Know Your Place

Angel De Santiago is new to a boarding school. An all boys boarding school that just recently opened to girls. She thought making friends would be hard but that and her school work come easy to her. The only hard thing was keeping her crush on her math teacher hidden. Daniel Morris has been teaching at the same boarding school since his teaching career began. Always get hit on by the older female teacher and even attracts a good amount of men teachers and students. When he found out about the school letting girls in he was glad. Ready for something new and different. But he wasn't ready for the girl who would take his breathe away. And possibly his job. Just started. Might take a while to update. Comment, favorite, read!


1. Prologue

"What! You've got to be kidding," I practically yelled at my mom. She was one of my favorite people in the world but she's not the smartest. 

  "Young lady it will be good for you. Since it's the first year for girls to enroll the tuition in half price. It's bye the beach, you get to come home on weekends and Xavier and Lily will be going to the elementary," she says sternly not turning to face me. She was making breakfast. Bacon and eggs like every Saturday. 

  "But why," I keep on, "why can I go to the public school down the street." She finally turns around leaning against the counter and crossing her arms. "Angel you know the money is tight and having you there will help with all this," she snaps in a hushed tone. We both hear the footsteps on the stairs so we quite down. 

 "Is that it. You want me gone. Out of your hair," I hiss. "Angel De Santiago! You know that it will be like this ever since-" she stops. She knows she shouldn't have crossed the line. Not now. Not while it was so fresh. 

  "Fine I'll leave! I'll pack and be out of your hair by Monday," I shout standing up angrily almost knocking the chair over. I storm out of the kitchen stomping toward the stairs, to my room. 


I plop down on my bed with a huff. It was Sunday night. My last night in my own bed, in my own house. Realization finally dawned on me. i was going to miss this place. I had spent the last two days packing so that my room was empty except for the furniture. My wall, closet, and drawers all stripped clean. 

 "You're going to come back right," I hear someone whisper from my doorway. I look over and see Lily and our little brother behind her Xavier.
I give her the best smile I can manage and motion for then to come sit with me. "Of course I will," I say grappling them I. A hug and kissing there foreheads. My family was everything to me. We all had a great relationship but ever since what happened my mom has gotten more distant and I was the only one there for the kids. "I promise I'll come back every weekend and I'll pick you up from school and maybe some days we can get ice cream on campus or go to the movies. How does that sound?" I say. 
Their sad little faces lite up and they tackled me with a hug. "Now run along, and pick out a movie. I'll get some candy and we can build a fort in the living room and sleep there tonight," I suggest and they are instantly running out of the room grabbing all the pillows and blackest they can find. 

 Oh how I will miss this.

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