Say Something (Ziall AU)

There's this boy at school... His name is Niall. He doesn't speak to anyone, but he follows me like a dog.

I've tried talking to him but he never responds. He either keeps the same expression or he smiles, or frowns... Or looks away from me

My teacher said he's mute but, Niall decided to be mute... I wanted to know why... So I looked deeper into this mutism mystery

My name is Zayn Malik and this is the story of how I got a mute kid to talk to me.


7. Broken Boy


Harry violently pushed me into Niall the blonde boy looked up... Bloodshot eyes making contact with mine...


"N-Niall?" I stuttered in terror

Niall's eyes were puffed up too, his nose bright red and his usually rosy cheeks now pale... He looked sick as hell

Niall looked deeper into my eyes, tears slipping down his own cheeks as he looked deeper and deeper

"Why is he crying?" Harry asked

"I don't know" I answered "Niall... Did I upset you?"

Niall nodded

"Because I had sex with Laura?"

Niall pulled his arms round him self as though it were some kind of force field

"Niall was it because of me and Laura?"

He nodded slowly and guilt panged into my chest.

"Nialler... I'm so sorry" I apologised

Niall only lipped cuss words at me

"Give me a hug" I whispered "I know you love my hugs"

Niall didn't hesitate to accept the offer. Instead of wrapping his arms around me like he usually did... He dove into my own arms

He looked up at me his eyes pleading for him to be held... To be protected and loved

"Niall what are you doing?" Harry asked annoyed "get here now"

Niall buried himself into me, balling my singlet material in fists as he rest against me.

I put both my arms around his smaller body, not feeling so uneasy about hugging him.

Harry tried to reach for Niall and when Harry pulled Niall from my arms Niall spun on his heel and slapped Harry across the face.

Harry drew in a sharp breath and I bit my lip, trying my hardest not to laugh as he stormed away from us both.

Niall then came back to me, his breath tingling my neck as he put his head over my shoulder.

My blood froze when he placed one kiss to the bottom of my neck. I didn't feel sick though... I was just scared he'd kiss me again.

"Ni" I softly moaned

Niall drew back, looking at me a little scared... I was still finding it hard to believe I'd moaned. I guess Niall found my sweet spot.

"No... Come back" I whispered, hugging him tightly again

Niall did as I said, this time his hands rest against my torso. Niall looked down, his fingers massaging my body.

"What are you doing?" I asked quietly

Niall smiled, continuing to rub circles into my skin. I shivered when his fingers went under my shirt, making skin on skin contact.

Niall put his face back onto my chest, his tears starting to make my shirt stick to me.

"Hey... It's okay" I hushed him "I'm sorry mate"

Was I sorry? I don't think I was...

Niall clung to my shirt tight, making me start to feel horrible for making him cry

"How'd you do for cheerleading?" I asked

He lit up in a second, making frantic hand gestures. I could tell by his excitement he'd gotten in

"Congratulations Niall!" I beamed "I guess we're cheer buddies!"

Niall's eyes began to sparkle... Wasn't someone happy about being in the same squad?

The bell rang and I smiled, putting my arm over Niall's shoulder and walking with him to art.

He hadn't been here yesterday for art so he had to start the expression assignment from scratch.

"Okay Niall, since you weren't here yesterday..." Ms Patten started "we're doing a little bit of an expressions assignment. It's simple emotional art and in a way, therapy... Because I know you freaks need it!"

The entire class laughed, including me... But Niall only offered a small forced smile

"Okay Niall?" She asked "you have two weeks to complete it"

Niall nodded and lifted up a brush, I grabbed my own and my heart began pounding in my head.

I couldn't get Laura out of my head... How naughty she really was... How sexy her naked body was... How wet I made her.

I shuddered, blood rushing to my cock

"God" I drew in a sharp breath

But then something weird happened... Niall's teary eyes took over the images. Then his smile... Then that kiss he placed at the bottom of my neck.

My moan slipped instantly from my lips at the image... Making Niall stop what he was doing and stare at me

Shit. Why was I moaning? I'm not gay, I'm homophobic for fucks sakes.

Then I picked up my brush, ignoring Niall and starting with the colour red. I just did the messiest outline of a person I could.

When I picked up the next colour I attempted the colour pink... But I dropped that brush and picked up another, taking my favourite colour blue instead.

Pink was supposed to be for Laura... It was her favourite colour and it represented a girl but, blue just felt better to me and I had no explanation for it.

I hadn't seen Niall once pick up anything brighter than a dark blue... Someone was sad.

I did the blue person, smudging it in with my greyish black background. I made the red person -myself- wrap their arms round the blue person.

That's when the scariest memory ever popped into my head... Niall kissing my lips

But then something changed when it replayed... I didn't pull away, instead I kissed back, and hard too.

I lost track of what I was doing, no longer conscious of my actions. The bell rang, snapping me from my trance over Niall.

I dropped my brush in horror when I saw what I'd painted... No. No. No... Please let this be a nightmare.

What had started a basic painting was now too detailed to comfort me.

My hands began to sweat at the image, I started seeing red... What was wrong with me?

A picture of Niall and I... Exactly what was going on in my head was now on my canvas

I saw from the corner of my eye Niall smile. When I looked at him properly I realised the smile was bigger than I wanted it to be... And that Niall was even blushing.

I picked up the canvas the fastest I could and raced to the bin

"I don't think so" the teacher tore it from my hand "no artwork is to be thrown- what on earth?"

"Please!" I begged "let me throw it out!"

"Zayn... Is this Niall?" The teacher turned my painting to me

Now the entire class was staring at my painting of the up close of myself and Niall kissing, a faint hint of them both naked almost as a silohuette

"Uh... Uhm... No?"

The class began to laugh really loud and I grabbed the painting off the teacher, snapping the canvas in half against the cent table. I kept hitting the broken pieces, tears starting to roll down my cheeks... I was scared people were going to believe I was gay... And that I liked Niall.

I chucked out my broken painting and ran out of the class. I heard Niall's chair screech against the floor and as I ran to the toilets I began to hear really light footsteps behind me.

I looked behind me... Niall was chasing me. I sped up but he only got closer. I finally retreated to the toilets, shaking so hard that I was having trouble seeing.

I leant against the wall, beginning to cry as I slumped down the wall curling myself up for protection.

Niall opened the door and his happiness turned into something so much sadder... So much hurt, and pain... So much worry.

"Help me" I pleaded

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