asked "what can you do?"

Several stations were set up. Balance, upper body strength, workout, cartwheels and flips, handstands and proper gymnastics.

Niall didn't answer so I headed for the workout. I soon found out that we all had to do push-ups and sit-ups... I was awesome at these.

I started with sit-ups, expecting Niall to be doing them too. When I took a look I saw how badly he needed help

"We can do push-ups then" I mumbled, getting myself into the correct position

As I started I felt Niall's gaze on my body. I looked toward him, watching his one blue eyes scan me in all the right areas.

"Okay that's enough" I stopped "gymnastics?"

Niall beamed... He must like that or something.

"I'm telling you now... I'm best in class at cartwheels" I said proudly "so watch carefully okay?"

Niall nodded and sat down. I started with a run up, placing my arms out in front of me and flipping my feet in the air anticlockwise

"Now you try" I smiled

Niall got up and started further back than me. He sprinted gracefully to the safety mat, gliding as he cartwheeled and landing with perfectly straightened legs.

My mouth fell open as did other students mouth

"Alright then smart ass" I glared "let's see you do a flip"

He pursed his lips... Basically asking how many

"Many as you can do" I smirked, folding my arms

He pouted, pointing me and I groaned... Seems I'm going first.

I crouched a little, jumping up and flicking my legs round once. Stopping, repeating, stopping and repeating again so I'd done three

Niall moved away from the mat and started doing a runner... I said flips.

His hands hit the mat and he flipped over once, then twice, a third and a fourth time. He did a cartwheel, another front flip, a double and then landed a back flip... So that's why he was so keen on gymnastics

"That was okay" I shrugged, trying my hardest not to get his hoped up

Niall's smile faltered and it immediately made me change my mind

"I'm joking" I told the truth "that was awesome... You are gay aren't you?"

Niall nodded, his smile returning

"I'm not... But maybe I'm wrong about you" I said "want to try handstands?"

Niall shook his head

"Why not?" I teased "can't do them or something?"

Niall grabbed my shirt, pulling me to the handstands

"Come on then, let's see blondie"

Niall's feet were in midair in a second, his entire body pointing upward and directly straight. I couldn't help it... My eyes travelled to his arse.

It was tight. It was really fucking tight... I had to talks note of that

"Wow... A basic handstand" I rolled my eyes

I saw Niall start to shake as he moved out his right arm. I almost had a heart attack but when he put his right hand on his back I was in awe... No way in hell could he do a one hand.

He then came down... This was unrealistic, he was better than some of our cheer squad!

Niall smiled, placing his hands on his hips as he stood in front of me

"You're really gay" I laughed "you know that?"

Niall nodded and kept smiling

"Maybe keep those moves a secret buddy" I advised him "Harry would only take care of your flexibility"

"Niall!" Kelsey, the head cheerleader of the school came running toward us

Quicker than I could process what was going on, Niall attached himself to my side, hiding himself from Kelsey

"Niall... Let go" I pushed him gently

He shook his head, burying himself into my body again. My body began to burn... It wasn't a good burn either, it was a painful burn.

I flinched away from Niall, my skin instantly cooling... I had to stop letting Niall touch me because it was scaring the shit out of me

"Would you like a spot on the cheer team?" Kelsey asked

Niall immediately lit up, nodding really fast

"Okay I need your last name"

Niall used sign language and Kelsey smiled

"Oh I see... You're deaf"

Niall shook his head, making some more signs

"Mute... Oh..." She frowned

"What?" I asked "what's wrong?"

"Cheer requires yelling" Kelsey put the end of the pencil in her mouth "and if Niall can't speak... That'll be a big problem"

"Can't he lip the cheer or something?" I asked

"He could but he has to be careful because he can't speak... Anyone will say anything to him" Kelsey frowned "and our national competitions are rough..."

Niall kept using hand gestures I couldn't understand... Was I the only one who couldn't understand them? Other than Harry... He probably couldn't understand either.

"Okay then... Zayn, would you like a position too?" She asked


"On the squad, you're good too and now with Niall you can be better"

"I'm not gay"

"I never said that you were" Kelsey smiled "and just remember... Laura is on the team"

"Fine" I gave in "but only so I'm with Laura"

"I heard she likes you" Kelsey smirked "won't she be thrilled to see you in a cheer uniform?"

I groaned... Laura was my biggest crush ever. I loved the girl actually. If she were a celebrity I'd call her my wife.

Niall had been looking at me intensely throughout the Laura conversations and I knew he was confused

"Well... See you boys at break" Kelsey smiled "maybe you should warm up"

I nodded and as Kelsey walked away I couldn't help but check her out... Kelsey was really hot.... Like really, really hot. She had a huge tits.

"Laura is the girl I like" I explained "she's pretty... You'd like her"

Niall walked away from me and I wondered why... So I went after him.

I found him at the safety mats, doing flips. There was one problem though... He wasn't landing them.

He was trying to do triples but he landed on his arse or back or even slipped instead of landing.

It was obvious he was getting frustrated and I wondered what it was like not being able to scream out your anger.

After the fifth failed attempt he stood up, pushing a ball rack over and kicking it hard. I shut the door and walked in quietly.

He put his face in his hands and then he went into an absolute rage, throwing and kicking things.

He began to cry silently, tears running down his cheeks like water flowing in a creek. He picked up the basketball rack and held it above him, obviously wanting I break it

"These cost two hundred dollars" the teacher's words from the start of the year popped into my head "even a dent in this and the person responsible is to buy a new one"

I ran to Niall "no, don't!"

He started being his arms down. I grabbed hold of Niall to restrict him an he dropped the rack onto the floor without any force but gravity's.

He began to tremble in my arms and he covered his eyes with his hands. He turned around in my grip, crying harder not with sound but with heavy breaths

"Hey it's okay" I whispered "it's just a flip... You don't need to get so upset"

Niall pulled away from me, going red with anger... I didn't know why

Niall stomped his foot, his breathing becoming heavier and quicker. He then swung his hand at me, striking my cheek

"You slapped me?" I asked confused

Niall was still red, looking ready to slap me again

Why hadn't he punched me?

"Fuck you" he lipped "fuck you and your dirty eyes"

He then stormed out the gym, leaving me in shock... What the hell did I do?

I ran after Niall and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him crying to Harry... Oh no.

Harry's eyes flickered to me... He didn't look happy

"You thought you could just bully a mute boy?!" Harry shouted at me

I paled. This was not good

Harry stomped to me, picking me up under my arms. Oh god... Now I was up high. All I needed was the dark and an ocean before I had a literal heart attack.

"I didn't-" I shut my eyes tight "I didn't bully him"

"Then why is he crying?" Harry hissed

"I don't know" I whimpered "I swear I don't know"

Harry dropped me onto the ground, crouching in front of Niall and whispering something to him... Since when did Harry even care?

Niall held Harry's hand, standing up and hugging Harry tight.

Harry put an arm around me and I began to get angry

"What so because I have dirty eyes your going to run to Harry?!" I shouted

Niall looked up at me in awe

"Shut up" Harry spat

"I thought you like me... Not him!" I pointed at Harry

"You're scared of him" Harry snarled

"He's fine!" I yelled "there is nothing wrong with Niall, he's an exception!"

"Well I can't say because your gay" Harry's voce turned poisonous "because you like Laura instead of Niall"

Then it hit me. Niall was angry with me for checking out another girl in front of him and for telling him I liked a girl so calmly.

I hadn't even taken into consideration how he'd react to my words and actions.

"No.. I-" I then shut up... Harry was right

Niall loosened his grip on Harry

"No Niall... Zayn doesn't want you"

"Niall please" I opened up my arms "I'm sorry"

Niall slowly walked toward me, putting him arms round my body tightly

"I'm so sorry" I whispered "I completely forgot"

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