I thought you were mine

It's the sixth year and Hermione is looking forward to seeing her friends Harry and Ron but she thinks that Ron is a bit more then a friend.Then she finds out that ron has been semeing someone over the summer.Will she get him or will her heart be broken???


3. Platform nine and three quarters

Hermione's pov




We were finally at the boarder that separate 's the muggles from the wizards and witches.I could see a lot of first years confused about where to find platform nine and three quarters. I could also see so many familiar faces like Neville ,Luna ,dean,cho,and many more. Heyy look there's Malloy. Ron whispered to harry and I.yep and there's the gang. After about five more minutes of standing there a first year came up to me looking more confused then anyone I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Excuse me miss do you know where to find platform nine and three quarters? Asked the confused girl with her wet eyes.of course it's just right threw that wall right there. I looked back at her and this time with an even more confused face. You know what how about we go together.ok, sure why not. Are you ready? I asked her. She still didn't look comfortable with it so I said. Ron how about you or harry go first to show. I bent down to ask what her name was. My my name is Jean.well Jean I bet your going to have a lot of fun at hogwarts. I'm sure I will. She said back to me. Ok Ron you go first.

Jeans pov


It was so weird one second he was their and the next he was gone. I couldn't believe it ,but I was still worried what if I wasn't I real witch. What is they sent me the letter by mistake. pops I must have been thinking out loud because after I said that hermione bent down to me and said that everything would be fine and that they never send the letters by mistake. But my parents are muggles. So are mine she said back.


 Hermione's pov 


 you know jean the first time I got my letter I thought it was fake too but I went to Hogwarts and I instantly that it wasn't fake. Now are you ready? I asked jean.yeah I think so.she replied. ok three, two, one. We were on the other side and I could see how relived she is. Ok so it's 10:45 so there's 15 minutes until the train leaves so you can go on and find the compartment that the red head guy is sitting in and I'll meet you in there.ok. I'm just going to wait for my friend. Heyy was that Harry potter beside you? She asked me. Yeah why? Well because I've heard so many stories about him and oh should I treat him like loyalty? She asked me. No he just wants to be a Normal sixteen year old guy.



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