Les Miserables High

Les Miserables turned into a modern story taking place in a high school. From 1990-2014


2. Valjean's Soliloquy


About three later, Jean was a senior in high school. He had desided that he would no longer accept punishment for something he didn't do.

Jean had been taking so much crap from everybody because of the time spent in detention and twice, suspention.

First off, the teachers didn't trust him in the least. If Jean were to get a good grade in any class they would become suspicious and accuse him of cheating. He would end up back in detention and the cycle would go on.

The other students were a whole other story. They poked fun at him for being in detention all the time, and most tried to avoid him. Especially girls. Jean couldnt remember the last time a girl had given him a smile that wasnt made because of a rumor she heard about him.

Jean Valjean needed better grades. It was as simple as that. In order to get into collage he needed better than D's and F's. The teachers were all failing him because they thought he cheated on every assignment.

And so Jean snuck into a classroom after school and hacked into his Home Economics teachers Computer to schange his grades.

He tried to work fast but he didn't do it fast enough. His teacher, Mr.Christian walked into the room.

"I was...just coming back for my briefcase. Jean, what on Gods green earth are you doing?" The older man stood shocked in the doorway. Then he continued into the room. Jean tensed.

"Are you trying to alter your grades?" Mr.Christian squinted at the monitor.

Jean Valjean gulped and nodded. "I guess I'll show myself to detention, sir."

Jean heard the squeeky wheels of the janitorial cart barrelling down the school hallway. It stopped just outside the door and then a burly man in his early 30's appeared in the entryway.

"Sir, was this young man causing you trouble? I thought I heard something about 'altering grades'" the janitor asked.

Jean began to speak but was cut off by Mr.Christian.

"No, no. I was just helping this fine student with an extra credit assignment to get his grades up. I assume he should have an 'A' in my class by the end of tonight. Not to mention his other classes." Mr.Christian smiled at the wide eyed Jean Valjean.

"Oh." The janitor said, suprised. "We'll then I'll be on my way."

After he had left, Mr.Christian turned to the young Jean.

"I'm not going to let you change your grades, Valjean. I'm going to do it for you."

"What?!" Jean stood.

"I understand you want to go to a collage after this. I want that for you. God planned this out for you- I mean, it it your destiny."

Jean didn't know about God or destiny, but he knew he could do better for himself.

So he did.

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