He Waited

Louis, the international popstar;

William, the boy who waited;

Johnny, the punky bad-arse;

When triplets, love, and fame gets combined no one knows what will happen.


3. William Tomlinson

When I woke up Louis wasn't in bed. I saw a note on his pillow.

'I've already left with the girls. Love you William. Stay fabulous!

~Louis xx~'

Leave louis to leave a note in the morning that reads 'stay fabulous'. I laugh and sit up. I scoot to the edge of the bed and pull my left leg over the side. I then lean to the side and grab my crunches and I slowly make my way down the hall. I look into Johnny's room and when I pull my head out I see the note on his door as well. I balance my self on one crunch and lean up and pull the sticky note off the door.

'Louis told me to stay fabulous? Well I'm going to a concert with Zach. Love you Willy

-JOHNNY :* -'

Leave Johnny to put a kissy face at the bottom. I take the note and stuff it in my pajama pants pocket and go down stairs to see mum sitting at the counter.

"Hey darling" she smiles.

"Morning mum, I've gota project to work on for Journalism, do you mind taking Ted out for me?" I ask.

"No problem. I was planning on meeting Julia at the park anyways." My mum tells me, Julia is my mum's best friend. She has a daughter around my age. We're really good friends and Louis always been jealous of me for my friendship with her. "And Melissa is coming over," her daughters name is Melissa. I nod and wobble back up to my room. I go over to my closet and pull out some skinny jeans and a shirt and sweater.

I went back over to my bed and slipped my pajama pants off my right leg then sat on the edge of the bed. I pulled my leg up onto the bed and slipped the pajama pants down.

After I got my right leg into the jeans, I bent my knee on my left leg so it'd go into the little hole for my leg. I finally managed to pull them up and get them zipped and buttoned. After I easily slipped my shirt on and pulled my sweater on over it the door bell rang.

"I've got it, Mum" I yelled. No reply, she must've left already. I pulled myself back up from the bed and used my crunches to get down the hall and steps. That part was rather difficult. The bell rang a few more times and finally I was at the door and opened it.

"Hey William" Melissa says.

"Hi Milly" I reply waving and turning around to go back upstairs to work on my project. She follows me up the steps without hesitation.

When we get to my door she opens it for me. I go over to me desk and sit down bending my leg in so I can sit comfortably.

"Whatcha workin' on?"she asks. I pull out the slip of paper from my folder and read over it.

"A letter to a stranger, we've each been given addresses and we are to write them a letter."

"Oh that's cool" she says. I nod and begin to write. Milly goes over to my night stand where my iHome sits and puts her iPod into it turning on 'Say' by John Mayer. I hum along to the song as I begin to write.

'Dear random stranger,

I'm sorry to bother you but this is a school project of mine. I've been putting this off and finally I'm doing it.

Hopefully you'll reply to this and think I'm not crazy as all get out. Maybe I'll get lucky and we could meet.

I doubt the later seeing as I'm writing from Doncaster and you're in London.

Until later letters,


I hand it to Milly and she stops singing and reads it over. She nods in confirmation and I seal it into an envelope and write the address

'221B Baker Street

London, England'


If you know who's address this really is, Well I LOVE YOU FELLOW SHERLOCK FAN. anyways hope you enjoy. This isn't an entirely original idea (the letter thing is a common thing for fanfics) but it's got an original spin to it.

Okay bye for now mustached unicorns.

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