He Waited

Louis, the international popstar;

William, the boy who waited;

Johnny, the punky bad-arse;

When triplets, love, and fame gets combined no one knows what will happen.


4. Johnny Tomlinson

"This is sick!" I exclaim walking from camp to the concert.

"I know right!" Zach yells.

"Pipe down you two. All I did was trade for the seats. The guy was drunk, I just said I'll by your drinks for your tickets" my friend Sam says laughing.

"But Sam, you got concert tickets to the best out door festival this year!" Zach says above the noise.

You know how they say twins and triplet are physycic? Well most people don't believe it but sometimes I'll get pains or something and then one of the boys will come home limping our with a sprained muscle. Of course I've gotten used to William situation but I feel something. And it's not the normal throbbing from William.

I pull my mobile out and dial William. "Hello?" He asks groggily.

"Are you okay?" I say concerned.

"Whelp, I mean other then only having one good leg, yeah." He says chuckling. "Why?" He says suddenly getting concerned to. And then I here a gasp and know he's feeling it too. "Louis" he mumbles quietly.

"Where is he?"

"He went out again today with the girls and mum"

"Go check on them. Something's going on" I tell him urgently as I'm pushed through security, who make me turn my mobile off.


"What a concert huh?" I ask the boys as we make are way to the car.

"Weekend of pure perfection" Sam chimes in.

"Amazing" Zach mumbles eyeing me a bit. He's always stared at me. Not like a creepy person but as though he was admiring me.

"Someone's got a not so secret admirer" Sam says nudging Zach.

"It's okay" I mumble to him pulling him to my side when I see his reaction to what Sam had said.

"Aw. And he likes you back!" Sam says to Zach.

"That enough. Come on Zach," I say dragging Zach behind me to my car.

"Johnny, what are you doing?" Sam asks.

"Going home."

"You know we only had him with us to lighten our reputation" Sam says.

"Only to you," I call back. As I pull out of the parking lot I see the angry look on his face.

"You didn't have to do that, I know how long you and Sam have been friends" Zach say. I shrug it off.

"It's alright. He's been really rude lately. You know William right?" I ask looking over to him just for a split second before glueing my eyes back to the road.

"Yeah, the crippled kid right?" Zach asks. I try my best to not look offended.

"My brother" I mumble.

"Huh?" He says.

"William is my brother, we're triplets" I tell him. "Ya know. We kids resemble each other. 'The Tomlinson Triplets', Louis Johnny, and William."

"Oh. I know who Louis is. I just thought your last names were coincidental. And I didn't know William's" Zach says looking sorry for what he said.

"It's alright. But yep, Will and I are Louis Tomlinson's brothers."

"Oh, well that's cool I guess," He says and for the rest of the car ride he stays silent.


"William I'm home!"

"I'm upstairs." He calls back.

"I'm here too" Louis says.

"Hi Lou!"

I walk up the flight of steps and down the hall to William's room. Inside is Louis and William. Will was writing something while Louis watched youtube videos. I sat down in Louis lap and he yelped. "Just kidding. It didn't hurt" Louis says laughing a bit to himself. I look on the screen to see a paused video.

"Watcha watching Louis?" I ask clicking the play and hear a blood curdling scream. I looked close on the screen and saw him and his band. He had paused the video almost imdiantly after I'd played it.

"The boys and I's video diaries from the first bit of the tour and from the X-factor." I nod and look over to William who was still writing. He looked up and smiled to me.

"Zach was being a bum in the car" I say. William and Louis look up from what they were doing.

"What happened?" They both asked almost simultaneously.

"I told him Will was my brother and he says 'You mean the crippled kid?' And then that Lou was too, after he promised he wouldn't tell a soul and if he did I'd whoop his as-"

"JOHNNY!" William says looking disappointed.

"I was just gonna say arse, but I also said if he called you that again I'd whoop his ARSE" I said emphasizing the last word.

"Okay. That's cool." Lou said. Not really caring.

"I'm taking you two to dinner" I say out of no where.

"But what if-"

"If they find out about your punk and crippled brother? Who cares." William says.

"The fans may not like you though" Louis says worried.

"We. Will. Be. Fine. Louis." I said to him.

He nods and gets up. I get up as well and we both go out. I looked around for William down stairs but remember that he hasn't followed us down.

When I got back up to his room he was sitting in his desk chair upset looking as he reached for his crunches that Louis had moved from where they were originally.

"I'm so sorry William" Louis murmured as he stood Will up and held him up, hugging him tightly as well.

"It's okay Lou, could you get my crutches please?" Louis nodded helping William limp over and then helping him get settled with his crutches under his arms.


"That was amazing" Louis said as he whipped his mouth.

"Would you three like any dessert?" The waiter asked. We all shook are heads no but didn't want the check quite yet.

"Hey Louis, do you ever talk about us with the boys?" William asks leaning his head on my shoulder.

"No, not even Harry knows about you two, when he visits mum, the girls, and I take him to dinner, you know that." Louis says.

"Yeah. I just wondered" William mumbled into my shoulder. "I'd really like to meet them sometime."

"Me too" I add. Although to be honest the only one I can see myself getting along with is Zayn.


After we made our way home from dinner I went to bed. I just thought a lot.

I thought about Louis' band.

I thought about meeting the boys.

I thought about meeting Harry, my brother's best friend.

I thought about how it was me at that concert Harry went to, not Louis and that's why he was always so slow to answer questions about it.

I thought about saying good bye to Louis tomorrow since he's visiting Harry, then coming back again.

Even though he's only going to be gone for a few days I'm going to miss him.


WOOP DER IT IS. WOOP DER IT IS. This ones a bit of a filler btw the rest of the book is William's POV (maybe?) I mean unless its otherwise stated.

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