He Waited

Louis, the international popstar;

William, the boy who waited;

Johnny, the punky bad-arse;

When triplets, love, and fame gets combined no one knows what will happen.


2. Louis Tomlinson

"Mum!" I exclaimed happily when I got to the car, I've been on tour for a while now and am home visiting.

"Aw! Hi boo" she says pulling me into a hug. "Your siblings are in the car. Go say hello"

I pull the car door open and in the back seat see Johnny and William and then Daisey and Phoebe in there lap. In the middle row of seats is Lottie and Fizzie. "Hello" I smile happily crawling over Lottie's legs and into the back seat with my brothers and twin sisters.

"Hey mate!" Johnny tells me pulling me into a side hug which I then use to just rest my head on his shoulder.

"Hi Louis" William says smiling warmly at me, but when he says my name he pronounces it 'Lewis' just to annoy me.

"Hey Willy" I say back smirking when he frowns at me for calling him 'Willy'. Daisey and Phoebe laugh at us and William bounces Phoebe on his right leg up and down.

"Lou, will you take us out tomorrow" Lottie asks. She's the oldest of the girls, turned twelve the other month.

"I'd love to Lottie but what am I to do with them?" I ask motioning to Johnny and William. The paps don't know about them. We've kept them well hidden.

We all favor each other in looks quite a bit. Luckily with Johnny's tattoos and piercings he doesn't look to much like me and William looks a lot like I did when I was on Xfactor.

"You can go. Johnny and I will do something together," William says smiling, but it doesn't reach his eyes and I can tell he wants to spend time with me.

"I've actually got something with my friends. Sorreh Will" Johnny says.

William looks really disappointed but then Phoebe takes her fingers and makes him smile using the tips of her fingers pressed to the corners of his mouth turning them upward.

"It's okay. I'll just work on my project for school, I haven't finished anyways." William say reassuringly.

When we get out of the car, once mum pulled into the garage, I whisper in Williams ear "I'll make sure to be home early" he smiles so big it looks like it hurts. It had actually taken him a bit to get out so I pull him aside, out of the way. I just chuckle a little at him and pull the door open. He walks inside, only to be attacked by our dog, Ted.

"Hey Lou, I've got to warn you, I made your room an office so which of the boys rooms would you like to stay in?" Mum says. I sigh and shake my head at her.

"Mum.." I say upset. Even though I shouldn't be. I mean, I've got a flat in London and I'm only home for holidays, not even then if we're being honest here. It really shouldn't matter. "William's"

"Okay sweetie, do you know when the boys are visiting again. I'd love to see Harry again." She says laughing. I nod and head upstairs to William's room.

I knock on his door and hear a faint come in. I open the door to see him with his left leg propped up on his bed his right on the floor, crunches next to him and book in hand.

"God, are you always reading?" I ask sarcastically.

"No, I'm very diverse. Thank you" he says sassily.

"I'm the sass master here. Not you" I say laughing.

"We'll you've been gone for a while, and replaced" he exclaims then burst out laughing. "Sorry... I couldn't... Hold that in... Anymore" he says laughing every few words.

"We'll I'm staying in here with you so... Just like the good ole days when we'd share the crib" I say chuckling at myself.


"Will I'm going to bed" I say sleepily turning the TV off. He nods his head as I go to turn the lights off. He gets up from the chair and uses his crunches I get over to the bed. He sits down on the edge propping his crunches up on the wall and lifts his left leg onto the bed. He lays down and pulls the covers over himself as I do the same.

"I wish I was like you Louis," William mumbles.

"Don't say that! Your amazing," I exclaim.

"You can walk better," he says angrily.

"But your much more sweet and kind and helpful and amazing. Plus that's what makes you, you. Those crutches."

"But they're annoying Lou, you wouldn't really understand," I say sighing.

"I'm sorry Will. You didn't ask for it. Or deserve it," he sighs and scoots closer to me and I hug him tight after he pulls his left leg across the bed under the covers. He leans his head in the crook of my neck.

"Thanks Lou" he says, but it's barely audible since he's so sleepy.

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