A Million Little Stars

Hermione has been having flashbacks about her's and Ron's past together, some good, some bad. Will they survive the horrible issues they've faced together or will everything fall apart? A Million Little Stars shows what it's like to love someone no matter what from the beginning. If things starts to fall apart, you can always look to the one(s) you love for help.


1. The First Time

Hermione's POV

 I was walking around the train on the way to Hogwarts, looking for Neville Longbottom's toad. It had somehow escaped from the boy. Crazy thing. 
 I stepped into one of the compartments to see two boys around my age speaking to each other. They turned their heads to look at me. 
  The one, I recognized to be Harry Potter but I shooed the thought of him away for a minute. I knew that the other boy was a Weasley. The red hair was what had given it away. 
  I had heard that the Weasleys liked to goof around but this one seemed extremely calm as I asked if they'd seen the toad. 
  I decided I'd bring up the fact that the boy with the jet black hair was Harry Potter. I sat down to start the conversation. 
"You're Harry Potter!" I exclaimed. 
"I am." He replied. 
"And you are?" I asked Weasley. 
"Ron. Who are you?" He said flustered. He had been staring at me the whole time. 
"My name is Hermione Granger." I informed them. 
"Well Hermione, it's nice meeting you." Harry replied. 
"Do you mind if I stay here with you guys?" I asked. Harry looked at Ron to ask of it was okay with him. Ron nodded vigorously. 
"Of course! Take a seat! Now, how does this whole thing work? I've only just been told about all of this." Harry said. 
"Well right now we're on a train to Hogwarts. I'm sure you already knew that much though. We'll get there and we'll go to the Great Hall and Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster, will speak to us. It's our first year so we'll need to be sorted into houses. Then the year will go on basically." I explained to him. 
"If it's your first year as well, how do you know so much about it?" He asked. 
"I do a lot of research." 
"Alright..." Everything went silence for a few moments. 
"So Hermione," Ron began, "which house are you hoping for?" The answer was simple. 
"Gryffindor, of course!" I told him. He nodded in agreement. 
"How come? What's so special about Gryffindor?" Harry asked, confused. 
"Gryffindor is the absolute best! Slytherin is the house that 'He Who Must Not Be Named' was in. It was the home of a lot of his followers as well. And HufflePuff and RavenClaw just aren't very exciting." 
"Oh okay. Sounds good. I hope I'm in Gryffindor with you both. I think we'll be the best of friends!" He expressed. 
"I agree but before any of that, I need to know some more about you both. Do you have siblings?" I demanded. 
"I do. I have 6. Only 3 others are still in Hogwarts and 1 will be coming next year. Percy, Fred and George are my older brothers and Ginny is a year younger than us." That was Ron. 
"I only have a cousin and he's not magical." Harry said. 
"Ah he's a muggle. So are my parents. I'm a muggle born. I really hope I can still be like everyone else though." 
"Hermione, I'm sure you'll be fine. You seem to be a very likeable person." Ron reassured me. I could feel my cheeks burning. I knew what would happen over the course of these next years. If we were close, I knew that I'd like him. I just hope everything will work out if we both like each other. 
"So Hermione, what about you? D'you got any siblings?" Harry questioned. 
"Oh I only wish. There was one point in my life when I had hated my parents for making me suffer through life without another child in the family but I've gotten over it." 
"I agree. Although, I could never hate my parents considering I didn't know them." Harry went silent. I turned to Ron only to see him staring at me once again. I flushed but conversed anyways. 
"How is it having so many siblings Ron?" I demanded. 
"It depends on the time of day. One minute they're your best friends and the next you're at each other's throats." He answered. I nodded.
I couldn't stop thinking about that. I had always wished to have another child in the family with me but Ron basically said it's the best and worst parts of life. 
My thoughts were interrupted by Ron speaking to me. 
"Hermione are you alright?" 
"Yes of course. I just spaced out for a minute. Sorry about that Ron." I looked over to my right and Harry had disappeared. 
"Where'd he go?" I asked. 
"Went to the washroom. Needed to clear his mind from the thought of his parents." 
"Oh my god I feel horrible! I hope it wasn't my fault!" 
"Don't worry Hermione. It wasn't." I just nodded, still a little upset. 
"Do you have a nickname Hermione?" Ron asked trying to lighten the mood a little. 
"No I don't. I wasn't extremely close to my parents and I didn't have many friends. Everyone thought I was a freak." 
"I doubt that. They were probably just intimidated by your beauty." I blushed a deep shade of red. 
"Anyways, would you mind if I called you Mione?" 
"Not at all. I would love that actually." 
We soon reached the school and we loaded the carriages. Harry, Ron and I all sat together in one carriage, in that order. 
During the ride, I had my hands resting on the seat at both my sides. I was a little shocked when I felt a hand lay on top of mine. It was Ron's. I looked up at him and gave him a slight smile. He took that as me saying I was okay with it and he intertwined our fingers together. I was extremely excited on the inside but I appeared to be calm on the outside. 
At the end of the ride, we piled out, Ron helping me down. I smiled at him as he laced our hands back together and we walked to the Great Hall. I was extremely surprised that Harry hadn't noticed our interaction yet. We all walked to the hall together and sadly, I had to seperate from them. It was nearly time to be sorted. 
At the end of the feast, I couldn't have been any happier. Harry, Ron and I were all sorted into Gryffindor together. We walked together to where "The Fat Lady", as they called her, was and the prefects, one being Ron's older brother Percy, told us about the password and such information.  We finally entered and the girls and boys had to separate to go to the dormitories. 
Before Ron left, he pulled me in whispered, "meet me in the common room at midnight." I nodded and we parted. 
I was beyond excited for this year. I had already made friends, best friends for that, and there was actually a boy who might be interested in me. 
The rest of the evening dragged on and on as I waited for midnight to arrive. I was feeling extremely impatient although I wasn't sure why. Ron might just be super friendly. Maybe he just wanted to be friends. 
These thoughts rushed through my mind for what felt like hours until I decided I was being ridiculous. So what if he just wants to  be friends. We can still be that. 
I walked to the common room and grabbed a book to pass the time. I climbed the stairs back up to the first year girls wing where I reached my four poster bed. 
I tangled myself into the blankets and buried my nose in the book I had grabbed. 
A few hours later I checked the time to see it was nearly 11:30. I sprung out of my bed to fix my hair before my meeting with Ron. What was it exactly? Was it simply a get together of two people? Was it a date? I worried as I brushed my hair out, wondering if I should apply some makeup. I decided to add just a touch of some mascara, something my mother had gotten me from the muggle world to make your eyelashes longer. 
I took a step back to admire my work and thought I looked fine. I checked the time and saw I still had 15 minutes before we were to meet. I was in the middle of pondering over whether I should change my outfit or not when one of the fifth year girls waltzed in. 
"What are you doing? You're not supposed to be wandering around the school. You could get caught." She warned me. 
"I'm just meeting someone in the common room. We won't be going anywhere else, I'm sure of it." I assured her. 
"Well, alright. Who are you meeting? Is it a boy?" She asked. I felt my face get hot. 
"Yes. I'm meeting with a boy. It's Ron Weasley that I'm meeting." I explained. 
"Ooooh a Weasley! Did you fall for the hair, the smile or the charm?" 
"All of them I guess." I shrugged. 
"Wow. On the first day, you've already found a boy. This is my fifth year here and I still haven't found a single one. What time are you supposed to be meeting him?" 
"Midnight." I replied simply. 
"Oh my goodness! It's 11:58! You've got to go right now so you aren't late!" I looked down at what I was wearing. It was just a plain shirt and pants. I figured I looked fine  and thanked the fifth year girl.  
I couldn't wait. As I walked down the corridor, I was beginning to get excited all over again. I had been waiting nearly all day for this and I was beyond excited. 
I stepped into the common room. Ron was there sitting on the couch. It was 11:59 when I walked in. 'Right on time' I thought. 
Ron seemed just as nervous as I was but as soon as I stepped around the couch to face him, a huge smile spread across his face. 'So that's the smile the fifth year girl was talking about.' I heard in the back of my mind. 
"Hello Hermione." His perfect voice broke my thoughts. 
"Hello Ron." 
"How are you?" 
"I'm great now! What about you?"
"Splendid! I missed you a lot." 
"I missed you too. What did you want to meet here for exactly?" 
"Just wanted to see you again before I went to sleep. And I've got a question for you."
"Oh ok... What's the question then?"
"Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?" 
"Of course! Where will we be going?" 
"That's a surprise that you will uncover tomorrow."
"Okay. Was that all?" 
"Yes. That was all." 
"Okay well have a good sleep. I'll see you in the morning." I started to walk away after giving a small wave. Only seconds later, when I had reached the door, cheering on the inside, did I hear my name being called out and Ron walking towards me. 
"I forgot one thing." He pulled me into a huge hug. It was extremely comforting and I wish I could've stayed there all night. Just as we pulled away, he gave me a small, quick kiss on the cheek. 
"Night Mione. Sleep tight." 
"Night Ron." 
*end of flashback*
I was still shaking, terrified from what I had just witnessed. Tears were streaming down my face. Though I felt safe, in Ron's arms, I couldn't help but continue to worry about everything. 
I felt wrong about what was happening. Although I hadn't lost anyone particularly important to me, though I had lost many friends, Ron was still comforting me. It should've been me comforting him. He'd just lost a brother and yet he was comforting me. It was disgraceful. 
I knew in my heart that I should be comforting him but he felt it was his duty, as my boyfriend, that he comfort me instead. 
Though he was trying to stay strong for me, I could see the tears escaping the corners of his eyes. I turned myself to face him just as he went to wipe them away. 
"Sweetheart, are you alright?" I asked in an extremely concerned tone. 
"Just fine. Don't worry about me." He replied blankly. 
"Please. You don't need to stay strong for me. I know you're upset. You're allowed to be." 
"I need to comfort you though. It shouldn't be the other way around. You're upset too, I can see it. You shouldn't need to comfort me. It would make you love me less if I can't stay strong for you." He whispered, eyes full of regret for letting me see he was upset. 
"Oh Ronald. Nothing could ever make me love you less." I told him. He looked doubtful. I had to prove it to him. 
"Ron listen to me. No matter what happens, I'll always love you. I always have, since I met you. That's why it pained me so much that Halloween in our first year when I heard you say that I was a nightmare. I-" I had even cut off by Ron saying, "Hermione, you need to know I didn't mean that. You must understand that. Please. Please Hermione. Please just tell me you understand that." He begged, tears threatening to pour over any second. I had never seen him so vulnerable. It hurt me to see him so upset but I was relieved he wasn't trying to he back. 
"Ron of course I understand you didn't mean that. And even if you did, that was forever ago. I love you more than anyone or anything and nothing could ever, ever change that! I swear on my life!" We sat down and he pulled me in for a gigantic hug and I buried my face in his neck as he buckled over with sobs. A few tears ran down my cheeks. I'm not sure how long we sat there until I felt someone tap my leg. 
I opened my eyes quickly and saw Harry sitting there. Ron was also looking at him. Ron's tear-stained face was nearly as red as his hair. 
"Are you two alright?" Harry asked, worried. 
"Yes we're fine. We just needed some alone time to calm down." I replied. Harry stared, shocked by our position. He raised his eyebrows and I simply nodded. He had known forever that I liked Ron as well as he'd known that Ron liked me. He had always hinted to me that Ron liked me back but I never believed it. 
"Well at least there's two good things that have occurred today." Harry said, breaking the silence. 
"What are those two things?" Ron asked, his voice deep and course. 
"Voldemort is officially dead and you two are together. Congratulations to the both of you. I better find my way back to Ginny. She's still in shock, your dear sister. I'll see you guys later." Harry made his way over to Ginny where he enveloped him in his arms, kissing her head, reassuring her everything would be alright. 
"Does it bother you that your best friend is dating your sister?" I asked Ron, curiously. 
"A little but Harry probably feels the same with us. You are like his sister in a way and I am his best friend. But he's extremely kind to her and I know he'd never do anything to her." 
"I understand. Are you feeling any better?" 
"A little bit. Thank you for everything Hermione." 
"No need to thank me. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're alright. Would you like to head home?" 
"That would be great. You'll come with me, yes? I think we should deliver some good news to my family?" 
"Of course. Let's go." 

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